In the cold winter, nothing makes people feel warmer and more reassuring than wearing a down jacket.

But down jackets

Although it is

The King of Cold”,

Also a “fashion terminator”:

When the down is wrapped, it instantly expands, either swollen into a Michelin or like a quilt.

low temperature current,

The trade-off between temperature and grace

, seems to have outpaced the choice of fish and bear’s paw.

And this, for the professional

Identify problems & solve problems

For us, it’s not a problem at all.

Because we have this office boy in our hands, the girls have said yes, if you wear it, you don’t want to take it off.

Warm and fashionable, cost-effective and thief-like




From Australian brand Ocean & Earth.

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Ocean & Earth

This brand focuses on sports cold resistance quality in Australia,

It has a history of 40 years.

Annual sales in the ranks of down jackets have always been in the forefront of Australia,

In major shopping malls in China, there are special counters.

His clothes are a clever blend of classic sports styles of surfing and skiing

, very practical, but also fashionable.

This time to bring to everyone

Two long and short models

, the shape and fabric are different, but they have the same advantages –

Extra warm!

Light and comfortable!

Fashionable and skinny!

Windproof and cold-proof fabric + high-quality white duck down

, can resist sub-zero low temperature, but does not feel bloated and bound.

In winter, it is very warm to cover a sweater inside; In winter, you can go skiing, skating and other outdoor sports, you can also wear it, protect from wind and cold, and move without restrictions.

More importantly, its cost performance is really high!

Usually buy an ultra-thin basic down jacket, how to get three or five hundred,

And these two


Down jacket that can be worn below,

The price is less than 300 yuan!

Really great value!

Original price: 399 yuan

Fan price: from 249 yuan

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Long down jacket

Keep warm and cold, light and comfortable

This long workwear down jacket, both

Good to wear and good looking

, warm and lightweight, wearing to exercise is not restrained.

Warmth is the soul of down jackets.

To ensure warmth, it is selected

High-quality large white duck down

, taken from the largest and fluffiest underarms and belly parts of the duck.

Plump and clean velvet, with slender velvet,

The fluffiness reaches 700+, which is 1.5 times more than the standard!

This stores a lot of air.

Resists the invasion of cold air from the outside world, and absorbs the heat emitted by the body and stores it

, it’s so warm to wear!

The cold in winter is sometimes not only because of the low temperature, but also because of the rain and snow, and after the clothes are wet, the cold feeling is even more difficult.

Its surface is delicate

Polyester fabric

Keep warm and windproof

At the same time, after processing, it also has a very good one

Water repellent function.

In the event of light rain and snow, you don’t need to hold up an umbrella, just shake it off!

The inner fabric is also used


, but thinner, gentle and comfortable to the touch,

The breathability is also very good.

Double anti-drill hair

It is also not easy to stick,

You can wear a cardigan or sweater underneath

Easy to maintain, easy to clean, wear-resistant and wearable,

To be more worry-free and worry-free, it is simply the winter gospel for every lazy person.

The down itself is very light, high-quality white duck down, less dense, and wearable

Unpressed, unrestrained, light and warm.

Although light, it will not be soft and shapeless, and going out is like wrapping a small quilt. The outer layer is thick and wide fabric, and it is okay

Reduce the folds of clothing

, do not worry about deformation, wear it very textured.

Long tooling H version design

, classic style, loose fit, the upper body is quite wide and fitted, and it is not fat at all! It is immediately different from the cookie-cutter “earthy” down jackets on the market.

Stand collar hooded design

, drawstring hood, can automatically adjust the tightness of the hat to avoid the head from rain, irrigation, protect the head from cold. Simple fashion and convenient,

As soon as the zipper is pulled, the hood is worn, and the neck and hat are saved.

Concealed threaded cuffs

, moderate elasticity, not strangled wrists, but also prevent cold air from pouring in, very warm.

Multi-pocket design,

Convenient and practical, but also very beautiful.


Patch pocket pocket design

, items are not easy to lose when placed inside, large capacity

Fit it,

You can go out quickly without bags!

The hidden close-fitting pocket on the inside holds some small things that you carry with you, which is safer and not easy to lose.

Outside sleeves

The drawstring pocket

, more space,

It also enriches the pieces of the piece


, full of fashion~

Unisex, black, off-white, 2 colors are available, because the fit, detail design is superior enough, no matter

It looks good no matter how you wear it, and you can’t go wrong with it!

Daily commuting wear, with cashmere sweaters, shirts, lightweight, warm, what you want is a comfortable ~

Casual wear, can be worn with jeans, sweatshirts, etc., is definitely a must-have for brushing the street in winter.

When exercising, wear sweatpants, quick-drying clothes, use it as a jacket, move freely, run and jump without restrictions.

L-XXXL, a variety of sizes to choose from, wear to 200 pounds is no problem!

The price of the general long down jacket is not cheap, thousands of dollars at every turn, and this long down jacket, we have won a limited-time preferential price for everyone,

One piece costs only 279 yuan,

Really super cost-effective!

Fan price: 279 yuan

Short down jacket

Lightweight fit

Lock temperature force MAX

This cropped down jacket is also from Ocean & Earth.

Also made of clean, fluffy white duck down

The effect of wind protection and cold resistance is very good,

Full and full, solid material, lock temperature MAX!

Test results are for short samples only

Simple fit, very versatile

, whether men or women wear it, it is very suitable and does not pick people.

Slightly loose

Short model

Design, more convenient activities, but also can lengthen the proportion, especially high

Three-dimensional cut at the shoulders

, show generous boyfriend power in a low-key manner!

Tightened cuffs

, has a tight, flat effect, so that the cuffs look less loose and shapeless.

The elasticity of the elasticity is also good, and it can be stretched according to the thickness of the individual wrist and waist, and the tightness will be adjusted without cold wind.

Comfortable and warm.

The hem is also elasticated to lock in warmth.

And at the same time more

Accentuate the figure

, after wearing it, it fits and is stylish, and it will not look bloated like ordinary down jackets.

Invisible on the waist side

Large capacity pocket, magnetic

Core adsorption opening and closing

, put things safer, convenient, fit, smooth design, visually more beautiful.

There is also a small pocket on the inner layer

, convenient for placing mobile phones or other small belongings, more practical!

The whole dress was adopted

Quality zipper

, very smooth, flat, almost no stuttering, longer service life.

Black and gray, basic colors, simple and fashionable, how to wear it can not be wrong.


, is the most “secure” versatile color, simple but not monotonous, visually thinner. Black absorbs heat and is warmer to wear in winter.


, low-key and restrained, but also exudes a high-level texture, allowing you to get rid of the ordinary and stand out from the crowd!

Daily commute, leisure travel, sports and fitness

…… Suitable for many occasions. Whether it is a straight man who is not good at dressing, or a girl who likes BF style, you can dress well and decently!

You can’t even buy an ultra-thin basic down jacket for a price, but now you can buy this one

There are stylish and super warm down jackets

Original price: 359 yuan

Fan price: 249 yuan

Any order issues

Long press to identify the QR code

Online consultation customer service▼

Note: The copy of this article is provided by the brand.

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Really great value!

Original price: 399 yuan

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