I’m sure no one doesn’t like a high-waisted skirt, right? Whether it is from the point of view of the slimming effect, or from

The temperament of a high-waisted skirt

From the point of view, high-waisted skirts are a very practical and fashionable clothing style.

Slightly chubby girls will look sexy in high-waisted skirts, and short girls will look long legs in high-waisted skirts.

The figure itself

Just a very good woman, after wearing a high-waisted skirt, the proportions look more perfect. It can be said that it is among various skirt styles

It looks good, thin and practical

of skirts too.

The skirt chooses a high-waist slimming effect is good, the temperament is also quite elegant, and it can also show the length of the legs, whether it is Guan Xiaotong or Zhong Chuxi, when wearing a high-waist skirt, it looks super beautiful, both refreshing temperament and long legs. As a skirt with a good slimming effect, it is still available after wearing a high-waist skirt

Very delicate femininity.

The advantages of high-waisted skirts are not only in the slimming effect, but also in the effect


, wear a skirt remember to choose a high waist, show the leg length and temperament, the thin effect is also very good. No wonder it’s even super in shape

Guan Xiaotong and Zhong Chuxi both like to wear it.

High-waisted skirt with good slimming effect

Dark high-waisted skirt

There are also many skirts with better thinning effect, here it is recommended that you try black, and the high-waist skirt itself is to play a slimming effect by raising the waist line and adjusting the proportion of the body. Added

One of the black fabrics

After that, what can be done is not only to show the length of the legs, but also to make the thinning effect of the clothing become more visible

It’s obvious.

Especially right

The position of the waist

, choose pure black, other parts choose gray, bright or other fabrics, increase the contrast effect will appear waist extraordinary


, the whole body is much thinner.

Compare as a fit

A skirt that shows off the legs

, The general temperament of the high-waisted skirt has some cute feelings. When paired with black, it will not only increase the sense of calm, but even make your outfit look there

A little sexy.

The upper body is made of suspenders, and the shiny fabric highlights the figure

More perfect

。 The slightly fluffy curve of the skirt also accentuates the S-shaped curve. When wearing a high-waisted skirt every day, you don’t have to choose such a tight upper body. You can choose a slightly looser fabric, which will make your body look fuller and more temperamental


Light-colored high-waisted skirt

Light-colored high-waisted skirts and dark-colored high-waisted skirts, and not only

Slimming effect

There is a little difference, there is a big difference in temperament, and the light-colored design can make the aura look more relaxed and easy to show a certain amount


, it is also easier to show grace and gentleness



Light-colored skirt

The temperament is more bright. It is particularly eye-catching in places where the lighting is relatively dim. Of course, the light-colored high-waisted skirt is not as dark as the high-waisted skirt

Appears thin

, after the tight design of the upper body, make the body look fuller, and it will look sexier, than

Black high-waisted skirt

More feminine.

Many light-colored high-waist skirt fabrics are made of tulle texture, and the light of the tulle texture looks very soft, so the aura will be

A lot more gentle.


Gauze skirt to wear

On the body, it is paired with a high-waisted design. The biggest disadvantage is that it is easy to appear that the crotch is wider, especially for itself

Pear-shaped figure

people. It is obviously a fluffy skirt, but it is not very thin. Therefore, when everyone wears a light-colored high-waisted skirt, it is better than wearing

The dark ones are a little more discreet.

The advantage of a high-waisted skirt is that it has a good slimming effect, but not all

High-waisted skirt

They are all very thin.

It is better to wear a dark high-waisted skirt in daily life, not only to make

The slimming effect is clear

Obviously, it is also because the temperament is more low-key. Look more natural and soft, of course, don’t choose too complicated shape, simple fit, daily wear looks more comfortable.

High-waisted skirts in other styles

Girly high-waisted skirt

Relatively have

High-waisted skirt is a style that many people like to wear in their daily lives, because this girly skirt is relatively younger,

The style is more simple,

It is more suitable for daily wear.

The yellow tight skirt will be a little bit

Small sexy,

You can wear it with a slightly longer skirt length to make your temperament more stable. The skirt itself is a little short, and the upper body design is loose and conservative, so that the girly feeling presented is more natural. The girly skirt and the design with a high waist show off the figure

, good proportions, and sweet temperament.

Knee-length skirt

Not to say

of knee-length skirts

The style is mature, and the knee-length skirt is a relatively short leg style among all skirts, and the advantages are even more when combined with a high-waist design

Steady and dignified, looking even more

Comfortable and gentle.

This kind of skirt can show a more stable effect when matched, but it is still cute when replaced with denim fabric.

Long skirt

Long skirts are generally not easy

Show leg length.

Especially for people with average body proportions. Most people with short legs are reluctant to wear it.


High waist-up design

After that, the body is different. The legs also look longer, but it is better to wear them underneath. Shoes with high heels, and then cover the skirt

Part of the shoes

, the effect shown in this way will be more temperamental.

#品牌好物 #

It’s obvious.


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