Recently, the weather has become cooler, many places are simply overnight into winter, Brother Meow’s side is also, the temperature has dropped by more than ten degrees, and the down jacket can be worn when you sleep. Driving in this kind of low temperature weather, some friends found a phenomenon to consult Brother Meow, driving on the road, why can I see that some cars have smoke from the exhaust pipe, but some do not smoke? Is there something wrong with the car that is smoking? Is it normal? Today, Brother Meow will talk to you about what this phenomenon is about.

In fact, the reason for the smoke of the exhaust pipe in winter is the same as the reason for the dripping of the exhaust pipe in summer, but the change in temperature determines whether the water is gaseous or liquid, because after our gasoline is burned, its main products are carbon dioxide and water, and when the temperature is relatively low, the smoke is actually fog, is water vapor. So why are some cars visible, while others can’t see this white smoke?

In fact, this is also related to the different operating states of the vehicle, and the difference in exhaust volume and exhaust temperature are related. Some cars have a long exhaust pipe, the cooling effect is better, and the driving distance is not long, so you can’t see this smoke. Some cars have short exhaust pipes, or have been driven for a long time, the car is always in a hot state, and the exhaust gas does not cool down significantly when passing through the exhaust pipe, and it is easier to form white smoke.

Many people worry about whether this smoke is the engine or something is wrong, but there is no need to worry. The color of the exhaust gas can indeed judge the engine failure, and the normal exhaust gas is generally white, colorless, or not obvious color. Color abnormalities are generally these three, black smoke, blue smoke, yellow smoke. Do we see more black smoke, such as the previous kind of tractor, the kind of diesel engine when passing by you, you can’t help but cover your mouth and nose, and you can see the thick black smoke with the naked eye.

In fact, the gas contains a large amount of oil smoke and particulate matter. This situation is relatively rare in our cars, if black smoke is emitted, it is generally because of a problem with the front oxygen sensor, or the fuel injector may have dripping, more oil and less gas. Blue smoke is likely to burn engine oil, the valve seal of the engine or piston aging is damaged, yellow smoke is generally very small, unless the three-way catalysis is damaged, the exhaust gas may turn yellow.

So when driving on the road, the exhaust pipe emits this white smoke, don’t worry too much, generally it won’t last too long to disappear, if it has not dissipated, and it is also accompanied by engine shake, you need to pay attention, don’t slam on the accelerator, find a safe place to pull over, and go to check and repair in time.

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