“We always adhere to the simultaneous development of artistic inheritance and technological innovation, and strive to become a first-class and internationally renowned film and television animation production company in China.” Recently, the person in charge of Jilin Jidong Tianbo Film and Television Production Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Tianbo Company”) located in Changchun New Area told reporters that Tianbo has been completing a number of popular works through research and development of production software, cracking key technologies, and gathering excellent teams, which have been widely praised.

Founded in 2015, Tianbo is a company dedicated to film and television animation production and production technology research and development. Relying on the rich talents, creativity, international and other advantageous resources of Jilin Animation Institute and Jilin Jidong Culture and Art Group, Tianbo has developed into one of the largest and most comprehensive film and television animation production companies in China based on the production of three-dimensional animation, film and television special effects, physical special effects, etc., with high-end technology research and development as the core, and project management mechanism and mature production system as the guarantee, providing high-quality film and television animation products for the global film and television animation industry.

“If you want to participate in advanced film and television animation projects, you need to master the most advanced film and television animation technology.” The person in charge of Tianbo said. Therefore, Tianbo Company tracks the cutting-edge technology of the world’s film and television animation industry and strives to build a technology-based film and television production enterprise. On the one hand, Tianbo Company has independently developed production software such as Facial System and Rig Tool in line with international advanced technology; On the one hand, Tianbo Company organizes scientific and technological research and collaborative innovation to create technical advantages and core competitiveness in key technologies that restrict the development of the animation game industry. Up to now, Tianbo has simultaneously completed scientific and technological support projects above the provincial level such as “Somatosensory Interactive Game and Augmented Reality Technology Integration and Application Demonstration” and “Animation Key Technology Integration Industrialization”, obtained a number of software copyrights such as “Distributed Multi-engine Task Scheduling Platform” and “Group Rendering Plug-in”, and won many important awards such as “Jilin Science and Technology Progress Award Third Prize” by Jilin Provincial Science and Technology Department.

“An excellent team is the magic weapon for enterprises to win in development competition.” In order to control more voice in the production of film and television animation IP, the development and research of production technology, Tianbo has set up a professional elite team, including famous directors, high-end animation technical directors, CG film and television special effects directors and more than 100 medium and high-end production personnel, which can complete the whole process of film and television production such as three-dimensional modeling, character (expression) binding, animation production, visual effects synthesis, and post-editing. At the same time, Tianbo Company has also established a production team composed of junior and senior teachers and students of Jilin Animation Institute to continuously empower and assist in industry-university-research cooperation.

With the industry’s advanced technical strength and experienced production personnel, Tianbo has produced a series of excellent film and television animation projects. As of 2020, Tianbo has successively produced special films such as “Folks”, “Frog Kingdom Games” and “Seeds of Life” and a series of 3D animated movies “Frog Kingdom”, “Computer City Legend”, “Freya of the Little Girl Who Sells Matches”, etc., and completed the production of the “Classic of Mountains and Seas” series of IP, the production of physical special effects modeling such as five-tailed beast silicone sculptures, lizards, and emperor rivers, as well as the post-production of film and television special effects of “Shenlong Inn”, and the production of film and television special effects promotional films combining real scenes and animation IP. Among them, “Frog Kingdom I.”, as the first animated film in the “Frog Kingdom” series, won the first Chinese animated film “Tianma Cup” Outstanding Screenwriter Award and Best Action Design Award and many other animated film awards.

“We are to focus on technology, focus on works, continue to upgrade, continue to forge ahead, and strive to become an internationally renowned film and television animation production company with the spirit and concept of hard work, innovation, dreams and happiness.” The person in charge of Tianbo said.

Photo courtesy of Changchun New Area News Center

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