There is a saying that “being with loved ones is Valentine’s Day”, and in order to declare “sovereignty”, couples must wear it all year round. Today, Street Jun is going to share with you the sweet couple outfit, the sweet love is about to be hidden.

First, the jacket sweatshirt look

Of course, a trench coat is indispensable in spring, choose the same style of trench coat, wear it on the body is super fanciful, and then match the same white T-shirt, under a pair of sweatpants, not only sporty but also CP sense, people can’t take their eyes off it.

Couple outfits are that you don’t have to choose exactly the same outfit, as long as they are similar in style, it is very sweet, and some little tricks of color collision are also very important, and the feeling of inadvertently showing affection is simply amazing.

Spring outfits are also indispensable for couple sweatshirts, boys choose gray hooded sweatshirts, girls choose black hooded sweatshirts, both of whose styles are sports trends, walking on campus is simply envious.

If your area is still a little cool, you can also choose a light down jacket to complete the match. Boys recommend choosing dark colors, and girls recommend choosing bright colors, so that when you go out on the street, the layering between the two will be better.

Second, sweater look

Couples must wear sweet sweaters, boys with a sweater with a white shirt, a pair of retro flared pants, handsome, girls choose to tie the waist sweater skirt, inside a white shirt, “handsome women beautiful” what is more eye-catching.

If it is a couple who like to follow the casual trend style, both can choose a loose sweater cardigan with a white T-shirt underneath, a pair of light-colored jeans under the boy, and a gray wide-leg pants under the girl, although there is no same color system and the same fashion items, but the CP sense is still very full.

Third, shirt T-shirt look

Spring blossoms in April, wearing a couple outfit and someone you like to step on the spring together, think about it is very sweet, both choose a blue shirt, the boy wears a black suit, the girl matches a pair of black slacks, full not only has a spring feeling but also very trendy, who doesn’t love such a handsome male and beautiful girl combination.

In addition to the blue shirt, the white shirt is also a good choice, girls or simply under a pair of black slacks, simple and generous, boys with a black sweatshirt, under a pair of white jeans, looks cool, is the best choice for spring photo wear.

For couples’ outfits, the most taboo thing is actually the same fashion item, if it is the same style of shirt or T-shirt, choose different colors to wear on the body is very sweet feeling.

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