Meghan has been relatively high-profile these days, attending events for two consecutive days, walking the red carpet again, and attending Memorial Day events. Although she withdrew from the royal family, she still attended various events with the title of duchess. On November 11, local time, Meghan Harry was in the United States

New Jersey participates in Memorial Day. As before in the royal family, Meghan and Harry both wore poppy brooches, and Meghan appeared in a little black dress.

First, Meghan’s new look in a little black dress

Fashion features: pleated elements; Appears thin

Meghan’s figure recovered well after giving birth to her second child, especially in this little black dress, and I really can’t see that she has only been a few months after giving birth to her second child! The design of this black dress is still very ingenious, and the front uses a pleated design to give the monotonous black dress a three-dimensional feel. Meghan Harry wears a poppy brooch, in fact, this still represents the identity of the royal family!

The middle big wavy curls are still more suitable for Megan, Megan’s hairstyle is actually more complicated, she was born with self-curls, so she had to straighten her hair first, and then perm it into large curls. And such a medium-sized type is really small, although Meghan’s current figure is not as good as when she was in the royal family before, but if you choose the right clothes, it is actually very noble.

Black dress with black high heels, Meghan’s sitting posture is also very domineering, as long as she is around, Harry’s presence is not strong. Megan stretched her legs, as always, to show her female president style.

And Megan’s red carpet style the day before was a little overturned, she chose a very dazzling red dress, but because the style is not suitable, Megan’s whole person looks a little fat, and a little black! Too high-profile styling exposes the shortcomings of the figure.

Second, Meghan’s red dress look

Rollover point: red black; The suspenders appear fat

Whether it is from the style of the dress dress or Meghan’s hairstyle, this look is really a big breakthrough! First of all, the hairstyle, Megan chose such a high-ball hairstyle that specifically tests her appearance and face shape, and Megan, who exposes her large forehead, is not at all as gentle as when she has big wavy curls.

And this red dress with a strong sense of three-dimensionality, the skirt design is very flesh-covering, three-dimensional fluffy style, can hide Meghan’s belly. But Megan wants to show her figure too much, and her upper body is too strong!

Originally, such a tall ball head is very noble, and Megan’s look is still very luxurious and grand from behind. It feels like a princess on the run. But from the front and side, Meghan’s strong shoulders do have some minus, and this big red look, paired with Princess Diana’s diamond bracelet, is very dazzling. Diamond earrings are relatively low-key, but the price of the bracelet is about 150,000.

If you follow the royal family’s dress rules, Meghan’s outfit is still exaggerated. I didn’t have the opportunity to wear it when I was in the royal family before, and if there was such a chance to walk the red carpet after quitting the royal family, Meghan suddenly pushed too hard.

Although the waist effect of this red dress is also relatively good, for Megan, who has a darker complexion, this big red dress makes her appear darker. But fortunately, the big red dress was a little overturned, but the elegant black dress style the next day brought back a round for herself, and it was indeed more than Princess Kate would wear.

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Megan dressed in black for the anniversary event! Wearing a poppy brooch, she looks much thinner than the big red dress

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