The four seasons rotate, and it is time for spring to bloom.

The heavy winter coat has just faded, but the fashionable person has long been eager to move the heart of shopping, and has long been ready to buy fashionable items for early spring! Among the pieces that belong to early spring, the one that stands out must be the genus


Yes, it can kill both men and women, young and old~

Salty and sweet sweatshirts can be paired with almost any piece, not just interpretation

A variety of different styles

, and also allows you

Youth reduces age

, How can such a piece not be impressed? So how should you choose a sweatshirt style when you go out on the street in early spring?

First, the choice of sweatshirt

It’s not hard to choose a sweatshirt style that suits you, except to start with

Your own preferences and fashion

In addition to selecting, it is also necessary to choose from each fabric

Details and collocations

Style to draw inspiration.

The style of sweatshirt is especially popular among young people, and the styles on the market are also very varied… Of course, word of mouth also has its own rhetoric. It is especially important to find a style and material that you are satisfied with!

1. Look at the material: If you want to be comfortable, look at the material

Since the origin of sweatshirts, it has been known for

“Warm, comfortable and convenient”

The characteristics of the sweatshirt are loved by everyone, and the sweatshirt is slowly shining in various styles of fabrics on the fashion stage, and most of the most classic and most concerned sweatshirt fabrics are used

Cotton-knit coil fabric

Mainly, its good sense of stretch and breathability are loved by the public.

(1) Cotton knitted coil fabric

Stretchy knit fabric at back

Coil weaving

Made, the texture of pure cotton makes the sweatshirt more soft and comfortable on the upper body, but it is not just pure cotton, choose

The weave is tight and the cotton feels soft

Some of the styles. There are some soft ingredients in the fabric, as long as the cotton content is achieved

85 or more

That’s it~

(2) Soft knitted fabric

The loose and inclusive fit advantage of sweatshirt is one of the choices of fashionable people, so a lot of research and development has been done on the fabric, such as sweatshirt styles woven with soft knitted yarn, and sweatshirts that choose knitted styles should be chosen

Slightly thicker design

, because the softness of knitting requires a certain amount

Sense of structure

It will be more stylish~

(3) Plush sweatshirt fabric

Plush fabrics have been particularly popular in the past two years, among them

Plush fabric making

The resulting sweatshirt is also loved by the public. Plush fabrics are not only reflected on the surface,

Fleece lining

Design is also a must-have for warmth~ If you feel too thick, you can also choose

Short villi

Thin design.

2. Look at the shape: If you want to look thin, look at the shape

The fit can be described as a piece of clothing


, different fits for different body type needs. Although the sweatshirt is a representative of comfortable wear, but

The fit is too small or too large

It’s all the key to concave styling! For sweatshirts, it is simply divided into two version features:

Hooded and crewneck.

(1) Fit design of casual hood

The casual hooded design is representative of trendy sports, and the loose fit is biased

Athleisure feel

Some, slimmer styles are more suitable

Slightly fat

Some people who want to look thin can choose

Long model

design, short model is even more

Fashionable and leg-length

(2) Simple and versatile crewneck design

The round neck design is a classic sweatshirt, with a looser fit

More stylish and casual

, choose a torn model with details or a decorative design, it will be more

Trend Fan

A few. The ultra-short design is very fashionable, you can also use the way to reflect the layering, the choice of higher neckline will have different styling effects, of course, length is also very important.

3. Look at the pattern: If you want to be fashionable, you have to look at the pattern

Patterns sometimes represent one

Fashion attitude

For sweatshirts, the use of patterns is particularly important. It is a kind of

Trendy language

, is also an expression of self-style. If the clean color sweatshirt represents a simple and clean, then the letter sweatshirt represents personality and vitality, and the pattern sweatshirt is a fashionable street style~

(1) Clean and simple solid color sweatshirt

Clean sweatshirt styles with a relaxed and casual taste can also be selected

A style with a small logo

, the fit is either a crewneck or a hooded design

Loose predominantly

Best, choose a regular length or extended design for the style

Versatile and easy


(2) Letter print design

With a letter print design, in addition to choosing a design that meets your heart’s slogan, you can also try the popular national trend in recent years, using Chinese characters to reflect the pure fashion posture of its heart,

Letters and slogans also represent a pop culture

, classic and full of style, worth recommending~

(3) Various printing style design

There are more and more printed designs on sweatshirts, color-blocking geometric graphics or cartoon patterns, as well as some pop print elements on the street, etc., according to their different styles and characteristics

Fit your own design

, thin women may wish to choose the bias

Be lenient

, slightly chubby women can choose

Slim and broader

The style can better modify the body shape~

4. Look at the style: If you want to look at the style, you have to look at the style

In today’s style society, more and more people pay attention to style in dressing.

