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As one of the necessary photographic equipment for photographers’ daily travel, photography bags mainly play a role in transportation and protection, and the quality of a photography bag often has a great impact on the experience of the shooting process. For some non-commercial daily shooting, a small and comfortable shoulder camera bag can allow us to do more with less, and the shoulder bag can get the equipment more quickly, whether it is work or capturing the beautiful scenery can improve efficiency.

As the latest released product, the OneGo shoulder bag has excellent appearance and carrying performance, and is also a very classic product, with a more practical design, a richer and more versatile experience. The appearance is stylish, simple and unassuming. The OneGo shoulder bag continues the ingenious design of the OneGo backpack, which has a stylish look and can be stored in custom partitions, allowing photographers to easily cope with both daily travel and professional photography.

The OneGo shoulder bag is divided into 6L and 10L versions, with obsidian and deep ocean blue in the color scheme, and this 6L obsidian version in the author’s hand.

The overall size of the OneGo shoulder bag 6L is 300mm X 248mm X 113mm, which is more suitable for equipping some mirrorless cameras, and it is very suitable as a daily outdoor shooting or commuting 6L size. The overall size of the 10L version 350mm x 280mm x 145mm is more suitable for SLR or medium format camera users.

The OneGo shoulder bag adopts a more versatile fabric, and the whole adopts a high-performance PU coating, which can be scratch-resistant, spill-resistant, wear-resistant and easy to clean. In the lower right corner of the front there is the brand’s logo.

OneGo shoulder bag has a lot of pockets, basically magnetic and zipper design, the zipper part is also using the international first-line brand “YKK” zipper, the overall design is not only beautiful, but also durable.

The OneGo shoulder bag has a simple back design and a pocket to prevent a laptop or power bank.

Above the back there is also a handle that allows us to carry it in hand.

The OneGo shoulder bag uses an ingenious strap attachment ring located on the back of the bag, replacing the traditional camera body on both sides for easy opening and access, and the connecting ring can be rotated with the carry, making the carrying more snug and more comfortable.

The OneGo shoulder bag also has an original shoulder strap buckle that allows you to adjust the length of the strap with one hand.

On the side of the OneGo shoulder bag, there are two spaces for water bottles, such as a 500ml water bottle in size.

The OneGo shoulder bag has a smart interior that allows photographers to maximize their loading, and it has built-in custom partitions for custom partitions. It’s perfectly fine to place a mirrorless camera with lenses and a lens in the main space.

In the inner test at the top of the photography bag, the OneGo shoulder bag has the size and logo printed here, and there is also a front panel convenient storage bag on the yellow line below, which can be loaded into products such as power banks. Open the zipper to find the front battery storage compartment, which continues the battery storage design of the OneGo backpack, and two magnetic badges are attached to the bag to mark the battery.

This magnetic badge is green on the front and red on the reverse, green can be used to mark charged batteries, and red can mark empty batteries, in addition, this magnetic badge can also be used as a tool for disassembling and installing quick plates, which is very convenient and fast.

The OneGo shoulder bag has a back-panel iPad storage pocket on the back, which can easily fit into an iPad mini or a day switch console.

The internal load carrying capacity of the OneGo shoulder bag is very reliable and fully capable of meeting our daily commuting and shooting needs.

Believing that a tripod is a common item for every photographer, this OneGo shoulder bag also has an external strap for photographers to easily store the tripod. Opt for a rope buckle at the bottom of your bag with straps, and the bottom of your OneGo shoulder bag can be extended for a tripod or umbrella.

The OneGo shoulder bag is an excellent photography bag, with a practical design and versatile experience that meets the needs of photographers, while the simple and stylish design is eye-catching. In the current era where everything depends on appearance, OneGo shoulder bags can be said to be a presence full of gold, especially the external straps that can store a tripod make this product a lot of points, if you just need a shoulder bag for daily travel and commuting, then OneGo must not be missed.

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