Winter clothes are almost bought, of course, the most important thing is this one

A soft and thick life-saving coat!

This kind of plush clothes is too suitable for wearing on snowy days, and she becomes a Korean drama heroine in minutes~

Among the popular plush items every year, “lamb wool” is definitely a great sense of existence!

Not only has it successfully made a name for itself in the coat industry, but it has also appeared in various bags, hats, scarves and other accessories, and even shoes can play with flowers.

Lamb wool is used most frequently on coats because it can

Warm in large areas

。 But to be honest, cuteness is one thing,

“Showing fat and showing soil”

It is also one of the biggest problems with this fabric.

Sometimes even the upper body effect of fashion bloggers is a little unsatisfactory.

For sisters who love lamb wool, this issue focuses on helping you


! How to choose the right outfit, warm and fashionable to the end!

The difference between lamb hair and expensive fur on the street is still very big, don’t get confused!

Here again the emphasis is:

Lamb wool and lamb wool are also different!

Although the market often confuses the two of them ~

Lamb hair is from a few months old little sheep

The hair cut off for the first time

, the cost is higher,

Relatively soft and delicate

, it is also comfortable to watch.

But lamb wool is mostly it

Faux fleece

, many chemical fiber sense is relatively heavy, visually

Slightly rough

, always gives a sense of cheapness.

And the color is too bright, and it also particularly lowers the grade of clothes.

Although yes

Synthetic products

, but the feel can achieve a similar effect to lamb wool, the price is cheap, so there are more people wearing it.

In comparison, synthetic fabrics do not have pure natural lamb wool to look more advanced, but preservation

The warmth is about the same.

How to distinguish the quality of lamb hair, in fact, the effect is obvious to the naked eye.

If you don’t go for the goal of playing with street tides,

Oversizd fit

A lamb wool coat really doesn’t have to be!

It is a material that is easy to show bloat, and if it is so big, won’t it become the embarrassment of “clothes and people”?

Want to be comfortable, warm, and versatile, actually

One size larger than the usual coat

That’s enough.


Slightly loose

The lamb wool coat, and a languid feel, are more preppy to wear.

And whether the version is fat or not, you have to see

The thickness of the lamb’s hair.

If you want to look thin, avoid heavy styles.

The color still seems to be

Solid lamb wool coat

Be popular, especially the white super hot! It’s easy to set up a sweet and cute feeling.

Contrasting style

To be fashionable a few degrees, the style is lively and energetic, especially suitable for young student parties.


Horn buckle design

, it is even more age-reducing college feeling.

And this kind

Fur in one

The panels, lamb + suede fabric, are good to wear when winter jackets.

But it really depends on it

Design tailoring details

, otherwise the scavengers possess in minutes … Trendy and earthy are often in between.

Combine with cotton clothing

It’s not bad, soft fufu, lamb wool lining, both warm and stylish!

Now it’s out

Two wears

The style, multi-purpose, varied, who is not a money-saving fairy?

The last important point is

Length and shortness issues

。 To tell the truth, the lamb wool coat is still quite picky. The celebrity’s private clothes street photography is not beautiful, most of them have to be

Rely on the height and aura to support.

How many people can wear a lamb wool coat with a high-end fur atmosphere like Reba?

The lamb hair is heavy, and with the long coat fit, sisters below 175 dare not get started! Isn’t it fragrant in short and medium models?

in a word

Short yyds

! With no pressure, the small man rushes right.

Winter hot lamb wool dressing template, all kinds of Japanese and Korean styles firmly grasped, girls quickly come to get!

MM, who is still satisfied with his legs, can boldly try

Wide top and tight bottom

The wearing method, with the boots to show height and thinness, fashionable and delicate sense is about to come out~

This kind of collocation goes as a whole

Comfortable and casual

, soft lamb hair + floppy pants, lazy and good-looking, perfect for a pear-shaped body.

Sisters who love dresses look here!

Lamb wool + skirt

, perfectly follows the sweet rules of Korean dressing, short skirt long skirt A-line skirt pencil skirt, preppy style is very strong

Overall very well-behaved

, too age-reducing!

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