Questions from ping-pong netizens:

  In the past, the arm pulling the ball and the big arm were sore, but now the shoulder joint is sore in the fast retracting of the forearm pulling the ball. Is it the reason why the legs are not enough to turn the waist? Or is it not enough to relax?

Table tennis network three three three guidance answer:

  Regarding the problem of shoulder joint pain, like our amateur arc circle ball, we basically pull desperately, because we don’t know how to see the rotation of the ball, are as strong as they can be made, just push the ball over, causing the shoulder joint coracoid shoulder ligament to stretch too much pain. To put it simply, the shoulder joint can move and rotate, but there is a limit, amateur arc circle down spin is basically how much force to make how strong, just to get the ball over, the consequence is that the shoulder joint rotation movement always reaches the limit or exceeds the limit, the joint load is extremely large, causing damage.

  When exerting force, the big arm should be fixed on the shoulder, try not to detach, remember that the shoulder is pushed forward, not the big arm thrown up, once the big arm and the shoulder are separated, it is easy to cause damage, because the size of the bone connecting the big arm and the shoulder is asymmetrical. The articular cartilage of the upper arm is large, and the glenoid where the shoulder connects to the upper arm is small, so it is easy for the shoulder to cause dislocation due to force. Therefore, when you simply exert force, fix this section as much as possible, so that the rotation range here is reduced as much as possible.

  When netizens encounter this situation, they generally use bathing to flush hot water and ice, such as Xu Xin’s medical suspension of ice on the shoulder, but this can only relieve the epidermal muscles and temporarily reduce pain, and athletes are still at risk of playing after the medical suspension.

  From the perspective of Chinese medicine, only by relieving the deep meridians and allowing qi and blood to flow smoothly is a more effective way.

There are two ways to solve shoulder pain:

  1. Tuina, effective manipulation techniques for the shoulders: 㨰 method, one finger Zen pushing method, pressing method, pinching method

  2. If you can’t do Tuina, it’s okay to use Yunnan white medicine to apply cold.

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