Visiting the boutique can be said to be the greatest joy for girls, there are all kinds of trinkets, daily necessities, and the boutiques are very beautifully decorated, the goods are placed very regularly, and very artistic. The shelf plays a very large role in this. We can think that if there are no shelves, things are scattered all over the place, which not only does not attract customers, but also troubles when the seller organizes it himself. Let’s take a look at some of the functions of boutique shelves!

1. The shelf style is novel and generous, which is conducive to the emotional display of goods

Personalized innovative design of shelves is often the mainstream, retailers should customize personalized boutique shelves according to the overall environment and circulation layout of the store, so that the store forms an integrity, will choose beautiful and lightweight steel and wood combined with the boutique shelf with the display atmosphere of goods, to the complex and simple design, natural wood texture to highlight the display effect of goods, full of appeal. We can see that the shelves in the boutique are particularly exquisite with some jewelry, makeup, etc., which will be more attractive to customers.

2. The shelf bearing is stable and firm, which is convenient for the specification of commodity layout

The structure stability of the shelf is good, the distance between the floors can be adjusted arbitrarily, which is convenient for the display layout of goods, highlights the overall coherent atmosphere of the store, arranges the goods in an orderly manner, makes customers clear at a glance, quickly transmits commodity information to customers, and stimulates and strengthens the desire to buy through the emotional display of goods.

The end shelf side plate of the boutique shelf adopts high-quality degree plate and cold-rolled steel plate, which can increase the durability of the endurance, ensure the load-bearing and durability of the goods, weld the column and the foot, strengthen the stability and fixation of the shelf, and prevent the irregular placement of the goods, resulting in the shelf can not carry the goods and the potential safety hazards occur.

3. The shelf material selection is non-toxic and harmless, and the concept of environmental protection and economy is achieved

Nowadays, the concept of environmental protection economy is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, retail stores will follow the concept of environmental protection economy on the basis of the realization of store efficiency, will pay more attention to the quality of boutique shelves brand, boutique shelves materials are zero formaldehyde, super environmental protection, the surface adopts green spraying process, colorless and odorless environmental protection and health, put yourself in the shoes of customers, eliminate customers’ doubts about the impact of using shelves on health, and do a real quality brand.

No matter what kind of shelf, good support and stability are the most important, followed by a strong sense of shelf design and beauty, which will be more attractive. Guangzhou Shangshi Display Props Co., Ltd. is specialized in excellent chain brand stores, clothing brand stores, home department stores, cosmetics industry, chain convenience stores, mother and baby industry, jewelry industry and other terminal image planning design and production of a company, the above mentioned shelves are one of the company’s main products, the above mentioned shelves is one of the company’s main products, strong stability, many styles, beautiful and generous.

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