A pair of slacks with strong solidity and good warmth is the favorite clothing item of every “Jimei” in the non-weekday home home. Editor’s note: I like to wear a pair of corduroy slacks recommended today when I am at home.

These pants, loose fit, but, the point is that this pants is not an ordinary fat feeling, still very tall, thin, and can well cover the lack of leg shape. The elasticated waistband is easy to put on and take off, and there is no sense of restraint in wearing. The belt is not ordinary casual thinness, but the choice of broadband with the texture of the same fabric, in addition to the function has a good modification effect, if the “Jimei” will tie a beautiful bow, it is a good modification.

The pants are made of corduroy, the fabric itself has good warmth, the reverse of the fabric is a very good skin feel weaving, even if you do not wear the bottom, there is good warmth, and at the same time it is very skin-friendly. The pockets on both sides are not for decoration, but for good practicality, which can store small items and free your hands.

The upper body can be worn with a knitted undershirt or paired with a shirt. You can choose a shoulder or a short jacket, of course, a long coat is also a good choice, but to choose a relatively casual style, the classic style will look confusing. Shoes can be paired with loafers, board shoes, canvas shoes or sneakers, casual and warm.

This issue is here, see you in the comment area of your thoughts, your ideas are the theme of my next issue. Questions about collocation can also be left in the comment area, and the editor will answer them one by one. Pay attention to Xiwen not to get lost.

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