Ten days later, another red carpet was held in Shanghai, the first Fashion Culture Awards, following the last Bazaar event.

Compared with Harper’s Bazaar’s prominent reputation, this brand new event did not have much momentum in the early stage, so that when the rice sister saw that all the stars were taking exquisite photos of the red carpet, she knew that there was such a lively event on April 10.

Nearly 50 guests were officially announced, from national actors, popular artists to young traffic, international supermodels, all fields are involved, stars are very face-giving, and the scene looks very grand.

So how is everyone doing? Let’s take a look with Sister Fan.

International supermodel

Since it is a fashion event, let’s start with the supermodels who are present.

At least Liu Wen, who appeared on the domestic red carpet, brought a dress that surprised everyone, probably with the theory that “a good figure is not afraid of wearing a sack”, she wore a black undershirt and a white mesh skirt.

Looking like a fishing net from afar, like a chain up close, this big-name dress is also amazing, fortunately, Liu Wen’s face is invincible, and the momentum of the supermodel is still fully displayed.

Xi Mengyao wore the same color black dress as Liu Wen, but her skirt design was more disaster than Liu Wen’s, the upper body was like a belly pocket, the lower body was thick and cumbersome, and there was no waist line in the middle, and the whole person was lined up several sizes.

However, her state on the Bazaar red carpet is also the same, she has become a lot richer, maybe she is really preparing for a second child.

Against the backdrop of the two of them, He Sui’s neat suit is simply too cool, and the hollow design inside is very ingenious, with her white glowing skin and red lips and wavy curls, it looks very amorous.

Despite being so beautiful, He Sui in the supermodel is not a winner.

Another model-turned-cuckoo chose the right dress, also a black bottom skirt, she covered a printed jacket, stepped on a pair of purple high heels, and matched her cold and domineering face, which was worthy of the audience.

Yan Xiaowen is dressed too funny, too focused on the pursuit of the name of the elf, too much.

In the group photo outside the supermodel, we can also clearly see that the cuckoo won thoroughly.

85 flowers contest

In addition to the supermodel town, the most interesting thing in the list of participants is the gathering of several popular 85 flowers, although the three who are most likely to cause bloody storms did not come – Yang Mi, Zhao Liying, Tang Yan were absent, but the remaining few were also rare to get together.

I don’t know if the theme of the event is set to be black as the main color, most actresses wear black, and Angelababy, who has hardly missed a hand on the red carpet, is a black cake dress.

Don’t say much, the picture is here, let’s see for yourself, this time she missed a little ruthlessly, not only the skirt looks very cheap, no texture, the shape is average, even the makeup on the face is not put on, big heavy makeup with a big black dress, which can only be reminiscent of Disney stepmothers.

Her good sister Ni Ni is also a black dress, and the black feather shawl is reminiscent of Di Li Gerba’s white style on Weibo night, all of which are the feelings of big Shanghai dancers, may be lost in the hairstyle, Ni Ni has not mastered Reba well.

Song Qian’s black dress has more design ingenuity than them, and a touch of cherry blossom powder on the hem of the skirt is under her feet, which looks very good when walking.

Xin Zhilei, who was in the age of 85 flowers but was never counted as 85 flowers, wore a tulle black dress, which had nothing to offer except to show her great figure, which was a common mass dress.

And Guo Caijie wears a set of black leather skirts, which is the level of black in front of the eyes of the fan, maybe the soil is the ultimate tide, this style is difficult for ordinary people to appreciate anyway.

Yuan Shanshan, who has long fallen off the ranks of 85 flowers, did not wear a skirt, but still wore black pants, to be honest, walking the red carpet wearing this kind of fruitless small suit, it is really difficult to shine, and without that temperament, if you don’t wear well, you will be very similar to a township female entrepreneur…

Zhang Yuqi, who is also in the age of 85 flowers, finally wore another color, a golden dress noble and atmospheric, does this style look familiar? That’s right, this dress is the same as Zhao Liying’s Bazaar – from designer Guo Pei’s domestic haute couture.

Good looking is good-looking, but this exaggerated shoulder design is too strong, plus Zhang Yuqi is a plump actress with a perfect body, and she lacks a coordinated beauty like a golden dragonfish.

Who won 85 flowers? Sister Fan thinks it is Liu Shishi.

A light blue bead gauze skirt, first of all, stands out from the color, and secondly, this skirt is really shiny when it moves, lining Liu Shishi like a mermaid in the deep sea, her state is also very good, where like a person who has given birth to a baby, full of collagen.


A number of powerful actors and young artists who are not easy to classify also play their own housekeeping skills, but most of them are not satisfactory.

Qin Hailu was dressed in a purple long dress, giving people the feeling of walking the red carpet in pajamas, and the stylist was really too casual.

Unexpectedly, Dong Jie pulled her crotch more than her, a simple white dress with a slip, almost made Sister Fan think that she only wore an inner lining to go out, is there a matching outerwear that she forgot to wear?

Qin Lan is also a white skirt, but it is a design with slanted shoulders + bare legs, and the cut perfectly outlines the curves of her figure, although the whole is not very outstanding, but it is much better than Dong Jie.

In contrast, Haiqing’s white wide-leg pants suit makes people look bright, and at their age, if they don’t want to be more beautiful, it is simply suitable to walk this dashing and comfortable style.

There are not many people who go to the young little flower, but the only 90 flower Wu Jinyan did not seize the opportunity and did not wear a formal dress, but wore a white lace suit of Xiaojia Jasper, missing the opportunity to show off.

However, she and the trio of Qin Lan and Tan Zhuo’s “Yanxi Raiders” met in the infield for a group photo, and they were in good condition, inspiring the audience’s infinite memories.

The only 00 flower Ouyang Nana is also on the same page with the suit styling, and in recent large red carpets, she is all wearing suits, and she has not been able to play her young advantage, which is a pity.

In addition to Liu Shishi above, there are two people who are surprised this time, one is Zhang Liangying in a couture three-dimensional skirt, although this dress looks a little piercing, but this unique design is like a paper-cut work, which is very stunning.

The other is CCTV host Zhou Tao, wearing a dark purple fringed long dress, walking with a swaying chest and shiny, which is similar to Liu Shishi’s set.

And this face that reveals the “elephant of Guotai Minan”, where does it resemble an aunt who has long been over fifty? This state is simply much better than many of the young female artists mentioned above.

Female celebrities have their own beauty, and the red carpet comparison style should have magnified their beauty to the maximum, but unfortunately, many times, the stylist did not think of making a full score, but hovered on the passing line and became a tool for other actresses to step on.

Male celebrities are much simpler, no matter how you wear a suit, it is impossible to wear a flower, so I will skip it here.

I hope that every red carpet, the stylists of all the stars are attentive enough to contribute a visual feast to us onlookers, gorgeous clothes + beauty, who will not love it.

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Written by Seven Dreams

Editor-in-charge: zeria

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