Autumn is coming, the color of the clothing will also begin to return to the basic black and white gray, and the most compatible with these colors is the plaid piece, how to wear the autumn plaid look good? How to match the popular plaid pieces in autumn to look the best?

Plaid pieces that are popular in autumn

Autumn is coming, thin and classic plaid pieces must come in a wave, let’s take a look at the dressing demonstration of trendy people, how to wear plaid to a sense of premium, in fact, it is not very difficult!

Plaid coat

How can you wear an autumn coat without a plaid coat. The simple combination is super aura, simple and handsome, and can completely hold the cool weather in autumn and winter!

Plaid shirt

The easiest and safest way to match. Any plaid shirt, paired with a pair of tight jeans, is very natural and atmospheric, and adding a little matching highlight will add points to your overall image. It will be cold in autumn and winter, you can match a coat outside, simple and generous~

Plaid pants

Plaid pants are a very versatile pants, generally speaking, plaid pants should not be paired with too long clothes, because plaid pants themselves are a piece of clothing that needs to be highlighted.

The style of clothes with plaid pants should not be too complicated, simple fashion can be. The plaid pants themselves are quite flower, if the upper body is matched with flowers, it will be too… Ugly. In autumn and winter, the upper body can be worn with a short coat. A short down jacket is perfect for it.

Plaid skirt

A good-looking plaid skirt can match a very age-reducing feeling Oh, good-looking fashion and age-reducing, of course, the first thing is to pick the right top. Autumn is of course indispensable for versatile and age-reducing sweatshirts.

How to dress well in a plaid work

Youthful sweet wind

Wear with look1: plaid short-sleeved shirt

Kim Sae Ron’s cute outfit, off-the-shoulder pink plaid short-sleeved shirt, and two ponytails, super girly next door!

Guli Naza’s body is also very sweet and girly, and I almost didn’t recognize her at first glance~ Blue and white plaid half-shoulder shirt, the asymmetrical ruffles under the clothes are very eye-catching, and the overall shape is simply cute to fly.

With look2: white shirt / short sleeves + plaid short skirt

This is probably also the favorite match in the student days: a plaid short skirt with a white shirt, you can add a school uniform blazer, and then wear mid-length stockings, youthful and lively, full of vitality~

Of course, for those of us who are no longer students, of course, we also want to make our matching youth younger~ We can learn to match like Kim Sae Ron, a plaid skirt, and a hairband with plaid elements, instantly full of vitality, girlish atmosphere.

And Zhou Dongyu’s eye-catching Look makes people’s eyes shine more than once!

With look3: plaid shirt + jeans

Like Zhang Xueying, the plaid shirt is knotted at the waist, revealing the small man’s waist, and paired with jeans, showing the athleisure style.

Of course, it can also be tucked into pants.

In addition, you should note that the plaid shirt is fancy enough, so the inner layer should choose a simpler one, and the color choice is like a solid color system of pure white or pure black, which will be more comfortable visually, otherwise it is easy to give people a dazzling feeling.

Vintage girly feeling

With look1: plaid skirt series

Skirts are estimated to be very popular with girls~ Many people dare not try plaid dresses and trousers, worried that they will be wrapped in a layer of sheets, in fact, as long as they can choose to match, like Yang Mi’s light-colored plaid sleeveless dress, is it very exciting?

Paired with look2: small checked skirt

This year’s Gingham small check like a picnic cloth is also very hot, such a small check itself has a girly feeling, in this year’s popular wavy edge, princess elements, lively and interesting, girly cute heavier.

Like this year’s popular checked skirt is very praised, with small white shoes, it is beautiful and romantic.

How to wash a plaid shirt

1. When washing, first soak the clothes thoroughly, evenly apply a layer of toothpaste on the collar and cuffs, and gently brush with a brush; Or rub some salt on the collar and cuffs, gently knead, and then sprinkle some washing powder on the clothes, soak in water for a while, about ten points, brush directly with a brush, so that it is more trouble-free, and the collar and cuffs will be very clean. Other places can be washed according to the usual method.

2. How to wash the shirt collar, you can also use a small brush dipped in dish soap, brush on the collar and cuffs on the stains (not too much, see wet), and then put the clothes into the washing machine to wash the dirt. The same effect will be obtained if you wash it by hand.

3. Newly bought or newly made shirts, before wearing, gently scrub the collar and cuffs with cotton balls dipped in gasoline (preferably white gasoline) once or twice, and then wash them with clean water after the gasoline volatilizes. After this treatment, it is easy to wash when it is dirty

4. After washing the collar and cuffs, sprinkle some laundry detergent and scrub the whole shirt once or twice with a washboard. This is faster and washes clean.

5. After washing, hang the shirt on the hanger, and use your hands to support the collar, sleeves, and upper body parts, that is, grab the two ends and pull them, so that after the clothes are dry, they are not pleated.

Note: When washing the washing machine, it is better to put it in the laundry bag.

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