As soon as summer begins

The editor began to worry

After half a year of staying, I finally got a white color

It’s Gu Tianle’s transformation season again

Beijing has completely switched to “oven” mode these days

Every time I walk out of the house, I feel bad

Meditation in the heart

It was not innocence that defeated me

Not even naïve

It’s naïve hot

But the editor came prepared this year

Sunscreen, sun hats, ice sleeves are all arranged

Of course, less sunscreen clothing

Speaking of sunscreen clothing

Nowadays, the variety of brand styles is eye-catching

Everyone says they have good sun protection

In fact, there may be an exaggeration

It doesn’t even live up to the name

To help everyone avoid these pits

We store from e-commerce platforms and offline brands

Purchased 7 different brands of sunscreen clothing

From fashion aesthetics, sun protection,

Waterproofness and breathability were measured

Do reviews, we mean it!

Editor’s comments

UNIQLO’s sunscreen clothing is a staple product every summer, and it is very popular. Although UNIQLO’s sunscreen clothes change in style and color every year, at first glance, they really all look the same. Its sunscreen clothing is the basic, taking a simple route, the design is decent, and the sense of fashion is slightly insufficient.

In terms of details, the hat is large enough to cover the head and face in a large area, and the neck can also be pulled up to block ultraviolet rays.

Fashion aesthetics: ★★

Sun protection details: ★★

Decathlon’s sunscreen clothing has the advantage of high quality and low price. There are relatively many choices of colors and patterns, but from the point of view of wearing effects, there is nothing remarkable, although the women’s model has a waist design, but there is no sense of fashion overall.

The details of the hat and neck are more ambiguous and lack of obscurity. The advantage is that there are sweat-wicking pores under the armpits, which is really a love for the editor, who especially loves sweating under the armpits. There is also a portable pocket design, which is convenient to fold and store, and the details are better.

Isn’t the sunscreen clothing made by outdoor brands particular about function? What more bike?

Sun protection details: ★

The sense of tailoring is relatively strong, and the waist design highlights the curvaceous figure of women. The protruding brim greatly increases the shade surface, and for aesthetics, the neckline is specially designed with buttons attached to the brim for fixation.

Fashion aesthetics: ★★★

Sun protection details: ★★★

One of the more popular brands of sunscreen clothing. It uses a soft skin-friendly fabric, but the clothes are thicker and heavier, and it is not very comfortable to wear. There is not much to say in terms of tailoring, it is a very average outerwear model. For the shade, the neck zipper and the elastic band at the cuff cover the sides of the cheeks and neck. It is worth mentioning the cuff ring design, which takes into account the needs of sun protection on the back of the hand.

Fashion aesthetics: ★

Overall, the fashion is average. The neck is more protective. There is nothing else to say about the details.

A bit of a trendy brand feeling, the upper body is very stylish as a small coat, the color of the clothes inside can be loomed, the hat has a drawstring to prevent the wind from blowing off, and the pocket has a sense of design, very fashionable.

brief summary

Overall, Noshland, which is more prominent in terms of fashion aesthetics and details, is followed by Discovery. Boschhe, Uniqlo and Decathlon have relatively close results, and it is difficult to distinguish Bozhong. Oh Sunny is slightly less fashionable and aesthetically pleasing than other brands, but there are a plus in details.

Let’s compare the details of two sets of hats and sleeves to get a feel for it

Top 3 in aesthetics evaluation

(from high to bottom)

1. Noshland


3. Uniqlo

Top three in the Detail Evaluation

2、Oh Sunny

3. Uniqlo, Decathlon, Burch and Discovery

In summer, when entering and exiting indoors and outdoors frequently, sunscreen clothing needs to be worn and taken off frequently, and tucked into the bag, so the lighter the weight of the sunscreen clothing, the better. We weighed the weight of 7 brands of sunscreen clothing and the results showed:

Most of the sunscreen clothing is made of polyester, nylon, and spandex as the main fabrics, and the weight is similar. In our tests, Oh Sunny was the heaviest, equivalent to the combined number of Noshland + Discovery pieces. Uniqlo and Decathlon weigh about the same, but in terms of feel, Uniqlo is slightly thicker. Both Noshland and Discovery use 100% nylon fabrics, and they are in the same weight class. The lightest is the camel, which is also made of 100% nylon, but it is about 10 grams lighter than Nocherland and Discovery, probably due to its thinness.

Here’s a little popular science, nylon and polyester fiber are now very common sunscreen clothing materials, the two fabrics actually have their own advantages and disadvantages, polyester fiber wrinkle resistance and durability, no deformation, but wearing has a feeling of stuffiness, easy to have static electricity, dust. Nylon has strong wear resistance, is not easy to deform, has good moisture absorption, and is relatively comfortable to wear. But in terms of sun protection, polyester fiber is better than nylon.

Top 3 in the thinness assessment

(Light to heavy)

1. Camels

3. Noshland

Regardless of appearance or portability, they are only a plus for sunscreen clothing, and the hardest indicator of sunscreen clothing is still the sunscreen effect. On a strong sunny afternoon, Xiaobian tested the sunscreen effect of 7 sunscreen clothing with ultraviolet test strips.

