I have to say that now the Internet has long been the world of the 00s, and the recent dance has exploded on Tik Tok for a long time, attracting many hot girls to imitate.

And this dance is the recently announced return – Somi’s new song “DUMB DUMB”, Somi himself is even more spicy in the MV, like a Barbie doll that landed in the world.

As a member of YG, the same company as BLACK PINK, Somi announced her debut as early as 2015 at the age of only 15 with a very characteristic mixed-race appearance and excellent singing and dancing skills.

Somi, who has perfect proportions, has been sought after by debuting with her sexy and hot body and pure lust atmosphere.

This sexy body, mixed face and pure outfit, these two photos were widely circulated on the Internet many years ago.

Good body proportions have made Somi planted by most fashion brands, and Somi is only 20 years old and has already received the Korean endorsement of the LV brand.

The fashion magazine Vogue has also been published many times.

And in private, Somi is also a cute and touching girl next door, wearing light sportswear and cute makeup to look like her girlfriend is full of strength!

Of course, Somi, as a girl group, is also a trendy player, with many limited edition pieces from Supreme.

Swarovski X Supreme Box Logo Hooded

Supreme X Fender co-branded electric guitar

There are so many Supreme co-names, and there are naturally no fewer favorite sneakers, and Somi prefers to match sneakers and mandarin ducks to shape his own unique style than a single outfit.

Left foot Reebox Right foot NIKE Dunk SB High

Left foot TS X AJ1 Right foot AJ 13

Many heavyweight co-branded sneakers have been exclusively interpreted by Somi, and sure enough, long legs look good in everything.

Supreme 73 with Fragment X Air jordan 2

AMBUSH X NIKE Dunk Hi[Cosmic Fuchsia]

Converse X Run Star Motion

In addition to the perfect girlfriend of the shoe friend. Video games are not left behind, and in their spare time they play SWITCH, and even made promotional videos for Animal Crossing.

Such a cute Somi and the MV are almost like two people, and the contrast between Barbie in the world is even closer, as if she is in love with Somi.

Somi, who has a perfect personality, coupled with mixed blood appearance and a well-proportioned body, can be easily controlled in any style, in the MV is an extremely sexy male chopping royal sister, in private is a pure and cute tsundere girlfriend, not to mention I’m going to see my wife dance! The rest of the picture XDM take your time to enjoy.

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