As soon as winter comes, the difference between people becomes greater.

Many straight men don’t understand why so many girls dare to walk on the street at minus five degrees Celsius bare,

Could it be that the sexes evolved to have different cold protection mechanisms?

The same legs, why are your legs like fruits in the northeast winter, especially frozen?

But now that the world has changed, Maka’s law will not spare anyone. More and more men are also under the storm pants, secretly wearing leggings from the women’s ticket.

How unoptimistic they used to be about this kind of fashion item, now how “honest they are”.

Straight men can’t read leggings

An ordinary straight man can never tell how many pairs of leggings his daughter-in-law has, even if it is only black, it can be divided into different styles and materials.

Why buy so much for the same thing?

What confuses men even more is “Why did you go out in autumn pants?”

It is clear that they are all fabrics that are worn on the legs, and the part that is thrown away from the leggings and socks is completely autumn pants.

Isn’t selling separately a marketing tool for merchants?

What makes straight men hate is the “bare-legged artifact” of flesh-colored leggings that appear every winter, and this year, which is especially popular.

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Straight men may have aesthetic drops, but there is absolutely nothing wrong with eyesight and IQ. No matter how good the bare-legged artifact is, it exudes a “prosthetic feeling”. Blogger “The Walking Dead” posted on Weibo ridicule:

“The farthest distance in this world is a woman’s bare-legged artifact, thinking that straight men can’t see it. But in fact, the straight man thinks about ugly flesh-colored autumn pants.”

How good leggings are to wear

Even if there is so much controversy, it can’t stop a large number of young ladies and sisters from going out in thin layers of leggings every winter with strange eyes (“I’m really not afraid of the cold”).

There is no other reason, how comfortable leggings really are, who wears who knows!

The first is the wrapping and slimming effect brought by the fit. An unconfirmed conjecture is that when tightly wrapped in a soft and elastic fabric, people feel like they are back in their mother and feel more secure.

Even “he” couldn’t help but be moved. Netizens have commented: Don’t restrain and buy it! Just don’t wear mine!

Although we have analyzed in the autumn pants chapter, the real effect of inner warmth is sweat absorption and heat insulation function, but most people will psychologically feel that the close inner layer of autumn and winter, the closer the skin, the more comfortable it is.

However, although many autumn pants can be made close-fitting, there will also be the problem of “jumping” up the legs while walking.

Sometimes, you never know if your boss is frowning at your performance or just because his fall pants are about to roll up to his calves.

And even tight autumn pants can not bring the thinness or leg effect of leggings.

Choosing the right style and texture, “one-click leg slimming” and “self-contained soft light” are not difficult.

Thin, warm, good matching, not bloated, good leggings, who wears who knows.

Men wear leggings

Only 0 times and countless times

There are always some witty and brave straight men who can’t hold back their curiosity and stretch out their furry legs after accidentally picking up their girlfriend’s old leggings that they don’t wear…

With this wear, the door to a new world is opened!

There is the latest data to prove that in the Taobao Double 12, which has been less than a month ago,

In the first 1 hour, 2 million pairs of leggings were sold, of which 30% were bought by boys…

Conservative-minded people are still arguing that they are ordering for the other half, but why cover up, the one who wears first warms first!

“Since I found men’s leggings, I don’t know what a frozen leg is. After living for 21 years, I felt warm in winter for the first time, and I really didn’t say nonsense.” Lao Tie snorted and tearfully shared his first experience of leggings

Only men who own a pair of plush leggings during the wet and cold winter in the south can stand at the top of the biochain.

Netizen Xiaoming said that he was not wearing women’s leggings, but the summer in the Maldives in the cold.

The girls who forced their boyfriends to wear leggings out of bad fun regretted it, and the tights they changed since then always disappeared inexplicably.

What’s worse, the legs in the family are the most beautiful from now on

That person

Not myself.

Just ask such a calf line and circumference, how many girls have sour into lemons?

Putting on leggings, the straight men found that they were so forward and backward in the mirror, and Gu Pansheng instantly understood the girl’s enthusiasm for selfies.

Even they began to worry about their overt charm, and some people were deeply worried about whether their masculinity would be shaken by this:

When you are still entangled in the stereotype that men should not be so angry, the netizen “Lord of Shadow Stream” has long conquered the audience of Kuaishou and Station B with his graceful dancing, and if he changes his autumn pants to high-elastic leggings, the curve will only be more moving

Leggings have never been exclusive to girls

In fact, leggings have not been exclusively for women since their invention.

Its prototype may be a kind of tights called “hose”. In the 15th and 16th centuries, led by the famous fashion icon “Louis XIV”, it was widely popular among European aristocratic men.

Recalling the European oil paintings of that period, did the court aristocrats all wear tight leggings?

Napoleon also loved to wear it, and Empress Josephine next door cried.

