Speaking of the consumption track of involution, the skin care product market is definitely on the list.

Roll ingredients, roll brands, roll stories, roll marketing, roll packaging, the trillion-dollar beauty and skin care market has attracted everyone to want to get a piece of the pie. Although the investment enthusiasm of capital has gradually cooled, in the past three months of 2022, there are still 11 domestic skin care product investment and financing. With the transformation of consumer groups and traffic dividends, the market pattern and trend of skin care products have undergone great changes. In the past two years, many domestic cutting-edge brands have “become popular” with the help of the trend of ingredient skin care and efficacy ingredients, but in 2022, when capital is more cautious and traffic is more difficult to obtain, which brands are maintaining rapid growth?

Today’s Magic Mirror New Rise List will provide you with an inventory of high-growth brands with sales of more than 10 million yuan and a year-on-year increase of more than 300% under the beauty and skin care/body/essential oil categories on Taobao Tmall platform in February 2022.

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Contract into a divided party, take the road of hardcore skin care of raw material barrels

Dr. Ling is a brand of Mei Ye Biomedical Co., Ltd., targeting young skin, and its main ingredient is hyaluronic acid. In the hyaluronic acid world, it is known

The world’s hyaluronic acid looks at China, and China’s hyaluronic acid looks at Shandong

said. At present, Shandong Province accounts for about 75% of global sales, and the well-known manufacturers Huaxi Biotechnology and Freda are all from Shandong. And the connection between Mei Ye creatures and them is not only geographically the same.

Inquiring the information of Meiye Biotechnology, the ultimate beneficiary is in addition to the founder and legal representative Qi Jinliang, and the other is Ling Peixue. Ling Peixue was once a veteran of Freda and was known as the “father of Chinese hyaluronic acid”. Up to now, Ling Peixue is still the chief scientist of Lushang Group (Freda’s parent company).

With the addition of Ling Peixue, Dr. Ling can be described as twice as effective on the road of hyaluronic acid, with sales of 140 million yuan in 2021.

Dr. Ling’s sales sales trends

Source: Magic Mirror Market Intelligence

The core ingredient of the Top Single Water Milk Set and Plain Mask is GD-HA Cryoluronic Acid, which focuses on hydration, plumping and firming.

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Founded in 2013, Skin Future focuses on “ingredients” and “efficacy quantification” in product promotion strategies, and the current products can be divided into two skin care series, the core ingredients are

377, copper peptide, hyaluronic acid, fullerene, graphene.

From the perspective of the crowd, the skin will focus on staying up late in the future, the popular item is 377 whitening essence, the product page shows that the selling point is Dezhixin specializes in 377, repels dullness, brightens the complexion, Dezhixin is the world’s fourth largest manufacturer of cosmetic raw materials, 377 is its patented whitening ingredients, according to news, in July 2020, the skin future reached a cooperation with Dezhixin Shanghai Laboratory & Dezhixin Paris Innovation R&D Center.

“Cycle use” is a bit similar to the “course of treatment” in health care products, and the popular product is a combination of 3 bottles, a single bottle is only 18ml, less than the amount of one cycle.

Why for the choice of 377 as the main ingredient, the magic mirror may be able to give some answers from the market data, we compare

3 whitening ingredients

In the beauty and skin care market

scale and growth rate,

The most well-known nicotinamide is the most widely used, but its growth has been weak in recent years; As an emerging whitening ingredient in recent years, 377 has grown rapidly, with a compound annual growth rate of 113% in the past two years, and sales of 1.44 billion yuan in 2021.

377 is SymWhite 377, chemical name phenethylresorcinol, its whitening principle is to effectively inhibit tyrosinase activity, block melanin production, and achieve whitening effect. In terms of effect, the 377 whitening effect is indeed excellent, and the popularity of Dr. Shirono 377 whitening essence once made this raw material popular.

In 2012, the raw material was approved by the former State Food and Drug Administration as a new cosmetic raw material, and the only purpose approved for use was to “whiten the skin and inhibit the formation of melanin by inhibiting the activity of tyrosinase”. And according to

“Cosmetic Efficacy Claim Evaluation Specification”

It is stipulated that from January 1, 2022, newly applied for registration of freckle removal and whitening cosmetics shall be carried out by the cosmetics registration and filing inspection agency in accordance with the requirements of mandatory national standards and technical specifications, and a report shall be issued, and the cosmetics registrant shall upload a summary of the basis for the product’s efficacy claim on a special website designated by the State Food and Drug Administration. That is, want to continue using 377 ingredients, brands and products in the future

It is necessary to strictly register special cosmetics for the record.

Sales trend of whitening ingredients in the past 3 years (100 million yuan)

Open John Jeff’s official website, the shop is a strong “laboratory style”, and the product naming is also quite distinctive: ingredient + ingredient concentration, at a glance.

The combination of multiple ingredients and different types of products makes John Jeff significantly more SKUs than emerging beauty and skin care brands of the same magnitude. From the perspective of sales performance,

Olive leaves

It is one of the star ingredients of John Jeff, accounting for about 40% of the brand’s sales.

John Jeff and his ingredient olea olive leaf sales trend (million yuan)

Olive Leaf Extract is available in 7.7% and 10% concentrations, with special mention

It can be used as a primer for brush acid products.


Plant-based, caring for sensitive skin

Ximuyuan, which only began to officially launch its products in January 2020, has completed 7 rounds of financing since the seed round in 2019, and the latest round of C financing amounted to 300 million yuan, which shows that the capital is optimistic about Ximuyuan.

