Did you have a good Christmas party?

Today is Boxing Day, and I look forward to the faces of my friends when they open the gifts I give more than opening them

(How is it so awkward)

Because this year I changed from a full-time worker to a freelancer, I have more free time, and I want to say that I haven’t bought anything at the mall for a long time

(Basically online shopping)

, so a city-wide search came.

That’s right, today it is

Hong Kong is best to shop and buy fun and eat shopping malls to resume


The Landmark Central

#圣诞装饰卷王 #逛感超好

#pop-up Mad Demon #belowground

Probably because I used to work nearby, I would like to give Hongkong Land a big favorite.

The snowman with headphones who was there last year and the year before was not present this year, and this year’s protagonist is Big Bear, accompanied by a series of villains like chocolate beans.

It’s still good to shoot, but to go inside to take pictures, it actually costs HKD280/two, and it’s limited to 15 minutes, I don’t think it’s necessary. If you feel that standing from the outside perspective is not good enough, you can go upstairs to shoot.

Many people think that if they work in Central, it is indeed good to visit Landmark occasionally, after all, the sense of shopping here is first-class, and there are often character outbreaks, bumping into some big brands that other stores do not have.

The pop-up shop at via.belowground

However, things are not cheap, and every time I shop with a purpose, I always buy it and go. But lately, I’ve been addicted to walking below ground on the first basement floor of Landmark Land.

Because they are pop-up stores for several months, there are basically new surprises every time I come, and there are often very interesting free exhibitions, in short, it is the feeling of forever fresh.

I didn’t want to recommend the store, and


It’s not only Hongkong, but the overall feeling of this house is a whole capital good mood.


In the end, that must be the closing part of every visit by Ms. Elephant Land –


Apple Pie.

It’s not an overstatement to say that this is the best apple pie in Hong Kong, and I wanted to go to Hongkong Land and buy the whole one last week

(Not cut into pieces)

Take home the party, only to be told that you only need to book and give it to a friend in need.

Butter is also a pop-up store in Landmark Mall, and I don’t know if it will suddenly be unavailable one day.




#小众 #设计师style

The second mall that Ms. Xiang chose this time was K11 ART Mall, about my love for art mall

(Old K11)

More than musea

(New K11)

I really can’t blame me about this matter, the latter is good-looking, but every time I go is not for afternoon tea, or to watch a movie; But the former, there are really too many things to do, such as drinking hi tea, isn’t it…

Experience exhibition Mundane Wonders

Unlike other shopping malls that use large Christmas installations at the gate, K11 Art Mall curated an equally appropriate, but more delicate and sweet exhibition, winning in parallel lines.

This is not a children’s graffiti, it is the first Asian experience exhibition by Portuguese artist Maria Imaginário”.

Mundane Wonders

——I went to see it, the fairy tale atmosphere is indeed superb, not that sweet to sad, but really happy.

The exhibition runs until January 23, 2022 at chi K11 art space on the 2nd floor of the basement, and admission is free.

via. White Paper Market

Of course, not only photos can not be bought, K11 Art Mall

White Paper Market

It’s been hot for more than two months, I went twice, and each time I can meet the super beloved peerless orphan!

There are many stalls here, and most of the handmade works are designed and made by the shopkeeper himself, and the overall aesthetic is very online. There are more accessories, small items, and some dessert food, which is very easy to shop for, but you need to be patient to find it.

From now until January 16, 2022, you can go, the stalls and stall owners will be updated, I just say that it is better to queue up to buy Hey tea than to queue up to visit the market.

via. Green Fashion and Lifestyle Design Hall HAUSTAGE

If you want to look for some relatively mature products

(Not age, but maturity of the product)

, Be sure to visit the 1st floor


It is the first “Green Fashion and Lifestyle Design Pavilion” in Asia, and it can be said that it can be said that you know your store like a girlfriend. Whether you’re planning to go for yoga, a date, or want to heal, there are small things that can help you get your wishes in no time.

That’s magical.

via.966 Time Traveller vintage grocery store

The finale recommends a limited-time store to everyone, that is to say, after 2021, this store will not be available, he is on the 2nd floor of K11 Art Mall, which gathers all kinds of lucky cat peripherals, buy it depends on personal preferences, but I promise, it’s really very good to shoot!


Citygate City, Tung Chung

#大牌常年折扣 #偶尔cdf也有优惠

#轻奢. Sports products must go

Last Sunday, instead of the Hong Kong government sending benefits, the whole city subway and buses were free to ride, and nine out of ten of my friends said that they were going to Citygate.

This kind of person who usually wants to sweep the goods, but because of the long distance and expensive travel costs, he has not been able to make it, can finally move.

Just in time for the Christmas outdoor market, with small shows and stalls, nice atmosphere, the venue is the podium square on the fourth floor, today is the last day, until 7pm.

In the past, I also had a general feeling about Citygate, feeling that there were few shops and not much cheap, but a few cheap things were still a little unaffordable.

However, this feeling has completely changed after the renovation and renovation of the house, anyway, now as soon as I can’t find the show, I want to run to Citygate.

via. Clothing store INITIAL

There are many trendy brands, there are many light luxury, and there are also big brands, here I don’t recommend all the brands, but I want to talk to you


, this Hong Kong brand with a strong sense of Hong Kong style, active in major shopping malls, and small prices.

In fact, people really have a lot of good-looking things, the design feel and texture do have a big brand style, just go to ordinary stores to buy it, a little expensive. You think, a pair of single shoes is two or three thousand, why don’t I buy big brands.

And Citygate this one, three folds all year round, sometimes 800 Hong Kong dollars have two pairs, I go to shop at least once a year, I remember a pair of lambskin sandals, especially comfortable and designed, all summer, I was stunned that I didn’t wear other shoes besides it.

via. Banchan and Cook

At last! I highly recommend Citygate New Korean Restaurant

Banchan and Cook

, blind spots without slots.

Just looking at the appearance will really mistake it for the kind of expensive Korean fried chicken restaurant that is golden and jade, only has its appearance online, but it really isn’t! This restaurant is delicious with rice cakes, fried chicken, and omelet rice.

Oops, it’s 1 a.m., and I told myself I’m hungry… Merry Christmas, good night everyone, continue to work hard to shop and eat after dawn~

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