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Commuting business trip bag sharing

The last time I started Lenovo Xiaoxin was in 2019. Xiaoxin 13pro, a value-added bucket-level all-round book, is popular all over the Internet, and it took a long time to buy it. And this time it was no longer Xiaoxin’s notebook that he got in hand, but his computer bag. For a price of 99, it’s also great value!

A small new computer bag with a good appearance

The first purchase of this little new computer bag was mainly for daily commuting and business travel. Daily work makes me need to carry a laptop, a notebook, a power bank and a bunch of various chargers and cables. A backpack that is light enough to fit is particularly important. Of course, the appearance of the bag is also very important! A small new computer bag is stylish enough!

The appearance of the Xiaoxin computer bag is quite good. The body of the package uses a combination of spill-resistant materials and plastic-like materials. While ensuring the appearance value, it can give effective protection to the contents of the bag from being wet by light rain. The small new bag has a certain amount of support inside, even if it is not loaded, it can ensure that the overall bag is tall and stylish, and it will not be sloppy. A compartment is hidden under the middle seam of the front, which adds a sense of design while ensuring functionality.

In the middle of the back of the bag is the strap used to secure the bag to the trolley case. The back is breathable, which ensures that the back will not get sweaty in summer. The straps are also wide and soft enough to ensure comfort under heavy loads.

There are enough partitions to fit in

The Xiaoxin computer bag is very light, the weight of 750g is not much heavier than a bottle of mineral water, and the empty bag hardly feels on the body. The 16L capacity is also more than enough for daily commuting or business trips.

There are many small new compartments, so you can find a place to put every item you carry. The first is the computer compartment, which can fit a 15.6-inch notebook in the small new computer compartment. The mesh bag on the outside of the computer compartment can hold bits and pieces such as portable hard drives. I carry a MacBook Air plus a super large DuPont paper notebook every day, which is more than enough space.

In addition to the computer compartment, there are many small bags in the bag, which can be used to put charging cable business cards and the like. The main warehouse space is not very large, but you can put two changes of shirts or something. A day or two of business trips is perfectly manageable.

It is worth mentioning that the Xiaoxin computer compartment is made of suede material, which will not scratch the computer, which is great.

There is a waterproof lining compartment on the outside of the bag, which can be used to hold water, or you can use him as an umbrella like me. After all, there is an anti-lining, and it is okay to stuff a wet umbrella directly into it.

The most intimate thing is that the Xiaoxin computer bag is designed with a small side pocket where the side is close to the back. It is usually suitable for storing power banks. When you need to charge, just put the plugged-in charging treasure in the side pocket and pull out the charging cable to charge the mobile phone. Perfect for rushing while walking.

A good partner for luggage

As a backpack for my daily use, the Xiaoxin computer bag is also a common occurrence for business trips with it. A bag for a day or two is enough, but a box must be brought for a week’s business trip. The Xiaoxin computer bag is definitely a good companion for suitcases.

The straps on the back of the backpack are a great way to secure the backpack to the trolley case. The bag is very strong, coupled with the more stylish design of Xiaoxin, the bag is very firmly fixed on the trolley case, and it will not fall off at all.

Xiaoxin computer bag not only has a handle on the front of the bag, but also on the side, which is convenient to carry and can also be easily put on the case. The main compartment zipper is designed to be very long, making it easy to reach items even when the bag is put on the lever. If you’re on a business trip and need to use a computer temporarily, you’ll know how great this design is.

Remember to put it in the side pocket of the power bank? The small new set can still be easily charged on the trolley case.

Write at the end

As a computer bag for only 99 yuan, Xiaoxin and its notebooks of the same brand are one word: value!

The capacity of 16L is not too big or small, so it is suitable for commuting and traveling. Enough compartments plus a highly functional design. If you are a migrant worker like me, buying a small new for the price of a three-cup star dad is really worry-free!

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