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The book is divided into eleven chapters, which respectively describe the basics of clothing cutting, trouser cropping drawing, four-open blouse cropping drawing, three-open blouse cropping drawing, various skirt making boards, cotton clothing boards, coats and trench coat boards, various fashion boards, other clothing board making, clothing case modification, and special women’s blouse cutting method. This book is suitable for workers engaged in clothing tailoring design, as well as clothing design majors in colleges and universities, as well as garment factory employees, people who love clothing cutting and housewives.

Chapter 1 Basics of clothing cutting

Section Knowledge of the Human Body

First, the composition of the human body

Second, the relationship between bones and clothing tailoring

Third, the proportion of the human body

4. Physical characteristics of men, women, and children

Section 2 Volume

First, the measurement method of the main part

Second, the measurement of abnormal body shape

3. Measurement instructions and precautions

Section 3: Cropping Common Tools and Cartographic Symbols

1. Tools

2. Cartographic symbols

Section 4 Cropping Terminology

1. Common terms

Second, the steps and methods of clothing structure drawing drawing

Section 5 Precautions for Clothing Cutting

Section 6 Calculation of clothing materials

First, the calculation method of clothing material formula

Second, the estimation method of clothing materials

Section 7: How to Measure Finished Garments

Section 8 Introduction to the uniform number of clothing

1. Type definition and type series

2. Number type sign

Third, the number type application

Chapter 2: Pants Cropping Drawing

Section Pants Charting Steps

Section 2 Women’s trouser parts and nesting drawing

Section 3 Simple cutting method for rear trousers

Section 4 Women’s Tube Pants

Five knots of loose pants

Six sections of trousers

Seven sections of shorts

Eight knots loose-fitting culottes

Nine knots turnip pants

Chapter 3: Crop drawing of four-open blouse

Section Top drawing steps

Section 2 Women’s vest

Section 3 Middle-aged and elderly women’s tops

Chapter 4: Three-open blouse cropping drawing

Section Women’s suits

Section 2 Three-button women’s suit

Section 3 blouse

Section 4 Women’s short-sleeved shirt

Chapter 5: Dresses

Section of diagonal skirt

Section 2 Sun dress

Three sections of small flared skirts

Four sections cardigan skirt

Five sections of suit skirts

Section 6 Embroidered cheongsam two-piece set

1. Crescent short top

2. Embroidered cheongsam

Seven knots of culottes

Eight sections Short-sleeved cheongsam skirt

Nine knots dresses

Chapter VI: Cotton

Section Four open female cotton jacket

Section 2 Three open female cotton jackets

Chapter VII: Coats and Trench Coats

A section coat

Section 2 Tweed women’s short coat

Section 3 Women’s single-breasted trench coat

Chapter VIII: Fashion

Section a copper basin collar women’s short-sleeved shirt

Section 2 Small copper basin collar yoke blouse

Section 3 long square collar over-the-shoulder blouse

Four sections of broad-shouldered blouse

Section 5 sleeveless cut women’s shirt

Six sections maternity dress

Seven sections Over-the-shoulder sleeve blouse

Eight sections of a copper basin collar dress

Nine-section sleeved dress

Ten festivals cheongsam style spring and autumn dress

Section 11 Sleeveless straight dress

Section 12 Spring and Autumn Dress Set

Thirteen knots set

Fourteen sections of long culottes set

Section 15 Color-block skirts

Section 16 One Step Skirt Women’s Suit

Section 17 “V” neck dress

Section 18 Chinese and Western-style cheongsam

Section 19 Short shirts and skirts

Section 20 loose azure blue women’s jacket and culotte suit

Twenty-one Open cut bat shirt

Section 22 Suit collar women’s jacket

Section 23 Big flower women’s suit

Section 24 Low lapel, double-breasted women’s suit

Section 25 Low-barge middle-aged and elderly women’s suits

Section 26 Middle-aged and elderly collarless women’s coats

Section 27 Hooded women’s short coat

Section 28 raglan tweed coat

Section 29 Embroidered tweed coat

Thirty knots of an over-the-shoulder tweed coat

XXXI Tweed coat

Section XXXII Slim women’s short coat

Section 33 raglan women’s coat

Section 34 Loose women’s coat

Section 35 Trendy women’s trench coat

Chapter IX Miscellaneous

Section Hex cap

Section 2 Children’s octagonal hat

Section 3 Open pants, toddler pocket

1. Open pants

Second, young children go for a ride

Section 4 Women’s undershirts and shirts

1. Women’s undershirts

2. Shirts

Five sections of trousers

First, the head of the panties

Second, fat body pants

Section 6 Women’s suit vest

Chapter 10: Modification of Clothing Cases

Chapter 11: The Cutting Method of Special Women’s Blouses

Section Chest Straight (Q)

