In autumn, you should wear pants, which are warmer and handsome than skirts, full of temperament with coats, casual and comfortable with denim jackets, and look good in how to match. If everyone is still struggling with which pair of pants to wear in autumn, it is better to wear “cloud pants”, the shape is good-looking, the trouser legs modify the figure, and women in their forties and fifties wear good fashion.

Blindly following the trend is not worth advocating, especially in dressing, you must choose the right color and match. For the choice and matching method of “cloud pants”, Xiaobian recommends that you choose according to your body shape and style, let’s talk about the basic wearing method to see if there is anything to learn from.

Features of the “cloud pants” pants

☛ Loose legs:

The silhouette resembles the wide legs, with a wide sleeve and a drape that naturally defines the long legs.

☛ High-rise design:

The waist of the cloud pants is very chic, and the high-waist design lengthens the leg line, which sets off the slender legs and at the same time the waist

Do elastic elastic design

, easy to put on and take off, good size choice

☛ The fabric is light and soft:

If the first two points are a copy of wide-leg pants,

A fabric that is as soft as a cloud

Definitely a highlight. The fabric is soft and smooth, and the upper body is particularly comfortable, so you don’t want to take it off when you wear it, and there is no sense of restraint at all.

☛ Suitable for: women with wide hips, thick legs, and plump lower bodies; Small women

Reasons for recommendation:

Cloud pants work well to define the leg shape, pant legs

Enough again


Wear it without a sense of restraint and hide meat at the same time,

It is a rare pants.

High waist head + high waist line, adjust the proportion of the body in minutes,

It seems that the legs are long and the waist is thin, and the small person wears it visually six or seven centimeters taller.

★ Selection Tips:

❶ Color

Women in their forties and fifties will be more suitable to wear dark cloud pants, and the darker colors have a sense of visual contraction, reducing the degree of bloat of the lower body, so as to appear more slender legs. recommend

Brown, khaki, camel.

❷ Width

The fit is too loose, cumbersome and draggy, the fit is too slim, and it can’t be worn to feel flowing and light. So be sure to choose a good size, leave some space between the legs and legs, in general, the width of the legs is about the same as the leg circumference of the thighs.

❸ Style

Cloud pants with patterns and tie-dye colors will be more fashionable,

Pants with some patterns, simple atmosphere is not complicated, wear it to reduce age, black and white color-block squares will be more versatile, the color is simple, and the overall color matching is not limited.

“Cloud pants” の一 pants N wear

No.1 Roll up the legs

The legs of the cloud pants are rolled up, with a pair of Martin boots, it is simply not too handsome, and the sense of luxury is overwhelming. Many women like the material of cloud pants, soft, elastic, drape good, very light on the body, as if not wearing pants, but not cold to the wide trouser legs. At this time, you can roll the legs and suddenly tighten the legs to tighten the legs and highlight the leg line more.

No.2 Bare ankles

Choose slightly shorter cropped cloud pants and slightly expose your ankles, making the lower body lighter and reducing the feeling of a large number of pant legs. The length of nine points will be more friendly to small women, using skin exposure to lengthen the proportions and make the body more slender.

Note: When wearing cropped pants, it is best not to wear socks, exposing delicate ankles will be taller and thinner.

No.3 Natural drooping

This is the most basic way to wear, but pay attention to the length when matching, the longest is not more than mopping, you can match a pair of shallow shoes, through the form of skin exposure, to dissolve the feeling of heaviness of the feet. In addition, regular length or extended cloud pants, the trouser tube must be narrower, the trouser tube is narrower, it will not be too cumbersome to wear, which is conducive to lengthening the figure.

Cloud pants の matching demonstration

◆ Short top and long bottom, highlighting the proportion of the body

The CP of cloud pants must be a variety of short tops, the shorter the more can lengthen the proportions of the body, women without fat in the lower abdomen can try to tuck the hem of the top into the waistband, so that the upper body is shorter and the legs are longer.

The waist of the cloud pants has a little design sense,

It will look more beautiful to wear, such as making pleats, with metal chains, with pearl buckles and so on.

Dressing demonstration: short casual shirt + cloud pants

The shape and style of cloud pants are quite basic, not as crafty as jeans and suit pants, so it is simple to match and use color to highlight the temperament. White cropped shirt + beige brown long cloud pants, shallow upper body, short upper and lower length, although the style is basic, but it is very high-class to wear. With a pair of well-fitting canvas shoes, you can go out with a handbag, and it is also suitable for work.

◆Traditional and simple combination increases the sense of shape

Any outfit that can be used for reference must be without highlights. When matching cloud pants, in addition to starting from the color to make everyone’s outfit more fashionable, you can also spend some thought on the matching of tops. Choose shirts with a sense of design and a more up-to-date style, short sleeves, such as plaid shirts, tops with streamers, etc.

Note: Yes

Take advantage of your gaze

This technique is to raise the position of the piece with bright spots, which is attractive at a glance, so as to achieve the purpose of heightening. Highlights can be created by bright colors, such as bright bow ties, bright hair accessories, and so on.

Women with dull skin tones are more recommended to match a plainer top, which is mainly pure color, simple and fashionable, and will not be cluttered,

Fancy pieces with décor can be placed on the lower body

, such as this set of outfits, tie-dye cloud pants eye-catching, gray + white + purple smudge clean and stylish, very foreign to wear.

Note: Cloud pants style is more complicated, with a pair of simple shoes, platform canvas shoes, loafers, sneakers can be, style basic + solid color can be,

Do not wear color-block shoes,

Easy to clash with pants.

◆Neutralize colors with neutral colors

When choosing pants, people generally avoid color and choose neutral colors such as black, blue, and white. The color system is not easy to match, and it will be earthy and vulgar if you are not careful. But some warm colorful cloud warm pants are really heartwarming,

Just wear it with a white shirt.

Use neutral colors to weaken the brightness of the color, so that the overall match is very harmonious.

Note: Colored cloud pants are not chosen arbitrarily,

Morandi color, Macron color

You can choose from, but some fluorescent cloud pants must not be worn! The fluorescent color is too bright, not only piercing the eyes, but also easy to show dark skin.

Dressing demonstration: white short sleeves + pink cloud pants

Pink is simply too age-reducing, with white short-sleeved bottoms and a small fragrant coat, elegant temperament. Cloud pants chose a grayish tone of pink, which is more attractive, and it is more girly with white. But pay attention to the color of the shoes,

Pink pants + light shoes look good

, recommended apricot color, white naked boots, more suitable for mature women in their thirties and forties.

Today I introduced you to a very hot pair of cloud pants, fashionable and thin, very suitable for middle-aged women, do you like it? See you in the next issue!

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