Yesterday’s WeChat account published “Have you seen the world’s thinnest bird friend mahjong machine?” It’s all bullish, not blown! After the article, it attracted widespread attention from the industry and end consumers, and the degree of interest in new products surprised me, but also moved me. It fully shows that although the current market competition environment is very bad, products with independent intellectual property rights have been generally welcomed and supported by the public.

In this article, the author mainly introduces to friends a very creative, entertainment, home, multi-functional table mahjong machine, it is also the only solid wood table frame in the industry that can be equipped with the F500 ultra-thin mahjong machine as standard.

It is the most beautiful mahjong machine in the table industry, and it is also the most beautiful table in the mahjong machine industry. The perfect combination of the two functions into one, finally, on a beautiful April day, in the national bird friend mahjong machine specialty store, to the national “finch” brilliant presentation.

Each piece of raw material in this dining table series is hand-cut, which is the understanding of each piece of wood and the understanding of life by senior craftsmen.

Light luxury or natural or fashion charm, I believe that this extremely thin multi-functional solid wood dining table mahjong machine will bring you and me a different kind of entertainment new feeling!

We don’t believe there will be a perfect restaurant, but we do believe that the restaurant perfectly reflects the style characteristics of the owner. In the restaurant, everything can be designed to your liking and needs, and it doesn’t cost too much to bring you a comfortable feeling.

Certainly, its appearance,

Will subvert people’s conceptual understanding of mahjong machines:

It turns out that mahjong machines can also be so beautiful and agile!

It turns out that the dining table can be so beautiful!

Unique ingenuity, leading the future of the industry! Every family doesn’t necessarily need a mahjong machine, but it does need a dining table.

The world says that fish and bear’s paw can’t have both, but in our bird friend store, the multi-functional table mahjong machine, a beautiful thing for both purposes, really happened!

Innovative design, subverting cognition, smart and graceful, taste life!

The so-called Yiren, when they are quiet, quietly use the restaurant as a table to bring delicious food to the family and enjoy the food.

After lifting the cover, it is as agile as a rabbit, and the big world is hidden inside. She instantly became a place that brought joy to her family and relaxation to her family. She is the new entertainment experience brought to the world by the new F500 mahjong machine.

Square things, versatile functions, what to ask for in life, only food and entertainment can not be disappointed!

It is believed that the emergence of this fashionable luxury, elegant personality, ingenuity quality, exquisite and light luxury multi-functional dining table will subvert people’s single perception of the function of the table: it turns out that in the restaurant, you can still play like this!

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