Although a period of time has passed since Zhang Bichen and Hua Chenyu’s birth turmoil, many people still remember it deeply. This little girl who looks soft and weak still has her own attention. After giving birth, Zhang Bichen did not affect his work at all, which is really invisible. This fashionable hot mom keeps her figure fantastic.

In terms of dressing, Zhang Bichen also likes to mix and match, denim shirt skirt with white suspenders, slender waist really does not look like having given birth to a baby

, let’s take a look together.

Zhang Bichen fashion style analysis:

Zhang Bichen’s outfit is low-key and has a unique style, and this mixed style of wearing is still relatively foreign.

A denim shirt skirt with white suspenders underneath, the whole style is not so low-key, more layered.

In the lower body, he did not choose to wear directly to show his legs, and Zhang Bichen also matched a pair of black yoga pants, and the overall style was more conservative. Such a mixed and matched style, walking in the crowd is still very eye-catching.

In fact, shirt skirts have long been a versatile item that girls can’t put down, especially

The white shirt skirt is more refreshing and generous, and it is full of literary and artistic style to wear

。 And there are many styles of shirt skirts, loose, slim, slender, or short, and all kinds of styles are also available. However, denim shirt skirts like Zhang Bichen are not so common. She chose a soft denim fabric, which is also very comfortable to wear.

The so-called shirt skirt refers to making some improvements on the basis of the shirt, and the most intuitive way is to lengthen the shirt to form a skirt feeling. This

The shirt skirt is directly lengthened, and the waist is also looser and fatter, so it will be more inclusive when worn, and it is a more versatile and popular style in daily life

。 And like Zhang Bichen’s shirt dress, she chose the design of the waist to outline a slimmer waist, and it is also more suitable for people with slender waists.

Zhang Bichen’s shirt dress has a significantly tightened design at the waist, so wearing it on Zhang Bichen’s body will outline the slender waist more naturally. And the position of the collar, Zhang Bichen also cleverly unbuttoned a few buttons, this way can outline a V-neck shape, visually it is also more fashionable. At the same time, the natural V-neck can also stretch the neck line, making Zhang Bichen’s neck line look more slender and delicate, and also have an elegant and charming temperament.

Although Zhang Bichen’s shirt dress is more unique in the way of dressing, choose to unbutton the way to wear. But

She also added a white suspender as an underwear, which has a more understated and conservative feel.

This white suspender as a way to wear it will make the overall style less sexy and more elegant and generous. At the same time, this shirt skirt chooses a long-sleeved style, and the overall look will be more casual.

Zhang Bichen’s denim shirt skirt is not only paired with white suspenders, but also with a pair of slim yoga pants. This article

Yoga pants also better enhance the layering of the outfit, showing Zhang Bichen’s legs more slender.

In fact, in daily matching, we do not need to add an extra pair of slim yoga pants, the skirt of the shirt skirt is not very short, it will be more refreshing to wear, and at the same time expose fair legs, and the temperament will be more outstanding.

Zhang Bichen more fashion outfits look:

Simple and low-key outfit, more fashionable and delicate. Like this black and white combination, the visual impact is also relatively strong.

Layered over a black crop top with high-waisted trousers, the slender waist is more natural, and there is a very attractive charm. Wearing a white coat, the shirt-style fabric looks more refreshing, which is also particularly eye-catching.

Zhang Bichen on the stage also has a more slender and tall figure. Wear a delicate bandeau skirt with a slender waist and superior proportions.

The light blue color, embellished with the decoration of polka dot elements, looks more advanced.

Such Zhang Bichen has a little more gentle and sweet temperament, long hair with a shawl, and more soft beauty.

Casual style dressing will be more casual, and our reference in daily life is also very high.

Loose blazers like this are more casual and versatile. The slim knitwear underneath naturally outlines the slim body, and has a casual and fashionable beauty. The lower body is equipped with black small leg pants, and it looks like a thin waist and long legs, and his figure is outstanding, such Zhang Bichen, where does it look like he has given birth to a baby.

Well, the above is the fashion information that Xiaomad shared for you today. Zhang Bichen’s several groups of fashion outfit look, which group do you think is more beautiful? Share fashion trend tips for everyone every day, hurry up and pay attention! (Text original, image source network.) If there is any infringement, please contact to delete. )

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