Spring has passed, and it’s time to think about what to wear for spring~

Let me talk about it first!

My must-have early spring item is a small suit

, not only can cope with the changing temperature, but also is a must-have fashion item for us hobbits.

In the list of small bloggers I follow, count


Ernie likes to wear small suits.

Ernie is 154cm tall and is liked by many people because of his sweet appearance.

But also

Because of his small size + sweet appearance, he urgently needs to improve his aura

No, the little suit becomes Oni

Counterattack into a fashion artifact of “aura goddess”

Can’t wait to dress “semi-permanently”

Wear a small suit, even if you take a photo with a girlfriend wearing a bright knit shirt, you will not lose at all!

Many sisters are worried that they can’t pick a suit and want to steal their boyfriend’s clothes, so they might as well learn from Oni~

Ernie University studied fashion design, so you can always pick a suit that suits your body and is not oversized.

Such a good-looking little suit is even more refreshing and high-end when matched,

Combined with Oni’s professional matching skills and color matching ability, how to wear it is a beautiful landscape in early spring~

▲The color scheme of each set of looks is very fresh and beautiful

Isn’t it exciting? ~Amway with you today

Oni’s 5 suits in different styles look

, one-click copy can be too trouble-free~

Look1 Literary and artistic temperament young woman

Beige cotton linen suit + white T-shirt + straight jeans

Let’s start with this fresh light-colored outfit. Beige cotton linen suit + white T-shirt + straight jeans,

Simple everyday and very temperamental

The beige suit is versatile and doesn’t pick your skin tone, and is made of lightweight, breathable, textured cotton and linen

(It is also possible to wear it until summer)

, instantly has the inner taste of Wen Qing~

▲However, cotton and linen are easy to wrinkle, and it is more practical to choose a material that blends cotton and linen

Cotton and linen fabric has a certain softness and drapeness, very flesh-covering,

Super suitable for sisters who are slightly fat, have a fat upper body, and have broad shoulders and a thick back.

But because cotton and linen itself is relatively light and thin, it is best not to choose a dropped shoulder model, which is a little too casual. You need to wear a little shoulder pad to wear the aura.

The most often used by Ernie to match suits is the T-shirt,

It can weaken the formality of the suit, which is both casual and stylish.

▲You can prepare a few more white T-shirts like this,

It is suitable as a suit underwear

The lower body Oniy is matched with a pair of light blue straight-leg jeans, light color + denim material is very casual, very in line with the casual free feeling of cotton and linen suits.

In early spring, everyone likes light-colored and fresh outfits, and sisters can prepare more light-colored jeans,

It is more harmonious to match

Look2 Lazy Essential Suit Suit

Brown cropped suit + knitted cardigan + A-line skirt + small leather shoes

The second set is a suit that is very suitable for going out quickly, a suit + skirt + small leather shoes of the same color, with a strong sense of wholeness, giving people a sense of temperament and generosity.

The suit comes with its own aura, with a skirt with its own girly feeling, it will not be too mature,

Office workers and student parties are suitable.

Oni, who underwears, did not choose a shirt with sharp lines, but

Changed to a knitted cardigan with soft lines, which is more gentle and sweet to match

, which can weaken the brown man’s feeling.

The short A-line skirt worn below goes to the middle of the thighs, which is friendly to the pear-shaped figure, just right

It can cover the width of the hips and thick thighs, and appear tall and thin.

The shoe part Oni was paired with a pair of thick-soled black small leather shoes + mid-tube socks, which appeared to have thin and long legs.

The length of the sock is 5cm above the bone of the ankle, which shows the leg length.

Because the shoes are darker black than brown, Ernie specially carried a black bag to echo it,

Avoid being light-headed and short

Look3 noble big heroine is a sense of sight

White small fragrant suit + V-neck silk suspenders + micro-flared pants

If you are a strong woman in the workplace or a sister who wants to get a high spirit

, you may wish to refer to Oni’s expensive suit look, white small fragrant suit + V-neck suspenders + micro-flared pants, simple and advanced.

This year’s popular small fragrance is also one of the popular trends in early spring. Since it is spring, choose a light white color,

Comes with nobility and versatility

It is recommended to choose Oni, a fabric with a certain texture + light gold buttons, which is high-grade and textured.

Pure white + light gold can be done, and it is easy to be tacky when mixed with other colors, and the difficulty of matching will also increase.

Inside, Oni’s choice is a textured V-neck silk suspender,

The flowing silk material can neutralize the “heavy feeling” of the small fragrant suit, making the whole outfit appear lighter and taller.

The small fragrant suit has a sense of luxury, and it is most suitable for pairing with the same high-aura micro-flared pants.

The lines are long and straight, with a leg pulling effect, who wears who is tall!

If you want to wear micro-flared pants, pay attention

The length should not be too short, it should cover the upper, about 93-95cm

。 Too short will look small and family-like, neither the retro feel of micro-flared pants, nor so long legs.

The whole outfit is more elegant and fashionable, and the shoes are most suitable with high-heeled boots with shoe shaped wrapped feet, which are relatively light and profitable,

The wrapped boots and wide trouser tube show off the thin legs, which is very suitable for sisters with thick legs.

Look4 casual style

Black suit + letter T-shirt + jeans + little white shoes

Sisters who usually like casual style, you can also wear a small suit in early spring, you can refer to Oni’s look – black suit + letter T-shirt + jeans + small white shoes, casual and fashionable.

Black suits I believe that many sisters have it in their wardrobes, you can match a casual letter T-shirt like Oni, and the letter print T-shirt will reduce age without being too childish, and it is very temperamental to match.

▲ Matching a simple necklace can increase the delicacy of the outfit

The lower body Oni is paired with a pair of light blue jeans, which can weaken the dullness of the black suit,

Compared to dark denim, it is more suitable for early spring and more refreshing.

The whole outfit is a more casual style, and it is recommended to choose a more casual style for shoes, such as the small white shoes matched by Oni

The thinnest legs are the round-toe shoe style

, visually creating a width contrast.

It is recommended that the sisters choose platform shoes like Oni, but remember to look at the construction of the sole. I

It is recommended to design with different thicknesses before and after, which is not easy to appear bulky and more comfortable to wear

The leather shoe shape will be more three-dimensional, and the effect of modifying the foot shape will be better. The canvas is more suitable for matching soft and light clothes in spring and summer, so everyone can choose according to their needs.

Look5 Gentle Korean Oni

Oatmeal suit + white sweater + plaid straight skirt

The last thing I want to share with you is a super gentle dress look. Low-key oatmeal-colored suit + white sweater + plaid straight skirt,

Sisters who like gentle and sweet wind must pick

In addition to choosing regular black and white suits in early spring, oatmeal color is also a good choice.

Don’t pick skin tone, more advanced texture

It is a perfect match with the milky white inside, gentle and generous.

The whole outfit takes the gentle temperament route, and is best paired with a mid-length skirt like Oni. The mid-length skirt is highly inclusive to the figure, whether you wear it with thick thighs or thick calves, it looks tall and thin.

Remember to choose the style of skirt that is long in the middle of the calf belly, which is about 65cm,

It can cover the thickest part of the calf, exposing the thin ankle and showing the length of the leg.

When matching a skirt, you can tuck the half into the skirt,

It not only highlights the waist line but also modifies the small belly, without looking too rigid

Today’s early spring small suit look is shared here, which one is your favorite?

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