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Dongguan brand


As an important manufacturing base in China and even the world, Dongguan has given birth to a large number of manufacturing brands. Under the epidemic, these brands have shown super resilience and anti-risk ability, further empowering Dongguan manufacturing and promoting the high-quality economic development of Dongguan.

Standing in the waffle production workshop, smelling the sweet and intoxicating smell, my thoughts drifted to my high school days.

Ball games, sports days, exam papers… Also, waffles! At that time, I didn’t like to eat, and waffles almost became my three meals a day, sweet and soft, and I didn’t get tired of eating. And it just so happens that “he” also likes it. The sweet smell of waffles accompanied me throughout high school and hazy youth.

“We currently have two automated waffle production lines that can produce 24 tons of waffles a day in operation. Similarly, the stewed cake and buttercake production lines have also completed automated transformation to achieve parallel production. The voice of Zheng Linfang, marketing manager of Dongguan Huamei Food Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Huamei Food”), pulled me back to the workshop, and I hurriedly wrote down the main points.

Yes, 6 years have passed, and the idle youth is gone. I walked out of school and struggled to achieve my career aspirations, exploring the field of economic journalism one foot at a time. But fortunately, I saw the youth of the Dongguan brand, and recorded the time for me who was not good at keeping memories.

Memories of youth in the factory in Dongguan

2020, April. “Yuxin machine opens a new game, enter the first line of the company’s resumption of production and production media concentrated interview activity Chashan Station, please arrive at the centralized boarding point before 8 o’clock…” Looking at the interview notice in the group, I hurriedly grabbed my bag and went out.

I come from the beautiful Tujia town, and after spending most of my time in Guan, in the spring of 2020 – I found a reason to fall in love with this industrial city!

At that time, the epidemic had shocked the lives of many ordinary people, and my lack of imagination had sketched the depression scene in Dongguan during the epidemic. However, before I had a strong experience of the negative impact of the epidemic, the wave of resumption of work and production in Dongguan was mighty, bringing employees back to their hometowns, helping enterprises to support enterprises to release a series of policies, and stabilizing investment and foreign trade… My work rhythm has also followed the pace of Dongguan’s economic stabilization and improvement, and it has become compact.

Stepping into the waffle production workshop, the familiar taste pulled me back to my high school days. On the production line, golden waffles lined up from the oven, passed through the assembly line, passed the quality inspector, were packaged, and finally became familiar to me.

I remember munching waffles with him and discussing equations and English grammar.

“It turns out that my favorite waffles are from Dongguan!” The wonderful idea of fate popped up in his mind, and he quickly took out his mobile phone to record this magical fate.

Just out of Huamei, see Xinmeng (Guangdong Xinmeng Food Co., Ltd.). “That blue package of soda biscuits was eaten during a hiking picnic, the grape-flavored jelly is my favorite flavor, and the meat muffins at the school store sell for 2.50 yuan a piece…”

Youth happened thousands of miles away in Hubei, but a long time reappeared in the enterprise factory in Dongguan.

It turned out that Dongguan and I had already known each other. Hello, make a famous city!

The power of youth in Dongguan manufacturing

In fact, what about waffles? The silly second brother’s drunkard peanuts and spicy pots are the most common snacks I used to eat, and Xu Fuji’s candies and Migma are essential New Year goods for our family; My favorite leggings under the autumn and winter coat were urban beauty, and a pure loose sweater and a plaid shirt were the most popular way to wear it on campus at that time; The melody of BBK music mobile phone advertisements is almost everyone will hum, my dad is the earliest batch of “pollen” of Huawei mobile phones; There are also streets selling building materials, and the billboards are all Marco Polo, beautiful tiles…

Dongguan has a huge market entity, with more than 1.319 million market entities and 611,200 enterprises, and is a world-famous manufacturing capital, known as “Dongguan traffic jam, global shortage of goods” reputation. As an important production base in China, the development of Dongguan’s manufacturing industry has brought up a number of world-renowned enterprises and brands, electronic information industry, clothing industry, household industry, food industry, all involved and achievements.

These products and brands not only highlight the image of Dongguan’s urban development, but also carry many memories of my life. The development of these enterprises represents the upgrading and change of Dongguan City, and also leaves space for me to reminisce about the past.