Section 2 Hunchback (p)

Section 3 Flat shoulder (t), slip shoulder (a)

1. Flat shoulder (t)

2. Shoulder slip (a)

Section 4 Fat body with a big belly (D)

Appendix: Lining elasticity

Title: 200 cases of Chinese qipao

Price: 68.0 yuan

Author: Xu Li Editor-in-Chief

Series Title: Costume Platemaking and Tailoring Series

Publication date: September 2016

ISBN: 9787122268136

Folio: 16K 787×1092 1/16

Binding: Flat

Number of pages: 196 pages

Contents introduction

This book introduces the cutting and sewing methods of long cheongsam, sleeveless cheongsam, half-sleeved cheongsam, and fashion cheongsam, with a total of 200 cases. According to the needs of people of all ages and different professions, this book uses brocade, silk, silk, velor, linen, cotton, chemical fiber and other fabrics, combining traditional rolling, inlaying, setting, embroidery, embroidery and modern computer embroidery, color collation and other popular crafts, with various beautifully made coiled buckles.

This book is suitable for people engaged in fashion design, fashion aesthetic art design, people engaged in clothing cutting and clothing manufacturing industry, as well as teachers and students of clothing majors in colleges and universities.

Long-sleeved cheongsam 001

Printed traditional cheongsam 001

Satin cheongsam 002

Partial button placket cheongsam 003

Wool cheongsam 004

Partial satin cheongsam 005

Traditional large cheongsam 006

Long sleeve loose swing cheongsam 007

Chrysanthemum pattern cheongsam 008

Flanged tweed cheongsam 009

Two-tone fabric cheongsam 010

Traditional long-sleeved cheongsam 011

Big lapels against cheongsam 012

Embroidered satin cheongsam 013

Lace along the loose sleeves cheongsam 014

Red print cheongsam 015

Buttoned loose cheongsam 016

Piping satin cheongsam 017

Colorful satin loose-sleeved cheongsam 018

Buttoned red satin cheongsam 019

Shoulder long sleeve cheongsam 020

Printed satin cheongsam 021

Button-up cotton cheongsam 022

Traditional long-sleeved cheongsam 023

Decorative sleeve black velvet cheongsam 024

Dark purple velvet cheongsam 025

Black velvet round upturned cheongsam 026

Small stand-up collar loose class cheongsam 027

Long sleeve loose cheongsam 028

Thin silk ziplock cheongsam 029

Big velvet print cheongsam 030

Printed flowers large velvet cheongsam 031

Batik fabric cheongsam 032

Partial satin cheongsam 033

Collarless long-sleeved cheongsam 034

Openwork collar cheongsam two-piece set 035

V-neck black velvet cheongsam 036

Button-up cheongsam 037

Piping satin cheongsam 038

Decorative side cheongsam 039

Plaid fabric cheongsam 040

Cotton and linen partial cheongsam 041

Collarless loose swing cheongsam 042

Openwork collar loose swing cheongsam 043

Side slit button cheongsam 044

Manchu placket loose cheongsam 045

Satin print cheongsam 046

Half-sleeved cheongsam 047

Red print half-sleeve cheongsam 047

Two-tone fabric combination cheongsam 048

Traditional Button Cheongsam 049

Curved shape cheongsam 050

Fashion knee-length cheongsam 051

Satin Chinese painting pattern cheongsam 052

Simple and simple cheongsam 053

Coat style cheongsam 054

Special cut cheongsam 055

Decorative side cheongsam 056

Simple and generous traditional cheongsam 057

Chest openwork cheongsam 058

Half-sleeved collarless cheongsam 059

Roll gold rimmed cheongsam 060

Plain simple cheongsam 061

Black velvet cheongsam 062

Red button cheongsam 063

Chest decorated buttoned cheongsam 064

Ordinary barrel cheongsam 065

Simple and generous cheongsam 066

Plain satin cheongsam 067

Side cardigan cheongsam 068

Festive fabric cheongsam 069

Slanted button-up cheongsam 070

Side cardigan quartered sleeve cheongsam 071

Side cardigan button cheongsam 072

Red auspicious fabric cheongsam 073

Classical art picture material cheongsam 074

Floral pattern fabric cheongsam 075

Premium satin cheongsam 076

Cotton wool hand-embroidered cheongsam 077

Square cardigan collarless cheongsam 078

Red apple pattern cheongsam 079 on a black background

Decorative buttoned cheongsam 080

Decorative side cheongsam 081

