Recently, it has been cold, we have no heating here, and we are wrapped in thick plush pajamas at home every day!

Female stars are no exception, Zhou Yutong’s plush pajamas who don’t say a word of cute love!

Today I will arrange a wave of good looks for everyone

Autumn and winter pajama shop

There are thin long-sleeved trousers and plush styles! Come and take a look~

Speaking of autumn and winter plush pajamas, the husk is definitely the first cute! Several of the studio’s sisters started her family last year

Snow White pajamas

, big and thick, the quality really has nothing to say.

Little Red Book blogger@cy_ Lan Ji

Zhao Lusi, Zhou Jieqiong, Song Yanfei and other female stars are their families

Walking wild spokesperson

The set in winter is even bigger

Fruit shell pajama show

All kinds of bells and whistles are made flying, and Disney’s dream linkage, the model is my childhood!

Mickey Minnie, Donald Daisy the Duck, and Winnie the Pooh

, all kinds of childhood anime characters are available~

Following last year’s Snow White, it came out again

Mermaid series pajamas

, The mermaid tail on the pocket is full of playfulness!

There are new ones coming soon

Christmas pajamas

, red and white color matching full of atmosphere, comes with its own

“ Merry Christmas”

Background music, decisive squat!

And one of the great advantages of her pajamas is that there are many styles in each series,

Dressing gowns, long-sleeved trousers

, intimately took care of the needs of different groups of people!

In addition to pajamas, her plush slippers are also super good-looking,

The girl’s heart is dead.

Hair accessories are also cute and funny,

Every time I wash my face, I look up and see myself in the mirror, and I am in a good mood~

The pajamas of the Rakumachi family are a little indistinguishable from the fruit shell this year,

and Sanrio

One sweetened me whole!

Little Red Book blogger @nnzhllmy

Milky whoops

Big-eared cinnamon dog dressing gown

, the fur is thick and soft, and you will go straight into it after taking a bath, and you will never freeze your hands and feet again!

Little Red Book blogger @milksiqiu@orangehi:

Although the price is a little more expensive than last year’s, it is obviously thicker! Put on a real giant giant warmth!

Pink Melody

It’s also hard to refuse, take a selfie in the mirror after putting on a hat, and easily get happiness at home!

Little Red Book blogger @Milk Siqiu

Sweet and cool Kulomi, black and purple color scheme is a little dark, and very resistant to dirt! This one still

Xu Yiyang is the same


Kulomi also has a thin set of sisters who have heating at home~

There is also the same style as Zhao Lusi


, donut pockets carefully full, this wave of my choice phobia is going to be committed!

Sisters who love Disney series can also take a look at her home!

Sister Zhou’s same strawberry bear hugging pajamas

, makes people want to wear it to Disney to meet Strawberry Bear!

Tired of looking at cute and cute plush pajamas, Koike’s next store is typical

French languidness

The original hand-drawn pattern is particularly exquisite! In the summer, I really like these nightdresses in her house, and they are a little sexy in the high-end!

This tulip-print silk pajamas, the design of retro court puff sleeves is full of romance~

And also

Pink and purple contrast


Yellow-violet contrast

Two options, wear it, no matter how cold it is outside, there is a feeling of spring blossoms indoors~

Little Red Book blogger @I’m Pig Little Girl

There are still a lot of this original print in her family, and the silk fabric is really very good on the body

Silky comfortable

, sisters rest assured to rush!

Caught fire all year

Checkerboard elements

It can also be found on her pajamas, blue and white shenivelvet pajamas, which make the edges of the checkerboard

Cookie grid

The shape is full of details.

And a pink one,

Plush buttons at the neckline and plush panels at the cuffs and legs

, added to the feeling of warmth! The plaid elves must not let it go!

And this one, interspersed with checkerboard elements


The brand name letters, full of fun,

The contrasting piping and button colors of green also echo each other

, like the pajamas that Instagram bloggers wear!

The same plush pajamas, her style is much simpler,

Pure white coral fleece dressing gown

It looks very clean, and wearing a white slip dress inside has a pure girly taste~

And this classic

Small fragrant pajamas

, vintage pearl buckle and gold silk lace sweet and vintage, wear is a southern French aristocratic lady, the outside is also very suitable!

However, plush pajamas Koike still likes to buy dressing gowns the most! Split type is easy to wear at home hot,

Dressing gowns are more suitable for going out to pick up a courier to take a takeaway and the like, and you can go out when you put it on, which is very convenient!

When it comes to Fauvism, everyone thinks of immortal flowers and aromatherapy products, in fact, his pajamas are now made beautifully!

Many stars of the same style!

I remember when I watched “Running Man” last year, I was really surprised by Cai Xukun’s pajama show! Just woke up and was pulled out by the program group to walk the runway in pajamas, there was a lazy handsomeness, I thought that this set of pajamas was a big name!

Puppy print can be wolf milk,

It’s the same model for many “boyfriends”!

Some time ago, the big star in the hit drama “You Are My Glory”

Qiao Jingjing also wore through

Brutalist striped pajamas, this is still the same style as the four-character brother!

In short, his home is you

If you buy one casually, you may accidentally collide with idol


Most of the brutalist pajamas are simple in style,

Striped elements + small area embroidery print,

Full of high-class feeling, new

The Little Prince Loves Earth series

, accurately poked my aesthetic.

The pajamas made of pure cotton are soft and skinny, and the clothes are embroidered with the classic images of the little prince, the little fox and the rose, which is exquisite and detailed!

There is also a feather gauze hooded pajama in the same collection, which girls can buy a size larger just right

The lower body is missing

The effect!

Gong Jun of the same style

“Rijin Doujin” puppy pajamas

, 100% mulberry silk material is so silky that you don’t want to take it off at all, and the little milk dog print on it is also cute, so it’s perfect for a couple to wear!

The sister who has heating in winter can buy his house with confidence, and the comfort is really unspeakable!

Finally, I will give you a bottom of the box, although the price is not very friendly, but the style is really comfortable and good-looking!

Sleeper was founded by two Ukrainian fashion editors to create the first

“Pajamas that can be worn out”

For the sake of the concept, “Party Pajama” was launched.

This is the one that stands out of the loop

There is a ring of ostrich feathers at the leg of the trousers

‘s pajamas, a lot of ins blogger upper body, cute and grabbing horses, and there is no sense of violation in the outside!

The pink check is something I like at a glance! Even if you go downstairs to buy vegetables, you feel like the most foreign cub!

Xiaohongshu blogger @Elin_ Gu Zero

Pure black is also fashionable, and the full set gives people a lazy and high-class feeling,

Effortlessly funky get!

The other colors are also very distinct, and with a blazer outside, you can go directly to the dinner sisters!

Little Red Book blogger @AROU A Rou

If you are worried about the ostrich feathers at the hem are not well taken care of, you may wish to take a look at this ruffled one,

Putting it on to a pajama party or something like must be eye-catching!

Well, today’s treasure pajama brand sharing is here!

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