The specific method is: cover the ultraviolet test strip with a sunscreen clothing sheet and put it in direct sunlight for 5 minutes. After that, depending on the degree of discoloration of the test strip, after being exposed to ultraviolet rays, the test strip will change from white to pink in different shades. The darker the color, the worse the sun protection.

The test strip is discolored by ultraviolet radiation

The degree of discoloration represents the effect of sun protection

Final result

Oh Sunny was selected as the No. 1 sun protection performance, which is in line with the high sun protection of SPF50+ emphasized on the label. Although it is relatively heavy, I am afraid that it is also a little sacrifice to increase sun protection. Camels came in third place in this round of testing, which is really a bit unexpected. Because it weighs the lightest and feels thin to the touch, it seems that the sunscreen effect of sunscreen clothing is not directly related to the thickness of clothing.

Top 3 in the evaluation of sun protection effect

1、Oh Sunny

2. Berch and

3. Camels

In summer, thunderstorms are often encountered, and at this time, the waterproofness of sunscreen clothing is very important. We sprinkle the same amount of water droplets on the sunscreen clothing, let it stand for 3 minutes and see how much the water passes through the clothes and wets the tissue.

The results are very obvious, UNIQLO has the best water resistance, and the paper towels are basically not wet, only slightly damp. The contrast is between the camel and the Discovery, two sun-protective suits that almost drip through water and paper towels that are soaked.

Top 3 in water resistance evaluation

1. Uniqlo

2. Noshland

3. Decathlon


Which is the strongest sunscreen clothing?

In terms of appearance, Noshland and Discovery may be more preferred styles for female consumers, Uniqlo, Decathlon, Camel and Burch and the score are relatively average, and Oh Sunny is less fashionable and aesthetically pleasing. Of course, there is a lot of subjectivity in the matter of aesthetics, just choose the style you like.

In terms of sun protection details, Noshland is an honor student, Oh Sunny is also doing well, if the sun protection needs are higher, you can refer to these two brands. Several other brands are so-so in details, the least recommended is Camel.

In terms of sun protection effect, the highest ranking is Oh Sunny, and the lowest is Discovery, further illustrating the truth that fish and bear’s paw cannot have both.

In terms of waterproof performance, Uniqlo is the best, and the worst is also Discovery.

(The above prices are after the coupons of each platform event on June 14)

*UNIQLO and Decathlon do not have official stores under the and Vipshop brands, so they are not included in this table. The official prices of the two brands of sunscreen clothing Tmall are 249 yuan and 149.9 yuan respectively, for reference.

It’s not better than not knowing, it’s more frightening than being shocked.

The editor found

Even if the price of other platforms is now 6.18% off or after coupons

But it’s still more cost-effective to buy at Vipshop

Some brands like Noshland, Discovery

It is even more than 100 yuan higher than the same model of Vipshop

See here

You may have the same question as the editor

Sold so cheaply

Can Vipshop be genuine licensed goods?

The editor consulted Vipshop related people

The mystery is solved

Consumption Class: Why is the price of Vipshop’s genuine products low?

Vipshop insiders revealed that because Vipshop started as a clothing sale and has in-depth cooperation with many brands, it can get the lowest price, and even many styles are still very new, and they can win at ultra-low discounts in Vipshop. And Vipshop also has a group of buyers, they will buy out explosive models at a low price at one time in batches, to ensure that they can achieve low prices while constantly stocking. Like Skechers’ explosive panda shoes, the price of offline stores is six or seven hundred yuan, and you can win it in Vipshop for more than 200. Like Guess’s big logo T-shirt, even in Ole it costs more than 200, Vipshop only 99.

Brands will also develop different sales strategies online and offline channels. Offline stores generally rarely discount, even if there is a discount, 7-8 discount will come to an end, because offline stores are used for image display, so the latest or customized models will usually be launched in offline stores. But if it is a classic model, evergreen model, you may wish to go to Vipshop to compare the price before buying, such styles of clothes are generally based on low-price promotions, in the outlet, Vipshop usually can hit less than 3 discounts.

In addition, remember not to chop your hands when you are just new, because the clothing is new and cyclical, generally about a month after the seasonal clothing is on the market, it will be put on a special sale platform like Vipshop to sell, the price is only 5-7% off a month ago. Wait a month and save half, it’s still very cost-effective.

Curator: Wang Xiaoran

Executive: Wang Xiaoran, Kong Yaoyao, Yan Yan

Text: Kong Yaoyao

Photo: Wang Xiaoran, Kong Yaoyao

Typesetting: Kong Yaoyao

Some of the images come from the Internet

Editor’s comments

Editor’s comments

Editor’s comments

Editor’s comments

Editor’s comments

Editor’s comments

Fashion aesthetics: ★★

Fashion aesthetics: ★★

Fashion aesthetics: ★★

Sun protection details: ★★

Sun protection details: ★★

Sun protection details: ★★

Fashion aesthetics: ★★★

Sun protection details: ★★★

brief summary

brief summary

brief summary

(from high to bottom)

(from high to bottom)

(from high to bottom)

1. Noshland


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