Dior has just launched a collection of embroidered handbags from the Early Spring 2022 collection, inspired by the Parthenon architecture in Greece. Through weaving and embroidery processes, the cartouche decorative totem is presented on BookTote, Lady Dior Saddle bags and other bags, and the exquisite embroidery restores the three-dimensional texture of bas-relief, showing the beauty of classical architecture.

Figure 2️⃣ Gold

Built in the 5th century BC, the Parthenon was a temple dedicated to the goddess Athena by the ancient Greeks and is regarded as a fine example of ancient Greek architecture. Based on mythological gold and Mediterranean blue, Dior’s works this season extract the most representative caricatures of Greek architectural carvings and elements such as caricature and leaf weeds, and fuse them with the divination symbols such as stars loved by founder Christian Dior to create a new decorative totem that pays tribute to the beauty of classical architecture.

The small BookTote is crafted from tender calf leather, which is stitched by Cornely to present a spiral totem that curls continuously on the leather, and the white gold color scheme is gorgeous.

Canvas BookTote is available in 3 sizes: regular, small and mini, and the large size presents the Dior Around The WorldStella pattern specially designed by Italian artist Pietro Ruffo with gold embroidery thread, which combines ancient Greek architecture, sculpture and pentagram motif, in addition to the forest animal theme and the classic Oblique reading flower pattern.

Figure 3️⃣ Blue

The combination of dark blue background and white embroidery is reminiscent of the Mediterranean and pure white palaces, and the Saddle saddle bag and small BookTote are crafted from calf leather with embroidered motifs covering every detail from the body to the handles.

The medium Lady D-lite handbag and D-Bubble bucket bag are exotic in embroidered totems, while flowing tassels bring romance to the bag.

Figure 4️⃣ Light yellow

Also on the shelves is a set of light yellow handbags, with a light cream tone that is gentle and healing, like a warm sun in winter. The new mini Dior

Bobby’s handbags are particularly popular, with military-style CD buckles and a small and delicate body.


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