Umbrellas as a necessity in life, has been transformed and upgraded many times, from the beginning of manual umbrellas to the current automatic umbrellas, people’s requirements are getting higher and higher, so the development of umbrellas is getting faster and faster. Not only umbrellas and umbrellas, but there are few umbrellas in life that combine the two, and most of the umbrellas on the market are not waterproof, and are front umbrellas, after using the umbrella, the rain on it will become a troublesome problem, whether at home or in the car, the used umbrella as long as you do not pay attention, the rain will drip all over the ground, so the current public is still not very satisfied with the design of the umbrella.

Now there is a reverse storage umbrella on the market, this new generation of Zuodu car reverse umbrella, is also specially designed for the car, the design of the reverse non-wet car, but also to avoid the trouble of rain wet car. The highlights of this umbrella are also very prominent, using the design of reverse umbrella, the function of fully automatic umbrella support, the umbrella surface is enlarged, the vehicle is special, the windproof skeleton, the waterproof umbrella cloth, and the waterproof technology, so the umbrella solves the needs of users very well, as long as the problems that users are worried about are solved together.

Creative anti-collection design can be described as the most prominent design, as long as it is in a rainy day, bringing an umbrella to the car is a very distressing thing, where to put the umbrella, where will be wet, and ordinary umbrellas are still not waterproof, ordinary umbrella surfaces are easy to be wet, left are reverse umbrella using lotus leaf umbrella surface, so there is no need to worry about the umbrella being wet, the reverse umbrella design is very good to put the wet umbrella surface inside, no need to worry about the umbrella will wet any place in the car.

At the same time, the umbrella also supports LED lighting, which is completely a flashlight, which can be used even in the dark night, and the combination of flashlight and umbrella is also an effective use of space, making the umbrella more and more functional. Moreover, the umbrella adopts a wind-resistant alloy skeleton, which is more tough and durable, rust-proof, anti-cracking, anti-deformation characteristics, but also adds points to the quality of the umbrella, which is not only a must-have boutique for the car, but also an indispensable product for home life.

Umbrellas are not just for beauty, practicality is the last word. Zuo Du reverse sunny umbrella in the smallest space to achieve the most functions, in the traditional umbrella has been upgraded and transformed, more in line with the taste of the public, not only practical but also this umbrella is also very simple, suitable for different groups of people, sunny days and rainy days can use this umbrella, is an indispensable product in life.

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