Supermodel Bella Hadid appeared in Paris and prepared to go to Louis Vuitton’s office, wearing white double-breasted and high-waisted cropped pants, this exaggerated long leg is enviable!


Bella Hadid’s waist is originally thin enough, this white outfit looks even thinner, a level higher than the A4 waist, this waist is really envious, directly the Paris streets are alive as a show, showing the style of a supermodel!


This outfit uses cold colors as the main tone, which sets off Bella’s arrogant and cold image, and even some netizens joked: “Which pansi hole did she go to to finish cultivating, it’s really amazing!” ”


The hair does not need to be treated more, a headband is enough, it looks full of spirit, especially wearing tinted lenses, and it is full of queen style, striding on the streets of Paris, which can be said to attract the attention of many people.

Wearing a double-breasted top, paired with high-waisted cropped pants, showing the proportion of the supermodel’s body, this white outfit sets off her milky white skin, this outfit, full score is no longer enough to describe!

Supermodel Bella Hadid’s clothes are really convincing, every time she goes out on the street to attract much attention, she walks in the street in a white outfit, the queen is full of style, do you like this look?

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