While sighing at the past, I am also glad that these meaningful Dongguan brands still handed over a satisfactory answer sheet under the epidemic examination. Increase capital and production, innovative marketing, market expansion, intelligent automation transformation… Dongguan enterprises innovate and change, are tough despite thousands of hardships, and shine brilliantly under the fog.

Seeking opportunities in crisis, nurturing new machines to open a new game, live streaming competitions, intelligent manufacturing, multiplication plans, and growth against the trend… Different interview topics, I walked into the production workshop of Dongguan enterprises again and again, recording their breaking waves and breaking through and their feathering into butterflies.

Huamei’s total output value increased from 530 million yuan in 2016 to 720 million yuan in 2019, and the sales volume in 2020 still increased by 5% compared with 2019; The intelligent automation transformation of Xu Fuji production line has realized the transformation to unmanned workshop, and the output has increased from 6,600 boxes/day to 16,000 boxes/day, an increase of 142.4%; The Greater Bay Area International Fashion Valley, jointly developed by Dongguan Yichun Group Co., Ltd. and Guangdong Fashion Industry Development Co., Ltd., will soon start construction, which will build five major industrial centers and create an “octave space” to help the transformation and upgrading of Dongguan’s garment industry; OPPO Reno series is a hot product, OPPO Guangdong Mobile Communications Co., Ltd. has also been selected as the best case study project of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) in the use of intellectual property…

The blueprint for the future in the Dongguan brand

From a single product to a corporate brand, from one enterprise to a large number of enterprises, the reputation of Dongguan manufacturing brand has gradually developed.

Under the sudden attack of the epidemic in 2020, “Made in Dongguan” showed an instant explosive growth in the war of epidemic prevention materials, relying on a complete industrial manufacturing foundation and strong industrial comprehensive supporting capabilities, it delivered epidemic prevention materials to the whole country and the world at a critical moment, highlighting the “Dongguan responsibility” of the global epidemic.

In addition to the epidemic, “Made in Dongguan” frequently brings surprises to the market. The bow made by Dongguan Dazinc Energy Co., Ltd. can have a built-in air purifier, and the flexible battery can be hidden in the soft bow; Guangdong Xinxiu New Materials Co., Ltd. can use bark, coconut shell and old newspaper to make skin-friendly, light and fall-resistant, super textured wooden appearance shell; Cloud Whale Intelligent Technology (Dongguan) Co., Ltd. has developed the world’s first robot that “can wash mops by itself”, which is popular in the market…

The results of Dongguan’s “brand city” strategy are prominent, on the contrary, Dongguan’s well-known brands have also further empowered Dongguan manufacturing and promoted the high-quality economic development of Dongguan. Zheng Linfang said that although the consumer market will fluctuate in 2020, the consumer group of Huamei is stable, “many people buy mooncakes to identify Dongguan Huamei, this year’s Mid-Autumn Festival, we are still catching mooncake orders the night before the festival.”

The times are changing, the environment is changing, and the role of pathfinder for the high-quality development of Dongguan’s manufacturing industry remains unchanged. With the growth, expansion and transformation of the global industrial chain, how can Dongguan further develop the Dongguan manufacturing brand and always walk in the forefront of the manufacturing industry?

At present, the whole city of Dongguan is seizing the major historical opportunity of the construction of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, making every effort to build a “Bay Area City, Quality Dongguan”, and striving to build a world-class advanced manufacturing industry cluster and an international science and technology innovation center with global influence and competitiveness. Dongguan will continue to create new advantages in reform and development, accelerate the transformation of Dongguan manufacturing to Dongguan creation, Dongguan speed to Dongguan quality, Dongguan products to Dongguan brand.

The “Opinions of Dongguan City on Deeply Implementing Trademark Brand Strategic Services to Achieve a Higher Level of Development from a Higher Starting Point” proposes to build a number of well-known brands in Dongguan, push Dongguan’s “hidden champions” to the center of the world stage, highlight the value of Dongguan enterprise trademark brand, enhance the international competitiveness of Dongguan enterprises, promote the development of advantageous industries, empower Dongguan enterprises with the power of brands, and enhance the competitiveness of Dongguan brand enterprises in domestic and foreign markets.

Text: Xiang Lian

Photography: Xiang Lian

Editor: Li Shiying

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