Admittedly, the vast majority of men are insensitive to pants.

Many times, men prefer to spend their attention on tops and shoes. Relatively speaking, these icing on the cake are easier to see and attract attention.

The pants are not invisible, but because

It is a basic structure in the overall shape

More often than not, we just see it as an “auxiliary” piece to highlight the top or shoes, and the choice will be relatively conservative, just for safety and security, so it will be easily ignored.

Not only ordinary people, but even designers don’t “value” it much.

This is because the relative design space of pants is narrow, and often brands only position them within the scope of basic models, and facts have proved that most of them sell well such basic pants.

To put it at the extreme, many brands will not change much in their pants in successive seasons

, believe it or not, we can make a bet.

Therefore, the evolution of pants is also quite slow, and it is difficult to see what different fresh pop elements will appear in each season. (Of course, the work of individual avant-garde designers is a different matter)

But if you stretch the timeline a little longer, the situation is different.

Due to the prevalence of sports style, compared with the previous trend of slimming and narrow legs, today’s pants have also undergone obvious changes. So today we’re going to talk about the last few years and the long time to come.

The fashion trend of pants

In fact, the current pants trend can be simply summarized in one word, that is

” Sporty “

The popularity of sports style is not a day or two, from 16 years to now, its influence is still increasing, and many sports brands rely on it to come back to life, typical of Kappa. In fact, not only sports brands and street fashion brands, I believe everyone has seen it, even many fashion veterans have become young and sporty.

Under the dominance of this trend, the design style of many items is close to it, and pants are no exception.

Especially when all kinds of sneakers, including daddy shoes, are booming, how to match these sneakers has become the main starting point for the design of many brand pants.

So, this is why Track Pants (school uniform pants) and Jogger Pants (leggings) are so popular with sneakers.

However, sportiness is only a major trend direction of the current popularity of pants, and in this context, other pants are also quietly changing:

Loose and wide-leg pants

Although some people are still reluctant to admit it, the popularity of street-oriented, sporty loose wide-leg pants has become an indisputable fact and has become the mainstream style on the runway in recent years.

Even Hedi Slimane, who has always been known for his rock ‘n’ roll skinny, had to compromise on this.

In the brand’s first menswear collection released after the designer entered CELINE earlier this year, the silhouette of the previously absolutely slim and slim trousers “suddenly” became noticeably loose.

▲ CELINE Fall/Winter 2019 Men’s Collection

There is also strong evidence of the trend of loosening of trouser sports, that is


Jeans have always been the most classic and stable shape and will not change casually. But reality has proved that in today’s increasingly popular Dad Denim style, jeans have to follow the trend.

Similarly, Dad Denim style is also under the influence of sports retro trends, reflected in denim this fabric material trend changes, the most representative of which is Dad Jeans pants, including Off-white, Balenciaga, Vetements and many other most popular fried chicken brands, in the past two years on the runway can see related styles.

Off-white Spring/Summer 2019 collection

▲ Versace Spring/Summer 2019 collection

▲ LV Spring/Summer 2019 Collection

Dad Jeans is essentially wide-leg pants made of denim. Although at first glance it looks very similar to the typical straight straight shape of jeans, Dad Jeans’ pants are actually more silhouette and mostly high-waisted designs.

But when it comes to the most athletic pants, Ye Zi thinks it has to be


For a long time, in the general impression of the public, the formal style represented by trousers and the sports style seem to be two fields of opposite. But when young groups such as Generation Z and millennials are gradually growing into the main consumer army of fashion, it is not difficult to find that the two are slowly merging.

This is most evident in fashion brands that previously focused on formal clothing design.

Therefore, we have seen many that the current suit no longer pursues a three-dimensional sense of line as it did in the previous ten years, especially the trousers are no longer slim, becoming wider and wider and street, and the silhouette structure is somewhat similar to the style of the 50s of the last century.

Paul Smith’s Spring/Summer 2019 collection

▲ Giorgio Armani Spring/Summer 2019 collection

And some trousers will not only become loose and wide-legged, but also its cuffs

Micro Lamella

The change in style, the feel will be more vintage, in contrast to the previous slim tapered pants trend.

In addition, the sportiness of trousers is also characterized by it

Drawstring design


Drawstring (elastic band) movement detail

Separate this detail because it appears repeatedly in other slacks and is increasingly becoming a separate popular element.

But relatively speaking,

The drawstring detail applied to the trousers gives the impression that it is undoubtedly the most subversive

Generally speaking, drawstrings, including elastic bands, used to only appear on sweatpants (pants), which sought convenience and comfort, eliminating the restraint of belts and the effort of untying.

But integrating it into trousers (casual pants), in addition to these comfortable and convenient effects, is more as a typical element symbol to highlight the sports style.

Once the trousers are added to the drawstring, no matter what, it is not “formal”, but becomes more athleisure.

▲ BOSS Fall/Winter 2018 Collection

▲ Hermès Spring/Summer 2019 collection

In addition, compared to the ribbed leggings of the past, there are now many sports pants that add a drawstring structure under the cuffs to achieve the effect of binding the feet, which looks a bit functional. Therefore, this also leads to the next trend change.

Functional, cyberpunk style

When introducing Li Ning’s latest season of the show a few days ago, some friends accurately pointed out that the current trend style is more cyberpunk. In fact, this is already the general trend, foreign designers have long been playing.

However, many people will see cyberpunk and functional style as two different styles from sports trends.

Indeed, the differences between them are still obvious. But in fact, whether it is functional wind or cyberpunk, it is a pioneer fashion trend that rises under the trend led by sports style.

Everyone should know that functional wind and the most representative items of cyberpunk, such as various multi-pocket functional vests. The same is true for its design expression on the trousers, which highlight the style through various large patch pockets, buckles and webbing structures.

▲ Craig Green Fall/Winter 2019 collection

Well, the above is Ye Zi’s summary of the fashion trend of pants in recent years for friends, and I believe that it will still be popular for a long time.

So, do you wear it or not?

In this regard, my personal opinion is still the cliché “what suits you is the best”.

There is no difference between popularity and disadvantage, and finding your own style is the most important thing. This is especially true in the choice of pants.

Ye Zi said at the beginning of the article that “men are insensitive to pants”, so don’t be angry.

Almost all men, after choosing the right pants and brands that suit them, will have a long-term dependence on this, and it is difficult to change.

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