Image source: Station Cool Hero Creative

Tights were popular among aristocratic men because before the 15th century only men (especially clergy) were qualified to knit, and only nobles could afford to knit by hand.

At that time, the nobles often had to hunt on horseback,

Wearing tights is not only easier to move and keep warm, but also effectively protects the inside of the legs from abrasion

( hose is derived from the Old English hosen, which means to cover).

If not someone is there


0 gave Queen Elizabeth I a pair of tight knitted stockings, and the ladies and ladies did not know that men wore such things so comfortable!

Men’s socks advertising from the 30s

Since then, tights have shifted from men’s exclusive to women, and with the advancement of raw materials and craftsmanship, from early wool and silk, gradually became the Lycra material we are now familiar with.

The fashion industry has also long been leading the trend of men’s tights. As early as 2009, luxury brand Givenchy used men’s leggings at spring/summer fashion week.

Photo credit: The New York Times

On the streets of New York, it is common to wear a pair of leggings and shorts over a pair of shorts.

Some bold ones simply ditch the outer pants and go straight to a fat top with leggings, which doesn’t seem to be wrong.

Rachel Tashjian, a columnist for GQ Fashion Magazine, said: It’s long past time for men to pick up the trend of wearing tight leggings!

How to choose leggings

Having said that, you should have a lot less concern about men wearing leggings.

So now there is only the most critical question: how to choose the tights for men?

Step 1: Open your daughter-in-law/girlfriend’s drawer;

In the second step, choose an old pair of unripped tights to wear;

In the third step, she closed the drawer and secretly prayed that she thought her tights were just missing.

Just kidding, although women’s tights can be worn by many boys as long as they are stretchy enough, there are three major problems in the selection that need to be talked about in particular.


I don’t understand which one to choose, and how much “D” is enough?

The “D number” marked on the tights is “Denier”, which indicates the unit of thickness of the fiber. How many grams of fiber weigh per 9,000 meters is marked with D.

The higher the D number, the thicker the tights.

And specific to how many D numbers are suitable for wearing temperature, it is generally recommended:

Above 25 degrees Celsius, within 5~40D;

10~25 degrees Celsius, 60D~100D;

0~10 degrees Celsius, thickness above 200D;

Below zero, above 500D or layered… Show off your talents!

However, everyone’s degree of cold tolerance is different, and it is a matter of opinion within a certain range. Buy a strip and try it out, you will know that if you can’t wear it today, there will always be a time when you can wear it.


It is said that it is easy to fall off the crotch when walking too much in leggings, what should I do?

The crotch of leggings is mainly due to the elasticity of size and material.

The right leg length, the wrong waistline, or vice versa, can cause leggings to either slide down when worn or become too loose and cause folds to pile up at the joints.

In terms of material, insufficient spandex and lycra content will lead to insufficient elasticity of the material. And the winter interior pile model, because the degree of stretching recovery of the two materials inside and outside is different, pulling each other, the more “collapsed”.

To avoid the crotch drop, one is to choose the size that suits you,

It is better to be looser, not too tight and short, especially if you can’t reach the waist, it is easy to fall off.

The second is to pay attention to the material label of the tights,

See if there is a spandex or lycra component.


Will it press against the key parts?

Let’s start with a little bit,

Both men and women should not choose too tight styles in order to look thin.

It is difficult to say that it is difficult to press the “younger siblings”, and the compression of some blood vessels is certain.

The more the merchant blows the effect of leg slimming to the judgment of the two, the more it must be avoided.

Especially do not easily believe that some claims to have the effect of treating varicose veins, if there are really varicose veins, go to the hospital to find a doctor to prescribe special “compression stockings”.

If you are really worried about pressing eggs, men’s exclusive tights are made for you!

Which brands are making men’s leggings

The style of men’s leggings is basically reserved for the front crotch, and if you have to entangle Leple, you can cut a hole yourself.

Some European brands (such as Wolford in Germany) have made a point of explaining on their website pages: even if they use female models to show off, their leggings are stretchy enough for men to wear.

Here are a few types of men’s leggings that are relatively easy to buy:

▎ Japan Naigai / Atsugi Atsugi / N-Platz

These production processes are not much different, mainly depending on the thickness and color, just choose what you like.

Highlights: This one has been anti-static processed, the elastic fiber wire at the waist can be better anti-slip, and the stitching of the sock tip is reinforced.

Fabric: Nylon 90% Elastane 10%

Price: 90 yuan ~ 200 yuan

▎ German Fibrotex

Highlights: Elephant trunk-shaped space in front for a more skin-friendly texture, with up to 40 colors to suit a variety of styles.

Fabric: Nylon 80% Lycra 20%

Price: 160 yuan~240 yuan

▎ Adrian, Poland

Highlights: The belt is wider and non-slip, the material is softer, and some styles have a simple pattern, which is very suitable for direct wear.

Fabric: Nylon 85% Lycra 15%

Price: 120~




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