The turtleneck sweater is equivalent to a little black dress in winter, and its innate elegance can instantly turn the powerful feminine temperament. It is worth mentioning that if you don’t like the feeling of your neck being covered indoors, then it is best to choose a loose high neck for comfort!

01 Autumn/winter mid-length turtleneck sweater, thick wool dress, bright silk pullover, knit, undershirt, cardigan woman

02 Winter-spring new Korean version sleeveless split turtleneck slim sweater with pullover sweater sweater on both sides

03 Women’s turtleneck bottom sweater Autumn/winter new pullover sweater slim long sleeve thick women’s sweater

04 Korean version slim white turtleneck pullover short undershirt knitwear thick sweater women’s winter shirt

The leggings mentioned here are stretchy, so if the sister paper with thick legs is still obediently detoured, “leggings change life” is for skinny girls. In addition, pants and shoes are the same color to look leg-long!

05 Autumn and winter new fleece thickened casual trousers, women’s high-waisted small foot pencil pants, wearing leggings

06 New Korean version of velvet corduroy small leg pants, pencil pants, casual pants, women’s pants trend

07 Autumn and winter new high-waist PU leather pants women’s outer leggings winter model thin small leg pants trousers long pants with pile and thicker

08 Autumn and winter women’s women’s leggings with thick and fleece to show slim and slim matte leather pants, plus-size small leg pants

09 Thickened and velvet autumn and winter style outside leggings casual pants women’s small legs pants women’s pants slim plaid pencil pants

10 leggings autumn and winter style wear high-waisted pencil pants, gold velvet small leg pants, large size long pants, thick and fleece pants, women

11 New winter outer leggings winter fleece thick leggings to keep warm and thin pencil pants

12 New tweed short skirt, autumn and winter skirt, puffy skirt, high-waisted skirt, A-line skirt, plus-size women’s pleated skirt

13 Fall/Winter New Skirt Pleated Skirt Women’s Puffy Skirt Umbrella Skirt High Waist Bottomed Autumn and Winter Short Skirt Bag Skirt

14 Fluffy and thick leggings Wear high-waisted warm stretch women’s pants Slim pencil pants with tight small feet

15 High-waist thickened plush pants leggings women’s winter cotton pants women’s winter thick cotton outer wear warm plus-size women’s pants small leg pants

So, at the end of the day, try more, especially the pieces you like but have never tried, perhaps because of your fear, let you rub shoulders with the pieces that could have made you more beautiful. High-waisted skirt, fat girls and thin girls look good in wear, to be thinner, choose black!

16 Autumn and winter new Korean version women’s slim long sleeves slim waist and fleece knit bottom hip dress

17 Autumn and winter dress, long sleeves, slim fit hip bottoms, mesh lace bottom skirts, cinched waist to show thin mid-length womenswear

18 Korean version of autumn/winter women’s clothing new sweet gold velvet waist stud beaded puffy skirt princess dress

19 Winter new crewneck pleated waist bottom skirt red letter dress feminine Korean version short skirt

20 Autumn and winter new slim waist bottom skirt long sleeves thickened fashion Korean version plus-size womenswear

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