It is said that this year will be a frozen year,

Autumn did not come, but winter came

In the past few days, the cold wind has been blowing, and people on the streets wear thick cotton clothes, shivering, and only stomp their feet!

According to the Meteorological Observatory, the minimum temperature has been below four degrees Celsius in recent days!

Dry or cold, wet and cold, it’s all cold that makes people shiver.

If there is any place in the whole body that will be most profound about this biting cold body, it is our poor feet.

At home, as long as you are a little away from the heating, your feet are cold and whizzy.

When you go out and stay outside a little longer, you can feel the coldness spread from the soles of your feet to your whole body.

If the air conditioner is not effective, the feet are cold and seem to freeze.

Not a pair of shoes warm enough, really can’t!

The welfare officer recommends a pair of snow boots that have just been discovered recently, which are warm and comfortable, and very simple and easy to match.

As a snow boot, keeping warm is a basic requirement for him, and it must definitely meet the standard.

These boots, full of thick fluff inside, are really warm to the naked eye.

Every mom wants to give her little cutie the best of everything in the world, inside and out, from head to toe. Especially the little shoes that accompany the little cuties all the way to the future, It is necessary to have both appearance and connotation, and warmth and comfort coexist.

In recent years, snow boots have almost become the “darling” of warmth and fashion. Whether worn indoors or outdoors, snow boots have become a fashion trend. Behind this “warmth” and “fashion”, this snow boot with beauty and comfort coexist

The editor was planted!!

Reason for recommendation


The upper is made of suede

Resistant to flexure, breathable and dirt resistant

, Mom saves a lot of effort!


Use preferred materials,

13 mm thick ultra-pubescent hair

The surface is warmer and more breathable!


Adjustable leather strap design

, finished with a metal buckle


The outsole is upgraded to become

Lightweight and wear-resistant

The rubber outsole!


Available in 3 colors, sizes 22-37, and small feet can be worn as a parent-child model!

With it to wear, you don’t have to worry about it in winter,

Warm again

Comfortable, come and be a warm baby on the go!

Suede material, resistant to bending and breathable and dirt resistant

The upper is made of high-quality velvet cowhide, which is delicate, soft and thick, and has a good texture.

Not only can the boots look very warm, but it can also basically block the wind, and you will never feel that the shoes are windy again.

anti-velvet cowhide,

Resistant to wear and tear and easy to care for

Keep the upper dry and clean at all times.

(Personally tested, wiped off with a hair remover.)

Boots are not only good-looking, soft and light to wear, extremely comfortable, waterproof and non-slip, so that the baby can run and jump freely, and how to fold hard, shoes

There will be no creases easily


Many people prefer not to put snow boots on their baby, largely because it is bulky.


The captain manufacturer also fully considered the concerns of Baoma, and specially made a strap design on the cuff of the boot, and the heel was still leather, which was close to the leg.

In contrast, not only is it not bloated, the height of the boot is just right near the ankle, and it will visually show long legs

The toe cap is wide and the heel is reinforced to better protect the baby’s little foot development, stabilize the heel bone, relieve heel pressure, control the amplitude of hindfoot valgus, and maintain the correct walking posture.

The 13 mm thick ultra-soft bristles are warm and breathable

The fluff in the shoes is particularly thick, measured with a ruler, a full 13mm+, this thickness, no problem to cope with any cold weather.

Smaller babies can wear it themselves~”Yo~” Sliding their feet into it is simply a high-class enjoyment.

When it snows in winter, the babies like to go out to build snowmen and have snowball fights~ If the shoes are not worn well, they will soak their feet to keep their boots warm, and they want to look better, and the material, style must be well chosen ~~

The following is a test done by Xiaobian wet shoes with water~ The upper is very wet, and the inside of the shoes is still very dry!

Babies have a lot of activity, wearing shoes in winter is most afraid of shoes covering feet and not breathable, and this baby captain’s fluff feels particularly good, soft, hair is very fine, moisture can be quickly discharged through cowhide pores, so that snow boots are very dry and do not cover their feet.

The basic booties that will never go out of style, the lace-up metal buckle design, not only an ornament, there is an elastic elastic cord design, and the looseness can be adjusted, no matter how fat or thin the feet are, you can wear it

It also adds a finishing touch to the whole pair of shoes, which is more delicate and lively.

In winter, it is inevitable to encounter rain and snow, and if you are not careful, it is easy to slip.

The sole of this shoe is made of durable and non-slip one-piece rubber outsole, and the wear-resistant and anti-slip performance is very good!! When it snows, wear it out and don’t be afraid to fall!!

In addition, the sole is also made with a lot of deep and shallow lines to enhance the ability to grip the ground.

The welfare officer has also been tested for slip resistance, and the anti-slip performance is quite good

The heel of the sole is made slightly thicker than the head, creating a small slope.

If you don’t stare carefully, you can’t see it at all, and even if you put it on, you can’t feel the height difference.

But it’s just such a small change that makes the boots fit better.

Play steadily, and no longer rely on the instep and toes to grab the shoes.

The advantage of rubber is that it is very soft, excellent elasticity, no matter how the baby jumps, will not grind to the little feet~

The boots are made to fit the last and strive to fit the shape of the foot at every angle, and the wrap is good.

Multi-color and multi-size options

Both Gao cost-effectiveness and Gao appearance,

Now I finally found this one for everyone

How to match how to look good, 3 colors to choose ~ boys and girls can wear, shoe sizes from size 22 to size 37, girls with small feet can completely have parent-child shoes with the baby, it will definitely be cute! ! !

The size chart is also attached to everyone, you can measure the foot length and choose the right size~

And the best warmth effect, wearing shoes and walking is as warm and comfortable as being wrapped in a warm baby!

It’s like rubbing your cat’s belly with your feet in winter, light and comfortable.

Every moment of the child’s growth, parents are reluctant to miss it, in the future, every winter, leave the warmest memory with TA~

Proper cleanup method

The chicks who can’t clean up look over

Teach everyone a cleaning trick, you can clean very clean without washing with water, hurry up and take a look!

Snow boots are very difficult to care for, washing is easy to age and deform, we prepare a scouring pad with its rough side, from the bottom up in the same direction to wipe the surface of the shoe, so that the dust and stains on the shoe can be easily removed.

Then prepare a container, pour a little dish soap, then pour a little white vinegar, pour water to dilute it, and stir it well. Then use the softer side of the scouring pad to dip some solution, and then wipe the surface of the shoe, remembering to wipe in the same direction so that it does not hurt the hair, and this can more clean the stubborn stains on the surface of the shoe and make the upper cleaner.

And soft fur is not easy to hurt the suede, and then prepare a bowl of clean water and rub it on the surface of the shoe three times with clean water, so that the remaining stains and solutions can be effectively removed, so that the shoes can look new.

Finally, leave it in the sun or dry it with a hair dryer.

Captain Baby brand quality children’s shoes are quite reliable, but the price is very grounded, this time to bring these 3 decors,

The starting price is only 89 yuan / pair, and 2 pairs minus 20 yuan only needs 158/2 pairs

, it is the money of a pair of ordinary sneakers, but the warmth and texture are comparable to the big brands.

As a snow boot, keeping warm is a basic requirement for him, and it must definitely meet the standard.

Adjustable leather strap design

, finished with a metal buckle

Lightweight and wear-resistant

The rubber outsole!

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