Presumably, every little girl has a girly heart, and likes sweet, lively, cute related things, and even related clothing. In terms of clothing, it is necessary to say that the relevant elements that best reflect the girl’s heart are puff sleeves.

Fashion items with puff sleeves can also be tops, shirts, skirts, or trench coats, which are presented on different fashion items, and their fashion charm is very special.

Girls who love beauty, choose a puff sleeve top to match themselves, both age reduction and girly, if you are not yet impressed, puff sleeve dresses can also be high-end and fashionable, mature women can also wear it, come and try it.

So next, I will share it with you

Wear about puff sleeve related clothing

Go for it!

Puff sleeves of the top recommended

Yellow patterned puff sleeves

Puff sleeves are a very fashionable and attractive element, looking

Exquisite and lovely


There is a feeling of a little girl

。 For puff sleeve related tops, one

Yellow pattern

Puff sleeve tops are recommended for everyone, especially fashionable and intense

The vitality of youth

A puff sleeve design is based on the feel

Long sleeves

The neckline design, for long-sleeved styles, can well cover the flesh on your arms, so that the fluffy puff sleeve design is created

Cute and playful

One side.

In addition, women who like more bright colors, choosing a yellow pattern puff sleeve top is very fashionable, further showing femininity



In terms of collocation, the yellow puff sleeve top with a floral design is recommended for everyone

Pair it with white wide-leg pants

, it will not look fancy either, and it also has youth



Black mesh puff sleeves

For everyone’s daily life, presumably black clothing items are the most, the most versatile and thin. however

Black puff sleeves

Clothes are also very fashionable and attractive, and they are also very convenient to control.

For likes

Light ripe wind

of women, choose a black one


Puff sleeve top, is a very good choice, layers of mesh in the way of puff sleeves presented,

Stylish and layered

, the personal style is extremely distinct.

For a black mesh puff sleeve top,


The style will be even more


, can highlight the high-end and fashionable fan of women, showing the true color of fashion.

On collocation, select

High-waisted wide-leg pants

Wear it with or straight-leg pants, in

Lift the waistline

At the same time, further modifying the leg shape, lengthening the leg line, and showing height and thinness is also a great boon for small women.

Puff sleeves of dresses are recommended

Pink bubble skirt

The dress itself has a strong fashion charm, which can show the temperament characteristics of different women. The bubble dress has more youthful vitality, which is both age-reducing and fashionable.

In the choice of color of the dress,

Dress with pink puff sleeves

It can satisfy the girl’s heart to the greatest extent and give full play to its beauty and romance. The pink puff-sleeved dress is more suitable

The atmosphere of the contract meeting

, or an outing with girlfriends,

The girl’s heart exploded

For pink puff sleeve dresses, add at the skirt


The sense of design is very good, adding a sense of fashion, but also very good


sense, is also very fashionable charm.

In addition, in terms of matching, you can choose sunglasses, bags, jewelry and other fashion accessories to match, but in the choice of color of accessories, it is still recommended that you take it


The color is the main color, and the visual effect will be more harmonious.

Khaki waist bubble dress

The design sense of puff sleeves usually gives everyone a sweet and cute atmosphere, but I don’t know that puff sleeves can also be interpreted

Release a sense of premium.


Khaki waist bubble dress

That’s it.

Khaki, a relatively low-saturation color, looks high-end, and khaki puff sleeves can also break everyone’s definition of puff sleeves, reshape the sense of high-end fashion, and better interpret the charm of fashionable women.

In addition, on the khaki puff-sleeved dress, plus

Tonal checked waistband

, can add a stylish touch to the whole outfit and can also play


The role of the charm is endless.


Mature women

For the sake of choosing a khaki puff sleeve dress with a belt, it is perfect to fully interpret the charm of a fashionable and temperamental woman, showing nobility and luxury, and at the same time greatly multiplying the aura, making people forget to look at it.

Windbreaker with puff sleeves recommended

In the spring and autumn seasons, every woman must have a trench coat in her wardrobe. However, the style of trench coats is mostly the same, and there are not many changes in style. And one

The design of the puff sleeves is presented on the trench coat

, instantly impressive, relatively rare also

Comparative characteristics

For a trench coat with puff sleeves, it is recommended to choose a trench coat with it


of styles, thus creating on

Loose and tightened combination

, It also looks very fashionable soul.


Wear yours with light blue jeans and heels

For tall women who like concave shapes, choosing a puff-sleeved style trench coat to match themselves is particularly suitable.

The design sense of puff sleeves is also more common in everyone’s clothing, very youthful, however, it is not denied that in different pieces can also create a sense of premium, retro fashionable, if you like the design of puff sleeves, you may wish to act quickly to match it!

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