After men buy luxury goods online, they return imitations for a few hundred yuan, leaving thousands of yuan of genuine products for themselves. Yesterday, a reporter from Chutiandu Daily learned that Wuhan Xinzhou police went to Changsha to arrest the suspected man Xuan and detain him according to law.

On April 29, an employee of an e-commerce company in Xinzhou District came to the Yangluo Economic Development Zone police station to report that a customer’s account was abnormal and returned frequently, which was likely to be tricky.

According to preliminary statistics from online shopping platforms, from December last year to the time of the alarm, in less than half a year, men frequently returned 55 orders, and these goods were high-end brand clothes, shoes and so on. The man purchased genuine goods, but according to the identification, some of the goods he returned were imitations.

After receiving the police, the Xinzhou police immediately launched an investigation and identified the suspect as a middle-aged man, Xuan, from Changsha, Hunan Province. On May 15, Deputy Director Wang Teng led police officer Shi Hongtai and others to Changsha to arrest the man at his work unit. At his home, the police seized a total of 12 luxury blouses, bags, shoes, and belts left behind by the transfer, with a market unit price ranging from several thousand yuan to nearly 10,000 yuan.

Xuan explained that he usually likes to wear brand-name clothes, and he can afford it if his salary is not low, but he can’t buy so much at once. So he thought of buying genuine products online, and then transferring the package when returning them, and the unit price of the imitation he returned was only a few hundred yuan, “It’s all vanity.” ”

At present, the suspect Xuan has confessed to 12 cases and has been detained by the New Island police on suspicion of fraud, and the case is being further explored. (Reporter Ye Wenbo, correspondent Zhou Tao)

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