Wedding celebration cheongsam 082

Large-flowered satin cheongsam 083

Silk print fabric cheongsam 084

Silk fabric cheongsam 085

Black velvet cheongsam 086

Satin button cheongsam 087

Special three-open collar cheongsam 088

Add decorative side cheongsam 089

Side cardigan with button-trimmed cheongsam 090

Middle-aged woman simple cheongsam 091

Side cardigan large velvet cheongsam 092

Double fabric with cheongsam 093

Side cardigan two-tone fabric cheongsam 094

Shoulder sleeve fur collar cheongsam 095

Tender skin tone fabric cheongsam 096

Sleeveless cheongsam 097

Diagonal button placket cheongsam 097

Large velvet stand collar openwork cheongsam 098

Floral pattern partial cheongsam 099

Partial satin cheongsam 100

Large floral pattern cotton cheongsam 101

Satin pattern cheongsam 102

Velvet button cheongsam 103

Yarn embroidered cheongsam 104

Traditional stand-up collar cheongsam 105

Batik pattern cheongsam 106

Wedding Celebration Cheongsam 107

Dragon pattern cheongsam 108

Button-up plain cheongsam 109

High-end atmospheric satin cheongsam 110

Broken flowers fresh cheongsam 111

Flowers splendid rich cheongsam 112

Peony pattern satin cheongsam 113

Plain plaid fabric cheongsam 114

Large collar placket cheongsam 115

Simple and simple cheongsam 116

Light red plum pattern cheongsam 117

Satin noble cheongsam 118

Classical noble front cardigan cheongsam 119

Small floral tube cheongsam 120

Satin trimmed cheongsam 121

Elegant plain cheongsam 122

Plain slanted cheongsam 123

Multi-cut cheongsam 124

Printed pattern loose swing cheongsam 125

Big black velvet cheongsam 126

Wedding auspicious cheongsam 127

High-grade fabric cheongsam 128

Buttoned slanted cheongsam 129

Decorative side cheongsam 130

S-shaped cardigan cheongsam 131

Full sleeve cheongsam 132

Skinny tunic cheongsam 133

Fresh and elegant pattern cheongsam 134

Right placket red cheongsam 135

Red piping cheongsam 136

Large collar loose swing cheongsam 137

Full sleeve hole traditional cheongsam 138

Silk printed cheongsam 139

Lace cotton double fabric cheongsam 140

Pure and elegant white cheongsam 141

Openwork collar cheongsam 142

Traditional dragon pattern cheongsam 143

Bare shoulder slit cheongsam 144

Button-up slanted cheongsam 145

Fashion cheongsam 146

Skirt cheongsam 146

Bandeau shawl cheongsam 147

Swing class cheongsam 148

Shoulder sleeves swing cheongsam 149

Sleeveless collarless loose cheongsam skirt 150

Over-the-shoulder sleeve fashion cheongsam 151

Naked shoulder sexy cheongsam 152

Cardigan button cheongsam 153

Short sleeves loose swing cheongsam 154

Fishtail cheongsam 155

Bare shoulder swing stylish cheongsam skirt 156

Super short cheongsam 157

Long sleeves cutout collar super short cheongsam 157

Short sleeves loose skirt cheongsam 158

Small fresh button qipao 159

Lace-set ultra-short cheongsam 160

Black large velvet delicate cheongsam 161

Simple casual cheongsam skirt 162

Silk embroidered slit cheongsam 163

Slit red cheongsam skirt 164

Traditional cheongsam 165

Round pattern cheongsam on a red background 166

Standard mini-short cheongsam skirt 1 167

Standard mini-cheongsam skirt 2 168

Decorative buttoned short cheongsam skirt 169

Short sleeve cheongsam skirt 170

Buttoned miniskirt 171

Openwork neck miniskirt 172

Hemp cheongsam 173

Multi-cut short skirt 174

Short sleeves side cardigan skirt 175

Slanted miniskirt 176

Square side cardigan cheongsam skirt 177

Side cardigan miniskirt 178

Short sleeved buttoned miniskirt 179

Classic button-up miniskirt 1 180

Classic button-up miniskirt 2 181

Black printed cheongsam 182

Tulle print cheongsam 183

Auspicious pattern skirt 184

Buttoned skirt 185

Plaid pattern skirt 186

Big black velvet cheongsam skirt 187

Long-sleeved buttoned cheongsam skirt 188

Slip over the tube skirt 189

Simple and simple miniskirt 1 190

Simple and simple miniskirt 2 191

Short-sleeved miniskirt 1 192

Short sleeved miniskirt 2 193

Silk print cheongsam dress 194

Satin-printed skirt 195

Cotton print cheongsam skirt 196

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