BYD e2 as a pure electric household transportation model of about 100,000, the vehicle takes an economic and practical route, and the configuration of the vehicle is relatively comprehensive, basically this level of models should have functions are also equipped, but the vehicle also has certain shortcomings, that is, there is no rear reading light, but also a simple configuration of the vehicle, this should not be.

In the normal use of the car, the role of the rear reading light is still more obvious, for example, when going to the car at night to get something or getting on and off the car, the rear reading light will be used, and the effect of the front reading light alone is much worse, which is why most models are basically equipped with rear reading lights.

Although the original car is not equipped with rear reading lights, in order to use the car more conveniently, this is not difficult for us, we can study the modification of a set of rear reading lights to further improve the convenience of the vehicle. Below, let’s take the 2020 upgraded standard endurance version comfort model as an example.

The first aspect, the principle of modification. In fact, the rear reading light of the modified vehicle is relatively simple, because the original car is not equipped with the rear reading light, so there is no reserved line in the position of the rear roof, and it is necessary to re-route. At the same time, the vehicle is equipped with front reading lights, so it is possible to take electricity directly from the front reading light position, and it is also convenient to control, and it will be safer to take a fuse with the front reading light. The rear reading light is recommended to be installed directly above the rear door, which is better wired than placed in the middle.

The second aspect is the tools of preparation. Modifying the rear reading light is relatively simple, so you only need to prepare a pair of reading lamp accessories, about 6 meters of line, meter ruler, engraving knife, plastic pry bar, hacksaw blade, electric pen and other tools. In this modification, the purchase is the rear reading light of the Volkswagen model, in fact, as long as the reading lamp assembly on the side can be used, the price of online purchase is basically within 50 yuan.

The third aspect is the process of modification. The most important step in modifying the rear reading light is to make holes in the position of the rear roof, and it is recommended to open holes in the upper left corner of the rear door to keep the position of both sides consistent.

The first step is to measure the frame size of the rear reading lamp, and then use a meter ruler to draw the corresponding position map on the ceiling, and then use a carving knife to slowly open the hole. In the process of opening the hole, it is recommended that the size is slightly smaller than the size of the drawing line, so that there is room for repair in the later stage, and the frame will be stuck tighter.

In the second step, after opening the hole, according to the space inside the ceiling, trim the frame of the reading lamp and cut it to a suitable depth, so that it can be done. Because the frame of the reading light is fixed by snap-in, it only needs to be tucked in and stuck when installing.

The third step is to take power at the position of the front reading light. First turn on the front reading light with a pry bar, you can see the connected line inside, use the electric pen to find the 12V live wire, the zero line, the position is the right side of the first is positive, the second is negative, as long as you use these two.

The fourth step is to route the line from the position of the front reading light. The prepared line is processed at one end, connected with the positive and negative poles of the line of the front reading light, and then the two sets of lines are interspersed to both sides of the roof, and the position of the edge of the roof is arranged from the position of the roof edge to the position of the rear reading light. After connecting, you can first test whether it lights up normally.

The fifth step, if there is no problem with normal use, stuff the reading light frame into it and jam, and then connect the line and the rear reading light well, and finally assemble the reading light into the frame, so that the modification is completed.

On the whole, the rear reading light of the modified vehicle is still relatively easy, and the cost required is not high, the basic 100 yuan can be modified, and the rear reading light is illuminated when the car is used daily, which is definitely a lot more convenient.

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