Source: Beijing Youth Daily

A few days ago, the strongest cold wave hit, and heavy snow fell in many parts of the country. In the face of the “coldest winter in thirty years”, as long as it is not wise to dress with grace and temperature, earthy cotton shoes and hot knee pads have “gone to work”; The “warm artifacts” in the office and home also protect people’s “old cold legs”.

“Soil to the extreme is the tide” – just past Double 11, e-commerce platforms sold more than 1.7 million pairs of native cotton shoes, a shoe factory received orders for 400,000 pairs of cotton shoes, nearly half of which came from big cities, local cotton shoes have become a “warm baby” under people’s feet. This winter, the cake bottom and bread shoes will synchronize the temperature and beauty, and wearing handmade old Beijing cotton shoes and plush snow boots to walk in the snow is the “most eye-catching boy”.

Foot warming insoles are similar to the “warm baby” used in women’s menstrual period, as long as it is used as an insole into the shoe, it can heat up to a constant temperature of 45 ° C in 3 seconds, and it is maintained continuously for 10 hours, when winter requires a long time of outdoor activities, or when you need to wear single shoes with clothing, this warm item is really intimate.

Rechargeable hot socks are a “gospel” for people with cold feet, and wearing them can also warm you to sleep on cold winter nights; The same rechargeable heating scarf brings a wearable hot compress experience outdoors. Multi-level temperature control can cope with different outdoor temperatures and keep warm for up to several hours.

The “old face” warm water bag has also been upgraded to a new “explosion-proof” model. Traditional hot water bottles are generally directly filled with hot water for use, or adopt the internal structure of water and electricity mixing, which is easy to leak and burn, or even explode. The hot water bottle upgraded this year uses graphene raw materials without water, eliminating potential safety hazards and making the heating area more uniform. The constant temperature chip with a large-capacity battery can keep warm for 10 hours, hold it to sleep, and be warm all night.

The “leg warming artifact” under the desk, this year’s new products are also more mature. Previously, a separate foot warmer or folding leg warmer could only heat the feet or legs alone, but the new wrap-around foot warmer combines the two, using an “open” shape or a “foot soaking bucket” shape, while insulating the legs and feet, even the instep can be taken care of.

In addition, the heating pad on the desk has a new “peer”. The desktop heater is made into an elevated frame that raises the computer, which can radiate heat to the area while protecting the cervical spine, play a warm role, and have the functions of mobile phone charging treasure and small object storage.

Hot knee pads are prepared for people with joint pain, knee effusion, cold legs, and cold knees, especially suitable for middle-aged and elderly people. Knee pads are ergonomically designed with velcro to tightly enclose the knees, and the heating layer plus wormwood bag bring physiotherapeutic warmth care, and the long battery life can be used continuously for more than a week.

Today’s hand warmers are also more diverse, and the round and cute cats and little yellow ducks have attracted many female users. However, compared to such a traditional hand warmer held in the hand, there are new products that adopt a halterneck design, like a halterneck fan in summer, which can release heat around the neck, bring warmth to the whole body, and completely free your hands. (Chen Si)

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