It’s been a long time since it was updated

More and more fabrics are stocked, and life is getting more and more wasteful…

Still, be positive, act, get moving

It’s not worth 500 pieces, it’s worth 300, and Meitu P may be worth 1000

Convention, a good upper body rendering, a simple white T, you can go anywhere…

It’s a pity that it’s a small short leg, but, it doesn’t matter, you still have to make a split and leak

And then at first, the initial idea was to have a pocket cover, and then it was verbose to do, and for these reasons, I didn’t want it, and then it was like this

Then the size reference: net waist 61, hip circumference 86, skirt volume is, 63, hip circumference 88 (the fabric is elastic, and the appropriate amount of non-elasticity is put 1 or 2cm)

Skirt front piece size: waist 63/4 + province 2.5 hip circumference 88/4 + 1 back piece size: waist circumference, hip circumference 88/4-1 (front piece +1, so back piece -1, actually I am +-0.5cm)

Skirt length 60 = waist width 3.5 + skirt length 56.5

The hem is 3.5 wide and 1.5 upturned

Draw the first piece of the front piece at this size, and the sewing is 1

Then release the centerline seam, fold it according to the centerline seam, and cut out another piece

Cut the back sheet on the basis of the front piece

The hip line starts to the hem, the back piece is 1cm wider than the front piece (this is my own size), the book is 2, one + 1 a -1, so the difference is 2

The back piece of the center waist line is 1cm lower than the front piece, both sides are upturned 1cm, maybe 0.8 is enough, from one of the waist circumference 1/2 to draw a circular arc to connect the side sew warping point, but also as the saving center point, do the perpendicular line of the warping line for the provincial center line, the front provincial position is 8.5, the back provincial position 9.5 (I am not high waist short, so much, each person according to their own situation when doing it to increase or decrease)

After cutting the skirt, closing the position, generally the veterans are all cut to sew it, I am inexperienced, so I am sewn first after cutting the main parts, and then adjust according to the situation while sewing, and then cut the parts

The four provinces are closed and then sew the side seams

The side seam is sewn and split the slit, the sewing is flattened and the side is locked, pressing 0.6 threads, I pressed 0.8, I feel a little fat

Stitched split reverse side

On the front, I didn’t actually plan to sew this cross at first, but I always felt that the fork was too high, so I moved it down a little bit and sewed it like this, and I thought it was good

The initial appearance of the skirt type came out

Spread out is a piece of cloth, because the back middle is not good to go to the pocket after sewing, in fact, the normal sewing order should be after the front and rear pieces are put away, sew the pocket, put on the zipper, and then close the side seam, upper waist, hem, complete. However, I don’t know how big my pocket is, so I can only sew the skirt first, and then compare the size of the pocket on the upper body…

Draw the appearance of about Mo, the pocket tossed for two days, small to large and large to small, half sticker to full sticker, in fact, it seems that the difficulty is not production, is not knowing that it is difficult to choose the size and style… If you can’t be sure, you can’t start sewing, after you are sure, you have to think about how to sew it, in fact, sewing up is stepping on the sewing machine, just, once passed…

After about the size is good, cut the waist piece and pockets, I cut this need to be pieced, or try not to fit it well, and cut it the same length, because it is to install a zipper in the back, so the back middle part should be released to sew it

Flattened waist piece, the inner part is 0.5 wider than the outer part,

The fit is very good, the cross is aligned, but in fact, it is completely unnecessary, when cutting the skirt piece, first draw the waist piece, it is a whole, there is no need to spell so verbose

After the waist piece is put together, the upper waist is stitched first, because the skirt has elasticity, so it does not burn the waist lining, and the alignment is fixed with bead needles

All circles are fixed, otherwise the skirt has elasticity, which can easily cause the upper and lower layers to be misaligned

The appearance of the outer layer is sewn, so sewn because I want to compare the upper body to the pocket, in fact, it is half a day

Sew out the first, semi-fitted, the bottom side is not fitted, I think that I came up with this pocket is quite starting, but sewing it well feels that it is not too suitable for this group type, so I opened it (but I think this pocket is still very interesting, and it will definitely be used in what style in the future)

The first pocket of the approximate look

Later, it was changed to a direct sticker bag, net size 13*14.5, put sewing 0.5, bag mouth 2.8, this part of the picture forgot to shoot, just say the sewing size, bag mouth 2.2, 0.2 suture from the edge, the bag mouth part back needle press double line, 0.5 from the edge

Then on the zipper, the exposed zipper on the zipper, feel very handsome, the process is another opening, here is too much picture length is too long

The effect on the zipper is good, is it not very good-looking

Then the zipper is well sewn hem, which is also a 2.2 seam, and the hem can be rolled directly, and the skirt is not lined up

And then the rest is sewing on the inside waist

Fold it up like this

Fold the seam according to the reserved part and cover it

Like this, because the inner layer is 0.5 more than the outer layer, when folded up, the inner part of the waist is a little longer than the outer seam

Then fold it in a circle and fix the bead needle as usual

Then just press the line along the lateral suture

Here should be a detailed drawing, so that the inside line sewn out is neat and beautiful. The picture is blurry, but you can barely see that the stitching is neat and the zipper is beautiful

Then, the skirt is finished, it’s beautiful, isn’t it

Then, this article ends.

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