Of course, Ximuyuan’s own results are indeed eye-catching, with monthly online sales exceeding 60 million yuan in February 2022, and the top item is a camellia water milk set. The application of camellia in the skin care industry is not the first of Ximuyuan, why Ximuyuan has become the top 1 brand under camellia ingredients, product power + high cost performance is one of the reasons for high sales.

The rare set is positioned as

China’s original plateau plant skin care brand,

The spokesperson is Ding Zhen, and I have to say that this wave of fit is directly in place. The official announcement time of the spokesperson is also extremely clever, the pre-sale of Double 11 began on October 20 last year, and the official announcement of Ding Zhen’s endorsement on October 21, coupled with the early publicity and momentum, completed a wave of harvesting in Double 11.

Rare set sales sales trends

The main product of the rare collection is Matsutake mushroom series, and the brand concept is rooted in China, cherish plant extracts,

And in the marketing and store pages, the existence of origin and ingredients is constantly strengthened, so that consumers can form a more unified brand impression.

Image source: Little Red Book

From an intuitive point of view, PMPM, Rare Objects Collection, and Ximuyuan are more similar in product composition and brand promotion, especially pmpm and Ximuyuan. In fact, consumers do use these brands as a replaceable solution.

High-frequency brands that appear in the selection at the same time as these brands are innisfree, Nyas, Dr. Aier, etc., so in this case, for these brands from the same ecological niche (comprehensive price / positioning / brand power / customer group), in order to stand out from the same ecological niche, the brand alone by burning money for GMV The game has long been ineffective, in order to continue to pull new and higher repurchases, brands need to strengthen the cost performance, and through continuous insight into the market, crowd, scene, continue to launch differentiated second, Three-echelon products, which put forward higher requirements for brands in terms of R&D capabilities and capital investment.

Ou Min skin is a dermatology brand from France, introduced into the domestic market by Shanghai Oumei Cosmeceuticals in 2007, from the online data, physical sun protection is the brand’s star product,

This high growth is mainly due to its cream products, which appeared in Li Jiaqi’s live broadcast room in February.


The skin care parts are refined, and the “little sweat hair” should also say goodbye

The delicate piggy girls are all delicate to the hair, and the actual delicate degree is even greater.

Founded in 2008, Mizunoko’s main products are body care and beauty skin care related, body care products account for nearly 90% of sales, and the ace product is hair removal cream.

February 2022 with new products

Detail hair removal cream

It has become the top 1 brand under the category of body care hair removal cream, with monthly sales of more than 5W+. A set of 3 products including emollient + hair removal + soothing, advertised as moisturizing repair, hair removal without dark spots and long-term hair suppression.

Like blackheads, acne is also on the list for stubborn skin problems. Eating spicy acne, eating sweet acne, staying up late and also acne, people have to feel, young people love acne.

As a result, acne stickers have become an emergency way for young people who are difficult to change their living habits. Oliviyang is a health beauty brand from South Korea, which entered Tmall in July 19, and its acne patch products contributed about 97% of the brand’s market share.

Olivyang sales trends

The highest-selling product is Oliveyoung Olive Acne Patch Mild Invisible 102 Sticker, the product focuses on cost performance, gentle repair, and invisible clothing, and only this product has sales of more than 10 million yuan in February 2022.


Skin care is not only hydrating, repairing and anti-aging, the cleaning market is also hot

Search for the word blackhead in Xiaohongshu, with more than 1 million posts in the past 1 year, and head beauty bloggers such as Luo Wangyu and Cheng Shian have posted past blackhead tutorials, and the number of likes and collections is extremely considerable. This shows the pain of the blackhead problem.

According to the market intelligence data of Magic Mirror, the official flagship store of Aiyu was officially launched on the Tmall platform in March 2021, with sales of 2.8 million yuan in the first month of launch

Kiehl’s white mud replacement.

In addition to mud masks, Aiyu continues to launch nasal strip products for blackhead problems. Traditional tear-off nose strips are often criticized for their possible pore damage.

Ai Yu has insight into this pain point, emphasizes not tearing or pulling in product promotion, and dispels consumers’ doubts through the display of expert questions and answers.

Aiyu’s parent company is Pelle Group, which also has brands such as Wei, Yiwo, Unny Club, and Barbera.

For the TOP9 brand C coffee, the brand received another B round of financing in January this year, this round of financing was led by SIG, followed by Shunwei Capital, Buer Capital and Belle Consumer Fund. Only 7 months have passed since the A-round financing completed in June last year and the A+ round of financing in September, and now that new consumption is cooling, C coffee has good strength in channel globalization, brand building and differentiated marketing.

From the perspective of the founder’s gene, the founder of C coffee is Xiao Rongshen, former president of Hanhou Group, who advocates “finding the blue ocean market from the red ocean”,

C Coffee, founded in 2021, starts from a large category of masks,

Use a small can of mask as an entry,

Take the road of differentiated packaging design to solve the inconvenience of flake, secondary throw and large can masks.

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According to Magic Mirror market intelligence, consumers have the lowest proportion of negative evaluations of packaging.

Most people recognize the packaging method of small cans, thinking that it is portable, good-looking, and has characteristics.

How to quickly cut into the skin care track, different brands have different moves, some brands rely on good brand stories, some rely on traffic, and some rely on differentiated people/packaging/ingredients; But the same thing is that for these new brands that have become popular,

How to keep it long red

is the difficulty, especially when the traffic dividend is gradually declining.

In fact, although these brands are trying their best to maintain their own differentiation, it is inevitable that there will be a kind of homogeneity under differentiation, similar prices, similar marketing methods, and similar efficacy under different ingredients, how can consumers form loyalty to the brand in this situation?

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