Feng Timo “bumped” Di Li Gerba, wearing the same one-piece swimsuit, exposing the difference between Internet celebrities and stars

Internet celebrities themselves have always been very controversial, because now the Internet celebrity industry is very hot, so that many Internet celebrities have come to the front of the screen, in fact, it is equivalent to many Internet celebrities have squeezed into the front of the screen, but also entered the entertainment industry, so that they have the same treatment as stars. So speaking in this way, for the group of Internet celebrities, in fact, they have become popular in front of the media, such as Feng Timo, who used to work as an anchor in the game industry, because he is beautiful and very good at singing, so he has always won the love of many people.

On the Internet, Feng Timo is very popular, and his appearance is also very beautiful, but it is also because of his popularity that he also appeared on the stage of the Happy Base Camp, and this moment also became a peak of popularity. After that, Feng Dimo also continued to accept invitations to programs in the entertainment industry, so that Feng Timo was no longer a simple Internet celebrity anchor, but changed and became a member of the entertainment industry, such a change, in fact, for Feng Dimo is also in the growth of popularity, but after all, Internet celebrities will be outdated.

Although Feng Timo has not been angry, but now rarely can see her on the TV screen, she has basically returned to her former Internet celebrity life, but counting up, Feng Timo’s figure is indeed very good. In a photo show, Feng Timo generously showed everyone a photo of her going to the sea with her girlfriend, when she was wearing a one-piece swimming suit, but the more special point is that his swimming suit was bought for the effect of sun protection. But this also happens to outline his good figure. It looks like Feng Timo is bumpy, with the fair skin, a pair of long legs, very eye-catching.

So speaking of this set of swimsuits, the female star Di Li Gerba in our entertainment industry has also appeared on her, but Di Li Gerba bought a short one, after all, she does not need to prepare for sun protection. Di Li Gerba wore such a one-piece swimsuit of the same brand during the shooting, and also showed his bumpy body, which is also such a set of photos, which successfully exposed the difference between Internet celebrities and stars. Speaking of Di Li Gerba’s appearance, everyone needless to say, the facial features are very delicate, but also very three-dimensional, Di Li Gerba’s favorite is to shoot her side face, because his side face is very good-looking, after wearing this one-piece swimsuit, Di Li Gerba boldly shows his good figure in the water.

may not have reached a wet hair design, but after all, because of the needs of work, so he also shows his very beautiful side, and Feng Timo is just to share his daily life, because Internet celebrities do not need to do this kind of business business, he only needs to show his daily appearance. And the basic selfie style of the Internet celebrity is also vividly displayed on Feng Timo’s body, but Di Li Gerba is different, because she is a star, so she is more formal in shooting, and also shows her very elegant and noble side, crushing Feng Timo in temperament.

Especially the shooting of this set of swimsuit photos, it is also possible to see the degree of dedication of Di Li Gerba, which is completely two styles from the photos taken by Feng Timo, obviously Di Li Gerba’s sense of dedication is also more liked.

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