Nowadays, electric bicycles are an important means of transportation for people, and their safety issues are getting more and more attention. The “One Helmet, One Belt” security operation has been launched throughout the country. The quality and safety of electric vehicle helmets are directly related to people’s life safety. At present, there are many brands of electric vehicle helmets on the market, and their quality is uneven, and some even have potential safety hazards. So which helmet is safer and more comfortable? Here, I recommend a Smart4u electric vehicle/motorcycle safety helmet that can be bought for less than the price of a small beer and barbecue!

The Smart4u electric vehicle/motorcycle safety helmet is available in a variety of colors such as King Kong Gray and Princess Pink, and I started with pearl white. As I get older, I don’t pursue fashion and beauty, but this color is dirt-resistant and easy to match clothes, I like it.

This helmet adopts the shell of 709ABS high-tech material, which is wear-resistant and impact-resistant; The addition of EPS high-density anti-collision layer in the middle can effectively buffer the external impact; The interior has a removable skin-friendly warm lining, which is easy to clean and washable, fluffy and soft, good warmth in winter, and can be used in other seasons when the lining is removed.

The front wind shield is a high-definition lens, which can not only ensure a clear vision, but also block the wind and rain, and the wind and rain are not afraid! The quick-release design makes cleaning easier.

The Doka-tooth safety lock locks securely during wearing without fear of falling off. At the same time, it is also very simple to open, and it can be easily opened with one hand.

This Smart4u electric vehicle/motorcycle all-season universal helmet has passed the national 3C certification, don’t worry about quality and quality. Moreover, this helmet has almost no ventilation holes, has a relatively high protection factor, and is safer to wear.

It’s the cold season, the temperature is extremely low, and bringing her ears is completely wrapped, warm, really comfortable.

If you need a helmet now, try this Smart4u EV/motorcycle safety helmet. Of course, in addition to choosing a helmet with guaranteed quality, it is also necessary to use the helmet correctly. When wearing a helmet, make sure that the helmet is securely worn, whether the ties are tight, and whether the buckles are loose. Wear it correctly and effectively to give full play to the protective effect of the helmet.

【smart4uB516】Smart4u 3C certified electric vehicle helmet men’s and women’s winter battery car motorcycle safety helmet warm, windproof and rainproof lightweight safety helmet All seasons universal EH20 pearlescent white [quote price evaluation] – Jingdong

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