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It can be described as a great visual feast, and today is also a day to indulge in beauty

Think about the last time I wore a skirt so beautifully seemed to be in the summer,


Isn’t it impossible to wear skirts willfully?

It’s not! Our beautiful girls just wear it whenever they want, who said that the princess dress does not look good on the outside of the down jacket?

(Funny .jpg)


It is definitely the most controversial in winter dresses, pure “mom see fight” outfit, but in fact, as long as it is well matched,


The ability is not weaker than pants, don’t believe it? Look down!

I love to wear it in spring and summer

Short pleated skirt

, and don’t rush to put it away, it’s fashionable enough to kit a sweater like Nabi, and put on a down jacket,




Preppy style

‘s sisters can’t miss the pleated skirt,

Shirt + suit

Definitely standard, plus a knitwear in the middle is more Han Fan,

Layer coats

is the essence of the whole set, which not only ensures the temperature, but also adds demeanor, who looks at it must boast that it can be worn!

Bare-legged artifact

Of course, it is indispensable, adhering to the principle that the less exposed skin area, the more natural, it is recommended that everyone choose

Knight boots


Chesir boots

, can also visually improve the shape of the legs!

cr: Little Red Book @ Taro Milk O

Don’t forget

Small leather skirt

Stiff style

How to be handsome, especially the bright color style, wear is the most eye-catching one in the crowd, the same as the dress, choose a dark top to match, handsome and warm, cool girls must wear!

That’s relatively

The cortex is soft

The skirt looks much gentler, you can consider finding outstanding points in the shape and color, such as the classic popular color warm coffee color in autumn and winter.

Tweed skirt

It is also exclusive to autumn and winter, and I will involuntarily think of it when I mention it

Ghost little bride

of dressing,

Sweatshirt + short skirt

The impression is too deep, whether it is a bare-legged artifact or

Black leggings

All super suitable for autumn and winter, a must-have for energetic girls!


Age-reducing sharps, horn button coat

It’s a perfect fit, 100% lily of the valley girl, and Agassiz will be mesmerized in the next second

(Who wants to watch “Ghost” as soon as winter comes, I don’t say)


Thick skirt

Is there still a sister who has not obtained the super high adaptability with winter? Ms. Xiao Zhou, a little expert in fashion, can’t put it down, match

Cropped coat

Immediately the leg length is one meter eight, and the height is a matter of an instant~

H straight cylinder type

Although the long skirt is also high, it is only suitable for body comparison

Skinny and flat

sisters, but the overall sense of restraint is very strong, especially for sisters with pear-shaped bodies, the crotch is large and the legs are thick, which is very undesirable!

CR: Little Red Book @ Yes Siyi

So still

A-line umbrella skirt

The versatility is stronger, and sisters of any body can dress well!

cr: Little Red Book @ is a false branch


Check style

The lazy retro atmosphere is full of perfect match with the warm winter~

Irregular design

No matter which item is applied, it will probably be very popular and can highlight us

Fashion taste

, again

Use the skirt to define the leg shape

, strongly push the sisters to come 414.

Denim skirt

There must be a place in winter, combined with the season,


The denim will be more suitable for winter than the light-colored denim, and there will be no visual “messywear” feeling.

CR: Did Little Red Book @Nancy go to bed early this morning

cr: Little Red Book @ So much love yogurt

In contrast to the tweed skirt, the shape of the A-line umbrella skirt is too wide for the denim skirt, losing the denim itself


, there is a strange sense of incongruity and drag;

Slightly loose

The fit is the correct solution of the winter denim skirt,

Refreshing and stylish

Solid color dress

It is yyds, and it will not feel contrary to wear it all year round. The point is:


No matter what color the clothes are and white, they can create a satisfactory effect.

If the color of the skirt itself


Lower, optional

Dark colors

The coat to neutralize, reduce the feeling of “cold”, add a little more “warmth” in winter, and perfectly avoid questions such as “aren’t you cold”~

Floral dress

It’s not exclusive to spring and summer, Miss Lihe’s coffee-colored floral dress is a good example,

Southern Sisters

With a knitted jacket, there is no pressure to survive the winter directly~

A sister match in a cooler area

Coat in the same color

, the warmth directly rises by one level! Han Fan is full of figures, tall sisters must wear it!

Of course, in

Selection of broken flowers

Be cautious. Intellectually mature sisters pick dark broken flowers is no problem, but younger sisters tend to look old-fashioned when they wear them, so they are still preferred

Light colors

Fresh and gentle

, It’s winter oxygen beautiful girl, that’s right!

CR: Little Red Book @ Five is happy

Knitted dress

Of course, although it is late, it is very good to keep warm, whether it is the southern sisters

Wear it alone

, or the Northern Sisters do it


, can be perfectly digested.

The same white knitted skirt,

Learn Wu Qianyu directly, choose to use the same color


Make a matching, gentle and temperament~

Sisters of the North

Just pick Chen Zhuoxuan’s match and put it on directly


, macaron color series

Girly and energetic

! Each has its own beauty, and the sisters can according to their own

Style and temperature

Make a choice.

That’s all for today~

Winter dresses

, have you learned?

To sum up, it is necessary to wear a skirt

Color and material

Pay more attention. The warm skirt is thick no matter how you look at it

Winter atmosphere

, knitting, woolen and other materials are warm and comfortable, perfect for winter wear!

Do you feel it in winter

Wearing a skirt is warmer


What kind of jacket do you wear when wearing a skirt


cr: Little Red Book @ Taro Milk O

Southern Sisters

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