Online shopping, micro-commerce selling goods, deeply loved by young people. Pull out your phone and move your fingers to buy high-quality and inexpensive goods. Low-price frenzy, bottom-hunting promotions, foreign trade brands, etc., all kinds of marketing gimmicks, dazzling.

  On October 27, Ms. Long Fengjiang complained that a down jacket she had purchased online with only two layers of cotton was rejected for return, and the seller insisted that it was thin down. After seeing the composition of the hang tag, the seller lost his voice.


Online shopping down jacket arrival single trench coat

  A few days ago, Ms. Jiang took a fancy to a men’s clothing in the online store “Xiaoqiang Foreign Trade”, and the product introduction said that the big-name down jacket was thrown at 1 discount and had good warmth. The style is similar to a trench coat, available in blue and black, and costs 298 yuan. Ms. Jiang felt that the style was good and the price was reasonable, so she placed an order to buy it.

  On October 26, after Ms. Jiang picked up the express, she called her husband and asked him to unpack and try it on.

  ”You bought a single trench coat?” My husband was surprised. “What are you kidding, the down jacket you bought, is it the right size?” That’s nice, slim, right?”

  The wife cooks, the husband unpacks and tries on, the wife thinks the husband is joking, and the husband thinks that the wife is amusing herself.

  When Ms. Jiang came to the living room to check, she was surprised to find that the down jacket she bought was really a single coat with two layers of cloth. Although the style, fabric, etc. are similar to what the seller described, there is no down at all, and when you look at the hangtag, the composition shows that it is 100% cotton.

  This look, Ms. Jiang was angry enough, and the husband was still persuading on the side, the style was very good, the dress was appropriate, so that the wife should not be angry.

The return was declined, and the seller said it was thin

  Obviously bought a down jacket, but mailed a single trench coat, the sky is already so cold, how to wear ah, Ms. Jiang felt that it was not a taste.

  After dinner, Ms. Jiang contacted the seller and asked if she had taken the wrong goods or sent them by mistake, resulting in a single trench coat.

  The customer service staff said that this dress was sold by the brand’s OEM factory, and the counter was also selling hot, that is, thin down jackets.

Ms. Jiang proposed to return the goods, but the customer service refused, no matter how Ms. Jiang explained, the customer service always said that it was a thin down jacket. Communication was not smooth, Ms. Jiang was very angry, took a picture of the clothes tag and sent it to customer service, 100% pure cotton, no down ingredients at all.

  After Ms. Jiang issued the hang tag for her clothes, the customer service did not reply for more than 10 minutes. After an hour, the customer service changed his words and said that the goods were sent by the factory, and when they checked the sample, it was indeed a thin down jacket.

  In response to Ms. Jiang’s report, the operator said that he would send someone to the warehouse to check, contact the delivery factory, and reply to Ms. Jiang as soon as possible.

The media intervened in the merchant’s mistake to refund the money

  At 10 o’clock on October 27, Ms. Jiang reported the matter to the evening newspaper, wanting to remind more citizens who shop online through the media.

  The reporter contacted the seller of the online store “Xiaoqiang Foreign Trade”, and the operator said that it was not clear. A few minutes later, a woman with a southern accent who claimed to be the head of the online store, surnamed Ma, called reporters.

  The other party said that the workers had gone to the warehouse to confirm that the mail to Ms. Jiang was indeed a single trench coat, admitting that there were negligence in the work, the control was not strict when delivering the goods, and the customer service attitude was not positive in handling the problem.

  The owner, Ms. Ma, apologized to Ms. Jiang and promised to return and refund, and compensate Ms. Jiang for the 200 yuan voucher for the store.

  On the morning of the 28th, Ms. Jiang called and said that she had mailed the clothes away, and since the other party apologized, considering that the seller was not easy, she bore the mailing cost of 15 yuan. At the same time, Ms. Jiang also wants to remind the general public through this newspaper that when shopping online, you must see more, ask more questions, and compare more to avoid making such oolongs.



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