I always wanted to knit a loose vest, and I used to knit a black ingots needle that was very easy to wear, so I wanted to knit another one, so I chose beige thread, and it was fast to knit with a thick needle.

I got up on Sunday morning and took the photo, and I wasn’t going to take a picture of the dress, so I took a flip chart with a few clothes. When I went out in the morning, the white knitted hoodie underneath could also be matched with this vest, so I put it on and took a few photos to see the effect~~

Yesterday, the group happened to be chatting that someone had stolen the picture to watermark and made money on Douyin, so I added another watermark, I don’t know if I can resist it

With Line:

Chain alpaca hair 1 strand + mohair 1 strand


Chain sheep

Camel hair 230 g, mohair 60


With needles:

Domestic Sanyan 6, 8 gauge needles


The bust circumference is 116cm, the length of the garment is 60cm, and the width of the shoulders is 52cm


The old cat slept in the sun ~ and ignored me

I took a few random coats from the closet and put them on the outside to see the effect.

The picture looks average, but the actual woolen vest with a white shirt inside is the best.

Weaving instructions:

The figure below shows the single ribbed twist needle on the side.

The side 11 needles are not knitted horizontally, as shown below.

【Side seam weaving illustration】

There are 10 stitches in the armpit, 11 stitches in the side seam, and 1 stitch is removed from the front piece to knit the needle.

【Structure Diagram】

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