I haven’t seen Qi Wei for a while, and I feel that time is still quite long. Some time ago, Qi Wei was posting a set of photos. Qi Wei in the photo is the same as before, young and full of girlish atmosphere, and it is not obvious that it is the child and her mother.

In the eyes of many people, they think that after giving birth to a child, whether it is from the body or appearance, there will be changes, but in fact, it will not.

Just like Yang Mi, like Qi Wei, they are all “hot mothers” who gave birth to children.

Of course, we are mainly talking about Qi Wei today, we are all very familiar with Qi Wei, she is a Sichuan girl, but married to a Korean.

The husband and wife often go to the show, because of cultural differences, husband Li Chengxuan often makes some jokes, and Qi Wei ruthlessly goes back. It can also be seen from this that

The mode of getting along between the husband and wife, small fights are really showing affection.

It’s normal, because of the epidemic, not only Qi Wei has not been seen for a long time, but also many other stars are staying at home! Qi Wei appeared this time and wore a green short-sleeved blouse. According to online understanding, the clothes worn by Qi Wei are the spring/summer 2020 model of the Edition series.

The style of the clothes seems simple, but it is full of style. Originally, it was a T-shirt shape, but the designer used a color-block collar structure at the neckline, adding three-dimensionality and enriching the color tone. The lower body pants are also the spring/summer 2020 model of the Edition series, the pants are loose and smooth, especially the leg position, straight down to increase the drape, with a pair of sneakers, it is easy to wear two meters long legs.

I have always known Qi Wei’s thin waist, and I knew when I saw her wearing a cheongsam before, and Yingying’s grip was enviable. This time, Qi Wei directly stuffed the extra hem into her waist, and the touching slender and small man’s waist immediately came out, maybe this is the invisible sexiness!

As for the hairstyle, Qi Wei took a lazy style, tied her hair into a half-moon head, and paired it with a fluffy technique, which was more age-reducing than when she was meticulous.

Finally, put on sunglasses, and fashion comes with it.

It’s summer, so a white dress is the most suitable.

Qi Wei came out of the airport at that time, wearing a white shirt skirt, compared to other outfits, Qi Wei’s shirt skirt was very simple. The skirt is just knee-length, and the waist is designed with drawstring ties, which can also increase the slenderness of the waist. The skirt is originally simple, so the matching aspect is also simple, a pair of small white shoes, a small black bag can do.

Ten years ago, both men and women loved denim, and a bit of a “famous mountain” feeling was replaced by many other fabrics. Of course

If you want to say that the denim element will be outdated, then it certainly won’t.

Qi Wei wore a denim suit, a denim vest and denim shorts, and a white T-shirt underneath. Wear a white baseball cap and black sunglasses, stylish and personal.

Qi Wei’s set is more personal, the light blue suit is simple in style, and the bat sleeves and flared pants on both sides carry a strong retro style. It also incorporates check elements to add to its simple look. The waist position is designed with a corset, and the slender waist is available.

Finally, put on a yellow baseball cap and black sunglasses, maybe this is the fashion you want!

Summary: Qi Wei’s outfit is worth learning, some people say that my clothes are very good and you don’t need to learn, I have my own style. In fact, everyone will have their own style, but sometimes you need to absorb and learn to make yourself more perfect.

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