The style of a style is often determined by the details of the design

Although sweatshirts are easy to make people feel casual and loose in single items, with the change of fashion, the styles and matching of sweatshirts have gradually become diversified, and many styles have been derived.

(1) Casual fashion style

The sweatshirt style, which is known for its casual feeling, not only brings the ease of wearing the texture of comfortable cotton, but also brings comfort brought by the loose fit. If you want to have a casual and stylish feel, you need it in addition to accessories

Fit the style

In addition,

Color matching

It is also very important. sweatshirt + slacks + sneakers or flat booties, or sweatshirt + simple skirt + casual shoes, etc.,

The color style is consistent, and the color system is preferred

(2) Sports street style

Relaxed sporty styles have always been a favorite of fashionable people, but

If you don’t wear it well, it will look rustic

Too much force, the use of sweatshirts to reflect this style In addition to the need to be unified in color, the choice of style is also very important, simple styles are simple to match, complex styles

Simplify the complex


(3) Fashionable mix-and-match style

I think the mix and match style should be a style that everyone wants to try, but they don’t know how to start, and it is most appropriate to try it with sweatshirt pieces, choose

The color system is mild

The design success rate is higher, breaking the inherent thinking, whether it is high heels or sneakers can perfectly reflect the sense of fashion,

Coordination of colors

It must be the key~

Second, the matching skills of sweatshirts

Learning how to dress has always been something we work on, but sometimes when we see other people’s beautiful clothes, even if they copy them, they look embarrassed. In addition to the difference in body shape and height style, the part we tend to overlook the most

How to dress

! In some

A sense of design with subtleties

It’s really important to wear the whole outfit~

1. Matching skills of crewneck sweatshirt

The style of the crewneck sweatshirt is very

Classic versatility

, in the wearing can have a very variety of changes, from the material, fit, pattern classification, want to master how to wear your own style, you can

Dressing in detail

Style up to make a fuss. Take advantage of every chic detail from the matching pieces.

(1) Color matching skills that show highlights

Try a sweatshirt with a bright color and design and take advantage of it

Uniformity of colors

Find the right shade to match, and the slightly loose design will do

Tuck a little corner of your coat

, This can not only reflect the slender lower body but also perfectly cover the imperfect flesh of the abdomen, using the fashionable design sense of the waist pack, and the proportion again

Pull up

, you are a fashion street photography expert~

(2) Waist line elevation is the key skill

The true meaning of dressing is nothing more than how to make people look

Thin and tall

, to master this, you cannot ignore the importance of the waistline! The slim sweatshirt can be combined with a belt to tuck the corners, and we can also choose

Loose and short

The design of the shape, in the shape to


The shape is the main thing, and the lower body must also choose a clean and simple style~

(3) Add one piece that can be literary and retro

Adding a shirt under a sweatshirt is a very retro way to wear, and this way of wearing is particularly particular

Unity of colors

Sexual. The shirt collar should also not be too structured or too big, choose

Design with small lapels

In order to better play a role in retouching. You can also try adding a long T-shirt,

Expose the hem

The side is also very good-looking, remember to choose a shorter design~

2. Matching skills of hooded sweatshirts

Hooded sweatshirt


Relatively strong, its hat is not only functional but also has a decorative effect, and people with broad shoulders can also play a decorative role, which can be said

Kill two birds with one stone

。 But it is also more suitable for wearing alone because of the design of the hat, but it also has its place in the matching and is more suitable

Mix and match wind


(1) Color selection skills for mixing and matching

Whether in bright spring or cool autumn, the mix and match of sweatshirts also reflects the fashionable posture of the wearer, and the design of the hood is also key to the choice of jacket.

Leather jackets, suits, trench coats

You can wait, but the seemingly versatile design must be chosen in the choice of style

Simple collar

The design and color system are also exquisite

Same color

is better.

(2) The visual effect of wide top and narrow bottom

Take advantage of sweatshirts


The effect, when making the lower body matching, the principle of wide top and narrow bottom is adopted, and it is worn in early spring. If you want something a little more colorful, you can match it

Accessories or shoes in bright colors

。 Make good use of your own advantages to reflect the advantages of dressing, and be a fashionable and changeable trendy child~

(3) Be shorter and bolder

It can be used by women with conditions

Ultra-short sweatshirt line

Try a more street-style look,

Expose the waist

In order to better reflect the good figure, the color matching choice is low-key, some color matching is more safe, or choose

Matching in the same color

It’s also a good fashionable look~

The more versatile the piece, the more we have to learn how to match it.

After reading this article, you may wish to move first, early spring has arrived, and the time to show your charm has begun~ If you want to learn more about dressing, welcome to follow me~

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