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When it comes to autumn and winter, everyone’s favorite shoes should be all kinds of boots, especially them


The voice is the highest, and the background message is almost going to blow you up!

As a styling artifact, booties really do everything in name. Skirts and pants can be switched at will, as long as the color can be perfectly controlled, and it can also make you look fried chicken Chic!

Such a versatile artifact, but there are still many friends who react and don’t know how to pick a classic style that can make the legs look more slender. Today, Dr. Mog is going to become your picker again~

Do not touch minefields

This year’s socks boots fried chicken IN, especially many styles of socks are pulled to the middle of the calf. You know, this position is the thickest place of the calf, the most easy to expose leg defects, the leg shape is not very perfect girls must avoid ~

If you want to make your legs look more slender, the front V-opening booties are a good care piece and are a little more fashionable than traditional booties.

In the past two years, there have been more and more shoe design styles, and there are still such wedge boots and super high boots on the waterproof platform in many shopping malls. This is a must-have style, it’s old-fashioned, and it looks top-heavy when matched.

If you want to make the items you buy a classic in your wardrobe, you must not be too complicated in terms of elements. Simple style is truth, less is more!

Booties are categorized and fitted

1: Chelsea booties

Chelsea booties are no stranger to everyone, and in my opinion, they are the most versatile style in the booties category. The toe cap is generally rounded and the sides are tightened by elastic bands.

As the design evolved, pointy-toe Chelsea boots with cat heels also appeared, which looked more delicate and fashionable, the only drawback was that they would stretch the foot shape very long, and it was not recommended for girls with large feet to buy.

The black Chelsea booties are my must-have every year, and they can be easily unlocked by all the difficult pieces in my wardrobe. A slightly dramatic printed skirt with it becomes very street-friendly, and southern children’s boots may wish to try this look.

The matching of shoes and pants in the same color can make you have long legs against the sky, the gospel of the hobbits.

Don’t think that booties look street-style, you can’t wear them in the workplace, with small trousers, you are the queen of aura.

Girls who like to make some changes can put stockings in their boots and fly up! But it is also only suitable for children’s boots with slender calves ~

2: Sock boots

Socks boots have been too popular in the past two years, and Vetements’ socks were first ridiculed by the crowd when they first came out, and then a large wave of fashion bloggers began to bring goods.

Domestic flowers have also stepped on their feet, and this “ugly thing”, which was not optimistic at first, has received widespread attention. But I have to admit that this thing is actually quite attractive.

Sock boots are unique in that their stretch fabric wraps around the ankles and conforms to the leg line, making the legs look longer. And of course, it’s warmer!

In fact, I recommend wearing socks and boots bare-legged, but the current climate does not allow it at all. When choosing pants, it is best to avoid dropping the foot, which will show the imbalance of proportion. Straight or flared jeans are a good choice.

A suit with straight-leg pants and a pair of sock boots, delicate and smart.

Want to double your hip? You can try to make changes in the heel, the special shape and the strong rise in the past two years, and the combination of sock boots is indeed the best CP.

In addition to traditional sock boots, split sock shoes also have sharp corners. Don’t think that this is wearing socks inside loafers, this pair of Fendi socks shoes are actually one, and many hipsters can’t stop it~


Martin boots

Martin boots, also called worker boots, have a very punk rock atmosphere. In our impression, it has always been given a neutral label, with an aggressive beauty.

Traditional Martin boots are mainly brown, and although the autumn and winter black clothes and black pants are low-key, they have a touch of calm.

If you want to be more fashionable, you can choose the awkward styling artifact wide-leg pants. The length is best to reach above the Martin boots and look fried chicken in.

With a long jacket, it is more layered, and it is simply worn out of the high street style~

Martin boots themselves are darker shoes, and with slightly brighter denim jeans they have a youthful atmosphere. Different items create different styles, and it will be more interesting to try more collocations~

4: Snow boots

Snow boots are really a lifesaver in the cold winter, not only comfortable to wear, but also very versatile.

When choosing, try not to choose a style with too high a boot, it will show short legs and add a thick sock, it will show thick legs~

In addition, snow boots themselves will give a bulky feeling, and if you add some unnecessary elements to them, they will look even more unrefreshing. Tassels, lamb hair, these can save Oh~

If you want to look light in wear, the best matching item is naturally small leg pants~

Everyone wearing snow boots should be most optimistic about it, it should be extremely comfortable to wear, you can also match youthful sweatpants like AA to maximize its advantages~

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Have you got these booties to choose and match? Wear trendy booties tomorrow and conquer the eyes of passers-by!

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