When decorating the house as a wall, generally at the bottom of the wall will be installed skirting board, skirting board not only plays a beautiful role, but also when cleaning the ground, will not stain the wall, so skirting board is very necessary to install. However, skirting boards also have several materials, and different materials have different effects, so how should we, as decoration owners, choose practical and good-looking skirting boards?

  Commonly used skirting board materials are, solid wood skirting board, polymer skirting board, skirting board made of tile stone, and metal skirting board.

  Solid wood skirting boards are more commonly used, can be matched with a variety of decoration styles, the overall effect will be very beautiful, but the price is more expensive.

  Polymer materials are cheaper in price, and solid wood skirting board effect is similar, if you feel that solid wood is more expensive, you can use polymer, this material is also better, beautiful and practical.

  If the home decoration floor is the choice of tiles, and do not want to use too expensive skirting boards, then you can use tiles to make skirting boards, tiles and tiles will be more beautiful, simple and save money. However, pay attention to the skirting board of the tile, the general length is fixed, need to be cut, at this time there will be more joints, affecting the aesthetics. Generally, during construction, some small tiles with seams will be left in the corner, which will be better.

  The stone skirting board will not have the problem of tile skirting board, the stone skirting board has fewer seams, and the whole effect will be more atmospheric, but the stone is easier to break, pay attention when handling, and the price is very expensive. If your decoration budget is relatively sufficient, you can consider that the effect of stone is still very good.

  Let’s talk about metal skirting boards, there are two kinds of metal skirting boards, one is stainless steel, and the other has always been aluminum alloy. This material is more suitable for simple style decoration, the metal itself material is relatively simple in appearance, can be matched with some cool color decoration style. The effect will be better.

  We understand these more commonly used skirting board materials, you can make a choice according to your own needs, the decoration budget is sufficient to choose solid wood or stone, and if you want to save money, you can use tile metal. However, it is also necessary to choose according to the decoration style. Especially the color matching should pay more attention.

  The general mainstream color matching is that the skirting board and the door frame color are preferably consistent, so that the whole space has a stronger sense of connection, and the effect of the whole space will be better. There are also the same color of the ground and the baseboard, this practice is best to baseboard darker than the floor tile, here the three-dimensional sense is stronger and better. If you don’t know how to match colors, then you can choose a wild color, white baseboard or gray is fine. This color is versatile and can be combined with various styles.

  Finally, pay attention to the size when building the baseboard, generally the height is 6-8 cm, so that it will look more beautiful, pay attention not to be too high or too low.

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