As one of the dress etiquette of many business people, tie is a decoration with a variety of styles and materials.

Many people don’t know the matching skills of ties, here is to share with you:

A tie is a good partner for men in the workplace, and a good-looking tie can add a lot of points to the whole outfit. In fact, shirt and tie matching is also very knowledgeable. To match appropriately, it really takes some effort from men.

Young people should choose ties with lively flowers and strong colors to increase the youthful vitality of users; For older people, a solemn and generous flower type should be used; For women, plain ties should be used.

At the same time, while paying attention to the matching of shirts and ties, you should also pay attention to the coordination of shirt and tie color matching to increase the good effect of elegance and charm.

Silver-gray, milky white suits should be matched with red ties to be more eye-catching; Red and purple suits with milky white ties are elegant and luxurious; Dark blue, dark green suit with yellow and rose tie show a deep and subtle temperament; A brown, dark green suit with a sky blue tie shows off a flowing temperament.

Wearing a silver gray and milky white suit, suitable for wearing a big red, vermilion, dark green, sea blue, brown-black tie, will give people a quiet, beautiful and dashing feeling.

Wear a red and fuchsia suit, suitable for wearing milky white, milky yellow, silver gray, lake blue, emerald green tie, to show an elegant and luxurious effect.

Wearing a dark blue, dark green suit, suitable for wearing orange-yellow, milky white, light blue, rose tie, so wearing will give people a deep, subtle beauty.

Wearing a brown and dark green suit, suitable for wearing sky blue, cream yellow, orange yellow ties, will show a graceful and flowing demeanor.

Wear a black and brown suit, suitable for wearing a tie with silver gray, milky white, blue, white and red stripes or blue and black stripes, which will look more dignified.

The most common wear worn by business men is a suit with a shirt and tie, which is popular with people in various fields no matter where it is. There are many types of shirts, ties are the closest friends of shirts, only know how to use different shirts and ties on different occasions, and use the collision of colors and lines to reflect the essence of your matching, in order to reflect your personal overall style, achieve quality men.

The matching of shirts and ties is a science, and if it is not properly matched, it may ruin the overall feeling, but if it is done skillfully, it can catch everyone’s attention and appear unique. The tie will always play a leading role because it is the most eye-catching part of the garment. Generally speaking, attention should be focused first on matching a tie with a suit top. From a more refined point of view, the color of the top should become the basic color of the tie.

A white shirt is great to wear on every man, suitable for every occasion, and will not go out of style, so every man should at least have a washable white shirt that goes well with a variety of lively colors or bold ties. Timeless fashion matching is a white or light blue shirt with a monochrome or tie with a bright pattern. It’s a timeless match.

In the way of clothing matching, simplicity is always flattering. If you’re not so confident about the taste of your choice of tie, don’t try to be different. You know, most men don’t feel good about patterns. Not only that, but you never know who your “different” taste might resent. The combination of shirt and tie also reflects how sophisticated you are in the world.

Every man should have at least one white or light blue button-down shirt with a collar. In terms of ties, there should be at least one tie in pure navy blue or wine red for daytime use, and there should also be a silk jacquard tie or a pure black tie in place of the collar at formal dinners.

The tie matches the color of the suit

If you’re choosing a tie with multiple color patterns, it’s the icing on the cake if any one of the colors in the pattern is the same color as the shirt or suit.

Tie – patterned matching of suits, shirts

From the perspective of pattern matching, with a tie shirt, as long as you master a few principles, you can save a lot of trouble.

The same type of pattern should not match, and the plaid suit should not be matched with a plaid shirt and a plaid tie. If you wear a dark plaid suit, a shirt and tie with plain or striped and patterned colors will look good. Plaid shirts with twill ties, straight grain shirts formula check pattern ties, although they are all straight lines, but there is a change in the direction of the grain, will not be monotonous. Dark check pattern shirt with patterned tie. The dark compartment can be treated as a plain color here, and a tie with a print or pattern is best paired with a plain shirt. If you have a shirt with plaid or lines, it will be a little dazzling.

Tie – collar matching match

In addition to the matching of colors and patterns, special attention should be paid to the matching of ties and shirt necklines, and there are a variety of common tying methods for ties (see tie knotting method for details), so which one should be used in daily life? In general, in addition to the influence of popular factors (such as the width of the suit lapel affects the width of the tie, and then affects the size of the tie knot), it is mainly selected according to the shape of the collar of the shirt worn (the size of the angle between the collar tips).

In life, many people can not observe the quality of the tie here, to introduce you about; Detection standards for ties. A tie of acceptable quality needs to withstand various inspections and tests. Baijian.com can provide a full set of testing services for ties

Scope of application:

GB/T 23314-2009 Tie is suitable for ties produced with textile woven fabrics as the main fabric. The test items are as follows:

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