From Dunhuang Devil City to Henan Drama City in the Central Plains, to the Nyingchi Lulang Gongcuo Lake Scenic Area in Tibet, Li Ning brought the show to natural venues in different regions, interpreting Li Ning’s brand spirit of “anything is possible”, and at the same time

“Li Ning Style Show”

Play to new heights and constantly surprise users.

On September 24, Li Ning staged on a plateau more than 3,700 meters above sea level next to the Himalayas – Nyingchi Lulang Gongcuo Lake Scenic Area in Tibet

“Li Ning 2021 Enlightenment Theme Show”

, invited Huang Xiaoming, Nie Yuan, Hua Chenyu, Ding Zhen, Wang Ju, Sun Yihan and other stars, artists, fashionistas to pay tribute to the walkers who continue to climb the peak of life.

In 2018, Lulang Town was awarded the title of “China’s Most Beautiful Outdoor Town” by China National Geographic magazine.

The hand-drawn poster is warmed up in the early stage, and the creative invitation is presented

In the early stage of the big show, Li Ning preheated up through official channels, including the pilot film of the big show, the warm-up of hand-painted posters, and the announcement of star artists on the platform.

In the poster warm-up, the color contrast design of the model is cleverly used in hand-drawn style, coupled with the copywriting annotation of the theme of the big show, so that the overall poster has a strong visual impact and comic sense.

The sweat shed during the climbing can write the most beautiful poems in life

It is not possible to climb, it is possible to climb

If the road ahead is not smooth, the end can be extraordinary

Not enough oxygen, with courage to top


On the invitation design, the clothing tag design is adopted, in addition, there is another

Ornamental plant “Rhodiola”

Rare wild plants that grow on the forest or grassy slopes of mountain slopes at an altitude of 1800-2500 meters in the cold and pollution-free zone, mostly distributed in the alpine areas of the northern hemisphere. As for why Li Ning sent the guest “Rhodiola”, there is also a mention on the surface of the packaging bag that “completing the enlightenment of life again and again and blooming bright flowers”. This is also reinforcing the theme of this show.

With peaks and snow-capped mountains as the backdrop, it creates a spectacular and stunning natural show

This show is built in the scenic area of Gongcuo Lake,

Built by the stream, with peaks and snow-capped mountains as the background, the show is set in nature

It is surrounded by mountains and snow-capped mountains can be seen in the distance. Nearby are rolling meadows, green grasslands that cover every part the river passes through.

The design idea of the main stage of the show is derived from the natural scenery of the snow-capped mountains, and the triangular loop composition is set up, which symbolizes the continuous burst of accumulated life force, and at the same time integrates the thinking of enlightenment – no matter where it starts, the end point will always be on the top of the mountain.

After a dance performance with a national style, the theme show was officially ushered in.

The show set up three thematic sections, namely

“Vision of Heaven”, “Tracing the Origin of Earth”, “Distant Places of Man”

, through dialogue with heaven and earth, introspection of the heart.

“Vision of Heaven” uses snow-capped mountains as a source of inspiration, and reflects the layering of mountains through electro-embroidery or thread embroidery technology, and the clothing is mainly white and sky blue. “The Origin of the Earth” mostly uses earth tones to show the simplicity of the plateau, and the overall presentation is like the layering and three-dimensional sense of rolling mountains. “Man Far Away” is stacked with bright colors, inspired by five-color prayer flags, bringing a breath of life and humanity.

The fly in the ointment is that before the big show started, it started to rain lightly, so the big show was delayed for a while before it officially started.

Cross-border linkage of brands creates a different show-watching experience

Continuing the previous show design style, Li Ning continued to link multiple brands across borders this time, and built a brand display area of multiple partners on site, bringing guests a different interactive experience of the show space. Among them:

PepsiCo, Monster Charging, Jagermeister and other exhibition areas

This time, Pepsi joined hands with Li Ning, the pioneer of the national tide, to create a Pepsi x COUNTERFLOW by Li-Ning co-branded limited show set, which appeared in Li Ning’s 2021 Wuxing theme show. Blue as the bottom, mountains as the pattern, tribute to the lonely courage of young people exploring against the wind, and also invited Chen Youwei, a representative of youth forces, to make a surprise appearance.

This should be the highest “power station” that the little monster has ever set up. This time Monster Charging joined hands with Li Ning to launch the 2021 Li Ning Wu Xing customized charging treasure, enter the Monster Charging Mini Program, you can start the treasure hunting journey, and there are lucky draw gifts waiting for everyone, such as: Li Ning 2021 autumn and winter new backpacks, hats, shoes, tops, pants…

Li Ning once again joined hands with Jagermeister to create a wine area on the site and relay the spirit of masters.

In addition, Li Ning also built one at the entrance of the site

“Yamagata shoe wall”

, showcasing the new shoe series of this show.

On the left side of the theme photo wall, a Li-Ning children’s clothing brand is also built

“Li Ning YOUNG” product display area

What surprised Dawang the most was that there were actually two Tibetan mastiffs at the scene who took photos with the guests, and it can only be said that the people who took photos together were bold.

Stand trendy parties and amaze your taste buds

After the big show, you think it’s over, but it’s just the beginning. Continuing the previous big show setting, this time there will not only be a wonderful performance by the band, but also a session to enjoy food.


The passionate performance brought by it resounded between heaven and earth, making the originally quiet Lulang night have a burst of vitality of life.

There are also a variety of barbecue delicacies in the musical atmosphere, bringing a different experience to the taste buds of guests.


Li Ning has indeed given us too many surprises, turning outdoor venues with characteristic culture into “alternative shows”, skillfully integrating the theme of the big show with the cultural atmosphere of the outdoor venues, so as to create an event marketing show, and also provide new show marketing ideas for other competing products.


Alternative venues, trendy parties, and brand cross-border exhibition areas will also become important elements of the “Li Ning Style Show”

。 In the future, as a national trend pioneer brand, what new experiences and new gameplay Li Ning will bring us is worth waiting ~

What surprised Dawang the most was that

More and more clothing brands are moving the runway outdoors, to places we can’t imagine

。 In the past 1 month, there have been “Jacket Mountain and Sea” themed show on the Great Wall, “Semir to Chaka Salt Lake “Through the Comfortable Realm””, “Balabala opens the Great Wall dream show”, “Li Ning’s Wu Xing theme show next to the Himalayas”… Let me see the spring of clothing brands.

Of course, behind these brand shows, it is inseparable from the strong support of e-commerce platforms and venue operators.

Finally, Dawang has a question for everyone, how to overcome high resistance when doing activities at an altitude of 3700 meters? Welcome to leave a message below to tell Dawang.



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