I traveled alone and in one car for more than a year, shooting nearly 8 tons of footage, from only 1% of the material I started shooting to 450% usable now. Along the way, I have been playing and learning, and I have paid a lot of tuition, so today I will share with you the shooting equipment and accessories I have used, and see which of them are very necessary?

When I started traveling in July 2020, I brought two mobile phones, a Huawei P20pro+,

My Huawei P20

One is the iPhone XS, which I was used to using Android at that time, so I basically used the Huawei P20 to take video photos, and also edited a few small videos to post on the Internet. So why still hold an iPhone XS? Because this phone is a prize [cute] I won from the lottery, although I have never used the iOS system, I am not willing to transfer it, thinking that I will keep it to familiarize myself. Driving from Tianjin to Lhasa, I met a netizen in Lhasa, he tactfully told me that it would be better to shoot videos with iPhone, fortunately, I was more persuaded, and then I kept using iPhone XS to shoot videos, until I came out of Ali to Chengdu, bought a laptop, and directed the video to the computer to see, only to find that the video I shot with Huawei P20 was completely wasted, it may be a problem with the phone, the picture has been constantly focusing, and all are shaky. I can’t see it when I see the picture on my mobile phone too small, my eyes are not good, and I can’t see it if I don’t pay attention, but I am dizzy when I see it on the computer.

Because I was used to using Android machines, I bought another Huawei P40 pro+ when I was in Chengdu, and I have been using it to take some photos during my subsequent travels, and it is very convenient for editing and editing. Why is it rarely used for video? It’s because I think the color of the video it shoots is not as high as the restoration of the iPhone, and sometimes it is too showy. Because the iPhone XS does not have a wide angle, and my memory is only 64G, which is too small to sometimes save the shooting content in a day, so I bought another iPhone 11 with a wide angle. In the end, I mainly used the Huawei P40 pro+ and iPhone 11 for shooting.

My iPhone 11

My GoPro8

I also came with an action camera GoPro 8 and a DJI drone with the Air. I didn’t use the camera because it was heavy, it was unstable to hold when shooting videos, and it was too heavy to use a stabilizer. I have used other people’s cameras and stabilizers, and I feel very heavy in both hands, and it is very inconvenient to move the lens. So the camera is basically not considered when shooting. Most of the action cameras are placed outside the car and inside the car to shoot, there is no need to say more about the drone, that is, their eyes in the sky, want to see from above what kind of time to fly up. Because DJI’s Royal Air was bought by me a few years ago, it is relatively old and my skills are lagging behind, so I updated a DJI Air2S when I traveled to Guiyang.

My DJI Air2s

After talking about the shooting equipment, let’s talk about the accessories of these equipment, I think that the equipment accessories for travel shooting must not be less, because this is with your other hand, especially for a single person like me who travels abroad, I need the assistance of these accessories, for this I also bought a lot before and after, but most of them are considered to pay tuition.

The accessories when using mobile phones are mainly mobile phone stabilizers, this I also bought two before, both of them broke after not taking long, and the mobile phone card always has to be leveled or something, which is quite troublesome. Now this DJI OM4 is very good, convenient, fast and small, usually placed in the bag does not occupy a place, take it out and suck it can be used. I’m not advertising them, I’m just talking about the feelings I use. And recently upgraded the extended stabilizer, which is more suitable for people like me who shoot myself, and I am ready to update it on my next trip.

Phone stabilizer

A person traveling with a mobile phone should also be equipped with a tripod and a mobile phone remote control. Because I have to walk and climb mountains to see the scenery, so the tripod I use is this portable and lightweight, this tripod has been with me for six or seven years to many countries, has always used well.

Portable tripod

Tripods are mainly used for selfies and time-lapse photography. If you want to take a selfie, you will definitely use this mobile phone remote control, sometimes I do personal video appearances, you should be able to see me holding a small thing in my hand, a press for a while, sometimes pink sometimes black, [croak] hehe, is this mobile phone remote control. I’ve used a dozen of these remotes before and after, and the kind of disposable and battery-mounted ones are very troublesome, because you don’t know when you can’t use it when there is no power, and I remember the anxiety of finding places to buy batteries everywhere in Cambodia [cover my face]. So in the end, I chose this kind of charging, I don’t have to buy batteries everywhere, I run out of power when I am shooting, and I can use it when I plug it into a charging BMW. I always think it’s okay to use it so far.

Remote control for mobile phones

GoPro has a lot of accessories. But I think these are just a few more practical for me, the supports on the front windshield, the bases that can be placed on the magnetic chuck outside the car, the supports that can be stuck on the seats, and those bases that can be glued to the glass, you can stick to any of them. I also have many accessories, but I haven’t used them much, and these are the ones that I use the most.

Magnetic chuck base

In fact, a lot of experience depends on the individual to practice, everyone has everyone’s feelings, so I just said my own thoughts here, sharing it is just to provide a reference for reference, there are wrong places, more understanding ha. If you have any good experiences, you can also share them [prayer].

Also, some of the above products, I have found some links, put them in my window, so that everyone can understand the details of the products.

I am Sister Zhou who has lived her life alone on the road around the world after retirement, thank you for reading the article I wrote. If you also like to travel, welcome to follow me [smile].

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