Graceful posture, perfect waistline! How many girls are diligently sought. And I don’t know when it started, the fashion girls around me have a girdle per capita, and all kinds of fashionistas and fashion communities are pushing all kinds of girdles. To help shape curves, enlarge breasts and buttocks. What makes people wonder is, can you really have a sexy little waist by wearing a corset? Is there any harm to health?

Is it reliable to lean on the belt and slim the waist?

Waist corset first originated in the court of ancient Europe, and it is a bad custom in ancient Europe, just like the wrapped little feet of our Qing Dynasty! In order to please men, aristocratic women at that time tied their waists and abdomen tightly to achieve the effect of setting off the chest and tightening the waist.

In fact, the principle of slimming the belt is very simple and crude: it is to use external force to squeeze the movable fat, and squeeze the fat in the high pressure part to the low part, so as to shape the fat and shape the body. That is, squeezing your internal organs down and squeezing your ribs up, thus highlighting the chest and buttocks. Making the whole body visually appear hourglass-shaped, making your waist briefly thinner, and even obtaining the so-called perfect “waist-hip ratio” only serves as a psychological comforting effect.

But it doesn’t really reduce body fat at all, and once you take it off, you’ll notice that it’s no different. If you do not consume fat by exercising to diet and create a calorie gap, the volume of fat will not become smaller or even disappear due to squeezing. And from a medical point of view, the harm of corsetting is still very large, and many injuries are still permanent.

You must know these hazards of wearing a corset for a long time

1. Your internal organs will shift

After wearing a corset, your stomach, intestines, etc. will be squeezed to varying degrees. Such squeezing will affect the entire digestive system, causing abdominal bloating, large and small intestines, and uterus all displacement. In severe cases, it may cause the displacement of the internal organs, resulting in the deformation of the internal organs.

2. Long-term compression relaxes the pelvic floor muscles in women

The girdle is mainly aimed at people, one of which is pregnant women. It can separate and restore the rectus abdominis muscle of pregnant women, and also help restore pelvic function. Many pregnant mothers wear corsets, but they do not know that it has caused fatal pressure on the pelvic floor muscles.

Previously, a video of a postpartum mother “peeling her skin and girdling” on the Internet reached 13 million views. It is because the postpartum mother leaked urine after wearing the Internet celebrity corset for a week. Later, after going to the hospital for examination, it was found that the vaginal wall bulged and the internal organs drooped, and the cause of this condition was the wearing of a belt.

3. Affect core stability, rib deformation

Binding the waist does not strengthen and shape the abdominal muscles at all, but rather weakens its effect. With the support of the waist, the muscles can stabilize the spine without maintaining tension, so that the muscles of our waist and abdomen will no longer “work hard”, and over time the strength of the waist and abdomen muscles will decrease, or even weaken. Once the gird is removed, it can easily lead to poor posture such as chest and hunchback, and even cause various injuries. There are many elderly people around us, due to the long-term wearing of belts caused muscle atrophy, has become “brittle waist”.

Most wearers will feel unstable core after removing the corset (such as when bathing). In severe cases, the wearer who has removed the girdle even loses the ability to stand. Many people who have used to use a corset also find that after removing the corset, they often have lower back pain. This is because poor core stability increases the risk of acute or chronic injury to the lumbar spine during exercise.

4. Obstruction of blood flow to the lower back, resulting in inflammation

Waist corset and slimming clothing will make our lower back muscles in a state of compression and ischemia, which will lead to the accumulation of some non-sterile inflammatory products metabolized, aggravating lumbar myofasciitis and lumbar muscle strain. Therefore, wearing a corset may not play the role of protecting the waist.

If when you have acute low back pain, the doctor recommends that you wear an “belt” and other equipment to protect the waist, then we must actively and gradually remove the belt after the symptoms of low back pain are relieved and resume normal activities in the waist. During this period, you can choose to take some common medications such as low back pain to promote recovery, and take measures to strengthen the back muscles to avoid dependence on the back protection.

Daily correct waist protection practices are: maintain the correct sitting posture, standing posture, sleeping posture, strengthen the training of core muscles, warm waist, active treatment and other measures, is the correct waist “posture”.

Overall, the adverse health effects of long-term waistwear are enormous. And the visual “thinness” of the belt is also temporary. If we really want to get a “good body”, we can only get long-term fitness and diet control.

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